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  1. Morons in luv! You always get noms, muffin top. You are the most loved poster on the board. I actually got nom'd quite a bit this week with no victory...like I said, I feel like the Buffalo Bills.
  2. Did Holmgren, Reid and Rhodes sit down one day and literally devise a plan to try and become the fattest men in the league? Look how thin these guys were back then. My goodness.
  3. First off all, JiF doesnt love the fatties, fatties love him. This board should prove that to anyone paying attention. Secondly, I never said nobody loves me. I dont want you ****heads to love me. Just recognize my brilliance every now and then. Finally, this could be the greatest line in the the history of the interwebz... I have no problem with this weeks winner, in fact, its probably the most deserving thus far just for that one line. It rivals back in the days when we were battling with the KC fans on JI and EY dropped the, "Hey, JetsBabe isnt stupid" in response to some KC message board mod calling her a "stupid cum dumpster"...or something like that. However, I'm feeling a little bit like the Buffalo Bills right now for all the nom's but no win.
  4. Yes, LB'ers coach Rob Ryan was responsible for their success, not BB or Romeo Crennel. JGB speaks the truth.
  5. Any man that can hold a Matt Cassell led offense to 34 points on the road in KC is a genius.
  6. From what I've seen based on their activity. Them being Jets fans is the least of your concerns.
  7. + 1 Rob has led some amazing D's that past few seasons, not Rex.
  8. Seriously. Who do you think was the lucky poster? Who lives S. FL that maybe he's trying to hook up with over the holidays? That post was so out of place, thats definitely what happened. I knew the homoness ran rampant at JN, but just wow...now we have proof. Yes!!!!
  9. And he never played in a game that was slightly competitive...acutally he did once. It was USC's only loss of the year. He was a doodoo prospect that wow'd people with his footwork, his pretty face and his interviewing skills. There's nothing he did in college that warranted his 5 overall pick. Something happened at combine that made people love him. Maybe the temptation of having a model as the face of your organization. I dont know.
  10. Wrong. They dont move laterally very well. He'd be another Vernon Gholston. Stiff at the hips and bull rush would be his only move. We'd see a ton of 3 step drops and quick slants.
  11. LOL Why do I feel like that was supposed to be a PM to someone special and it ended up in this thread?
  12. Did I miss something? What does this have to do with the thread and why did you post these?
  13. It bothers me. I'm sorry. **** off.
  14. And that is the number one reason why I wanted nothing to do with Sanchez...and many others felt the same way. Dont understand why we had to challenge history when history tells you, it doesnt work out. Still not giving up, but just pointing out again, the Jets decided to draft the 1 guy I wanted nothing to do with 2 years in a row.
  15. This is true, but thats not saying much. I guess watching last nights game where he was terrible is resignating in my mind, but he is much better than Sanchez right now. I guess because I'm not ready to give up on Sanchez just yet, Jason Campbell isnt the name that jumps of the board to me saying here's our answer. Sanchez could be just as good if not better than Campbell.
  16. Funny thing is, I actually think AP is a bit overrated. I'd take both MoJo Drew and Chris Johnson before him...those are the 2 best RB's in the league IMO. I see your point and I agree, AP's fumbling problems are an issue, no doubt. I guess I'm just not willing to put that much stock into a guy like PT who's never carred the ball close to 200 times a year. We have PT on our team in Leon, if he's the same when he returns. I'd like another physical back like TJ to compliment Leon, assuming he's going to be o.k. But I respect your opinion.
  17. I dont give a **** what kind of chills Clemens gives you, if he started vs. the Falcons we'd be in serious playoff contention...all Sanchez had to do was give a Clemens like performance on Sunday and we win. And yes, him throwing the ball away is much better than Sanchez throwing it to the wrong team. I much rather that type of performance that straight doodoo incompetence.
  18. LOL - he's a stat compiler. Ugh. Jason Campbell makes some boneheaded plays as well. Why couldnt we just trade for Matt Schaub all those years I was screaming to do so. On the same planet in which he is undefeated in 2009.
  19. Come'on, AP is the man. Pierre Thomas cant hold his jock. Would you take PT over MoJo Drew or Chris Johnson?
  20. The only problem with this is that its an odd year and Pennington was bound to get hurt this season, you know, I know it, all Jets fans knew it was bound to happen and it did. So essentially we'd be starting an experienced QB even with Pennington on the team. And I dont want a conservative QB like Pennington teaching Sanchez. No thank you. Favre rid of us Pennington, thats a good thing.
  21. Whats your suggestion? Its not like QB's are just laying on the couch hanging out ready to take the league by storm.
  22. Youz cwazy. Piere Thomas over AP....come'on.
  23. I think the depth and youth problems are bit overrated from a fan perspective. We are pretty young, besides I think the only starters over 30 are Faneca, Woody, Thomas, and Douglas...all not too old and all in positions that age doesnt play too much of a factor. Besides, I think DE/DT is going to be addressed via draft. Beyond that, we are pretty young and have the cornerstones of this team stepping into whats considered the prime years. We are really not an old team at all. The depth issue IMO is bit overrated. Going into the season the big fear was depth ont he DL. Well, we are missing our best defensive lineman and our DL hasnt skipped a beat. We are rotating up to 6 players in any game still with Big Jenk out. We havent experienced any injuries on the OLine, but when we've had players go out for a few players, Hunter and Turner have been alright...and how many back OL's do you really carry. The LB core hasnt need to much rest, but Westerman, Murrell, Fowler have been good guys to drop in when we need to give Scott or Harris a rest. The only place on the team that I see a glaring need for depth is CB, and we have the best pass D in the league. So. I dont know. WR depth, but Sanchez has sucked so bad, it doesnt really matter. We lost Leon and we still have the best running game in the league. My point, our age and our depth is not as big of a concern as you may think.
  24. No...I'm very happy he's healthy. I just think he needs his cane back, its like an accessory for the nasty and our ST were much better when he rocked one.
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