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  1. I'd want to go to the NFCS too, who's your competition?  Dude is currently battling Mahomes, Herbert and now Sean Payton/Russell Wilson.  Going to battle w/ 3 terrible teams all looking for QB's seems super appealing.  There has been smoke around the Saints for a minute, wouldnt doubt it happens.



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  2. 13 minutes ago, jvill 51 said:

    I’ve seen him bluff 1x as town plenty of times, but agree the way this is structured is awfully convenient. And not sure why anyone trusted JiF enough coming into today to give him a BPV.

    You know, it's just really offensive at this point, sigh, at least someone out there recognizes greatness when they see it 

  3. 3 hours ago, JiFields said:

    It did seem blatant but I cant get off of what Smash is doing here.  Maybe he's just disinterested and being lazy but it's completely nonsensical. 

    Smash, Green, Hal

    gut feels, BG



    1 minute ago, Arsis said:


    Who are your top 2 scum reads and why? If it's not you then who?

    I showed you mine a while ago, now show me yours.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Stark said:

    if you used on N1 you got another on N3 .... hmmm... 

    I can understand saying 1x to try to avoid a NK, but earning essential odd night investigation based on you using it N1, something I don't recall seeing and appears conveniently structured. if that's the case what player wouldn't use an investigation on N1 to get the N3 also

    no, hal has ghosted along with greenseed. 

    and yes fos'ing both of them 


    yeah, kind of silly caveat but it's 80


  5. 6 minutes ago, Jets Voice of Reason said:

    My concern is that you are trying to extend your shelf life here by offering to add value (via another view), with the main upside being that it is a verifiable claim. I think at minimum you shouldn't be lynched today from my perspective as you could still be valuable here and it very much feels like there's very opportunistic bloodlust going on with people who want you dead in a bad way. Which, if you're town, is obviously what scum wants right now since you'd be a major threat to them.

    As someone who likes lying as townie for the benefit of the town (and like the nice play Ape did last night), I consider you someone who's capable of doing that as townie so it's not personally a valid test there in terms of whether you just withheld info. Just leery of "hey don't kill me i'm valuable" doesn't feel great.

    Sure this is fair but at the same token, I'm getting run up right now and becoming a focal point so I'm again backed up against the wall w/ my options and I am valuable to the town and ofcourse I want to go 2 for 2 so I can brag about my greatness.  It's why I play.

  6. 25 minutes ago, jvill 51 said:

    If you used it any other night after N1 would you have gotten another peek? And do you know who gave you the BPV (don’t want the name, just want to Know if you know the name)?

    And why are you revealing this now?

    oh and no, I dont know who gave it to me...sorry forgot to answer that

  7. Just now, Verbal said:

    A legacy of being barely better than Pac at this game?


    You go for it, sweetie!

    Oh hey, it's you again. 

    Remind me who nailed scum on N1 and led the town to their only successful lynch in this game if you can remember who it was, idk, drawing a blank on who could possibly be that talented so hoping you could remind me.


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