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  1. I'm better than McKnight

  2. Its only preseason, but JETS football tonight baby!!! I'm pumped

  3. Golf on a rainy stormy Saturday makes me sleepy.

  4. I like myself

    1. Vicious89x


      You're a douchebag though. Douche. Douchy McDouchester.

    2. JiF


      Poop on your face. I just noticed these little response thingys.

  5. Rex Ryan is the man! Fact.

  6. Who's better, me or me?

  7. I like Football.

  8. Friday, going for a 745 clean and jerk. Eat it!

  9. Cro >>> Mevi$. Rex said he's never seen anyone like him before.

  10. Mevi$ is becoming more and more of a punk with every passing moment. His new comment is outstanding.

  11. Mevi$ rocks the party that rocks the body. All haters beware. Its here to stay. Sure beats Revis Island...thats what got us in this mess

  12. Mevi$ is a doodoo head.

  13. O.K...I'll try and find the pictures I'd like to add and shoot you a pm with which ones I want.

  14. I'm not sure what I want...I was thinking like some type of combo of Gators, Mets, Jets with my favorite logos..idk. Let me think about it. Could you do something like that?

  15. Well, if you want to make me a new sig...I'll let you know what I want ;-)

  16. Work sucks. Jets Football is here. Me likey.

  17. If you customized one for me, I'd probably ask for something completely different then that picture. Do the size bother you?

  18. CTM is noodlenerdgheymo

  19. Switched to Chrome...no issues! Me likey

  20. Also, sometimes in threads, I'm only seeing half of people's post...really weird stuff going on.

  21. I'm having major issues with the site. Cant see people avatar, cant tell if I'm quoting or not, I wasnt allowed to post for a while. Ih8 technology

  22. I never check rep...but noticed you gave me a couple recently...thanks bud!!! So the Misfits eh? Was it that particular song "In the Doorway" or do you like them in general?

  23. JiF

    My pleasure man. I just hope I make a fun game. I think you'll like it.

  24. Because its the interwebz and everyone thinks only fat women love me.

  25. JiF

    Dude, what is going on in TN with all these thugs? First the Football team holds up some kids, now the Basketball team gets busted in a rental with weed, liquor and 2 loaded guns with the serial numbers scratched off? Crazy stuff man, crazy stuff.

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