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  1. This. But they've been impressive in getting off the field despite Sanchez putting them in tough situations.
  2. Nope. He is too young and life is too short to be talking this way...
  3. Dr. Crushlove is in the building. RexyD - please ignore every single post in this thread and read the one above. I've had the fortunate benefit of receiving weekly advice from Dr. Crushlove for about the past 5 months now. It has done wonders for my life. Trust what this man says and apply his methods. Execution is key because the instructions are broken down percisely so that his methods are flawless when put to practical use. The man is a genius. People pay lots of money for advice this sound and accurate. You are too young to be talking this way. Life is too short. Or consider the fact your gay and then ask CTM for advice.
  4. How am I embarassing you? And if I were, do you think I give a ****? I dont see any concern on my face. P.S. SOJ Only in your wet dreams you sick ****. ih8u Your second point is interesting. But me thinks the 2009 Jets are the most creative team ever in finding ways to lose, so they will end the 09 season in epic failure to be consistent with the rest of the season.
  5. These things are all fine and dandy, but you actually have to score to win a game. The Jets offense is straight doodoo. They cant score and we will try to win kicking FG's and we will fail. SOJ
  6. What's this "real life" you are talking about? They will try to hand us this game but the SOJ's will emerge Never ignore the SOJ. To do so is unwise. We lose this game. Prepare yourself.
  7. Has there ever been a logical explanation for what is known as the SOJ phenomenon? And how is this anymore annoying than anything I've ever done in the past regarding the Jets being doodoo?
  8. Dilfer is right. This is what the Jets do. We lose this game no matter who is playing for the Bengals. Sorry folks, dont get your hopes up. The SOJ will show up on Sunday Night for the whole world to see.
  9. Why do you keep replying to me with this? Its not like I'm not rooting for the Jets to got to the playoffs. I just know better than to expect the Jets to win. We've been talking about this for weeks. In typical Jets fashion we'll beat the undefeated Colts only to lose to the Bengals in week 17. Its going to happen. SOJ. This is what we do.
  10. The Jets can beat the Bengals even with starters in for the entire game. Problem is, the Jets wont beat the Bengals even with their back ups in for the entire game. SOJ
  11. LOL - I was angry man on Saturday. Now I dont even know whats going on. Leave of Absence, Retired, who knows wtf he is thinking. I just hope he doesnt hold the program back from going another direction by being indecisive about his future. All in all, this sucks. Back to sports misery for me...
  12. Me too. I was just pointing out he already knows the system. And sign me up for O'Sullivan and Martz. I'd be just fine with that...though I dont know how much Sanchez would benefit from O'Sullivan's mentoring at least he'd know Martz's system. I hope you are right in both cases. Though I think Chad is the bottom of the barrell now. He's done...even as a back up.
  13. Gawd this SOJ loss on Sunday is going to ruin some of you.
  14. This is awesome!!! Their banter is getting me so pumped for this game.
  15. I know right, but of all the names that are being thrown around to mentor and back him up, Chad knows the system. Ugh. That could so happen. If David Garrad was the QB of the NY Jets, we'd have won the division.
  16. Week 1. MoJo Drew, Jax Week 2. Adrian Peterson, Minn Week 3. Matt Schaub, Hou Week 4. Cedric Benson, Ci WEEK 5. Rashard Mendenhall, Pit WEEK 6. Ben Roethlisberger, Pit WEEK 7. Peyton Manning, INDY WEEK 8. DREW BREES, NO WEEK 9. TOM BRADY, NE WEEK 10. Brett Favre, AZ WEEK 11. Chris Johnson. TEN WEEK 12. Aaron Rodgers, GB WEEK 13. Philip Rivers, SD WEEK 14. Thomas Jones, NYJ WEEK 15. Brandon Marshall, Den WEEK 16. Donovan McNabb, Philly WEEK 17. Jonathan Stewart, Car
  17. Yep. And the Bengals dont pass protect nearly as well as the Colts do. We might knock some teeth out this game. 2 hard nose Football teams going at it one with their season on the line known for playing tough hungry blitzing defense. If I'm Marvin, I'm sitting Carson too.
  18. Seriously, how can you not like Ochocinco. Especially after this season hardknocks and all the candid interviews about Chris Henry. I <3 Ochocinco. But I <3 Revis more. Revis will win this battle.
  19. Thats what I was going to say. But how neat is it that we have made history 2 Sundays in a row. Against the Falcons we were the first to miss 3 FG's in 3 different fashions. We are bound for glory!!! Too bad we lose this week.
  20. Dont hate guys. Its not my fault we root for the Jets.
  21. I ****ing love Ocho Cinco. By far my favorite non-Jets player in the league. That said, Revis will own you Chad. You wont like how physical he is...if he plays, you will see a lot of hands in the air looking at refs.
  22. This is very true...dont know why anyone would want to face a division rival in the playoffs. However, we dont know how things are going to pan out or if Lewis decides to go with the momentum thing into the playoffs. Its not like Cinci has been playing out of their minds.
  23. Planning a playoff trip. The biggest SOJ spokesman is already counting Sunday's game as a win? Dont know why anyone would think that Sunday is a wrap. The SOJ's will find a way to blow this.
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