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  1. You are still playing mafia on other sites? Slut.

  2. No worries. Water under the bridge. Congrats on your SEC Championship and first ever Heisman. Ingram deserves it. Class act, hell of a player. Good luck in the Nat'l Champ, keep it in the SEC!

  3. Yeah, the scene is ****ing awesome. Just the fact that it was caught live on video. I'm not gunna lie, and I've heard of the minutemen but never really got too into them...actually surprised they'd have a move about them, but then again, I know nothing about them. I'll check it out. Punk: Attitude - is another excellent documentary, that takes you deep and really from the start and gets into the mental aspect. Covers great bands. I think its part of an IFC series...maybe...idk.

  4. Yep, American Hardcore is sick. I actually DVR'd it. Sick coverage. Havent seen Minutemen, wahts that about?. I'm a HUGE Social Distortion fan, so I love the doc "Another State of Mind", they visit Minor Threat in that movie. Sick doc. Keith has some commentary in that one as well that's pretty hysterical.

  5. Dude - Keith Morris is the man. Love the Circle Jerks. I'm sure you've seen punk documentary with his commentary, the guy is classic!

  6. Bad Brain is the ****!!!

  7. Dont get too excited...it was funny, but you're not.

  8. No, you are awesome!

  9. Thanks for the kind words about my pooch. She was my best friend. I loved that damn dog. 19 years of pure loyalty, rest her soul.

  10. I didnt like the way Chrome looked. It was all primitive looking. But I appreciate the passion.

  11. Give me a shout!

  12. When you leaving and where is your show?

  13. Nice!!! When? Where? How long are you in town?

  14. I'm working, but then I dont have anything planned...I think I might have a client happy hour. Why whats up?

  15. **** off you slut. You used me.

  16. I'm sorry, will you take me back?

  17. Never. Dont even text me. Get over it and move on.

  18. Never. Take a hike. I dont even want to see a text from you. Get over it. Move on.

  19. Its over. **** off!!! Dont ever contact me again.

  20. Its over. **** off! Dont contact me again.

  21. Nevermind, ih8u.

  22. I think I might have found that in you....you sexy beast ;-)

  23. My pleasure. You have been working hard lately and you really stepped up your game. I see a bright future for you.

  24. I will be back soon, when you coming this way?

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