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  1. Fair enough, I dont know how you couldnt be impressed with DMC in college. The guy was absolutely incredible. One of the best talents I've ever seen...but hey, I'm not going to tell you what you saw.
  2. I think the Reggie Bush hype was a whole different level. I've never seen hype like that before...I dont think DMC was ever considered the best player in the draft. FWIW, I'm a Reggie Bush fan right now because he made 2 HUGE plays that helped the Saints win Sunday. And I'm not saying DMC is good, great or a bust. I just think on a different team, we'd see a different player.
  3. And you dont think that DMC playing with the worst QB in the league affects the lanes that he sees? Dont you think every player wants out of Oakland in a bad way? I think you can slice this argument both ways. This is false. Plenty of moves, definitely can move the pack, definitely breaks tackles. He ran in every fashion a RB can run and did it successfully. Be honest, how much of him did you actually watch in college? One of my best friends is an Arkansas alum and we watch NCAA every Sat together, I saw almost every game the kid played, he did it all my man. I dont understand the hate. When he's in, besides his fumbling problem, he's good. He averages over 4 yards per carry while consistently seeing 8/9 in the box and he average 10 yards per catch. He has both a receiving and a rushing TD this season. Again, if healthy on a competent team that has somewhat of a threat to throw, my bet is DMC would be very good if he can stay on the field and fix his fumbling issues.
  4. I watched a lot of him in college and neither of those things were issues. He played Qb and ran the wildcat...you have to have good field vision to take snaps in that offense, especially because he actually threw out of the wildcat. Again, I think DMC would be a different story on a different team, pending he could stay healthy. RB is a position that you often see a change of scenery can help a player. There are a couple of examples in the league right now. This unfortunately is looking more and more like the truth every week.
  5. I'd take him. He's got elite talent and is stuck on a terrible team. He fumbles, but thats correctable and thats his only flaw besides not being able to stay on the field. Could you imagine his game breaking ability behind this line? If you've watch DMC when he's healthy, he's every as adverstised just careless with out the ball....kind like our QB. I'd definitely give it a shot. The kid is really good. Oakland is just the worst franchise in the league.
  6. You're not taking into account the teams they are playing for Matt. The Ravens have one of the best run blocking teams in the game. And now have the vertical game to compliment. Its no wonder Ray Rice is playing out of his mind in that offense. McFadden on a different team would be a solid player IMO.
  7. I hope he does. I'd been avoiding threads about him because I'm so nervous and already miss him sooo much. I just hope he makes a full recovery, comes back with a vengeance and gets paid. He deserves it.
  8. Again, I'm not saying give up on him because I happen to be a rational Jets fan (yes there are a couple of us out there). I guess my point is more, I cant see VG ever being what we drafted him to be. He might be a decent player in this league if the lights turn on. But I cant see him being the player he was at OSU. And this McFadden talk is crazy. I'd love him on my team. How can you blame any player on the Raiders for sucking? And to say he runs like a *****, like smash said, is nuts. He runs hard and thats why he is often hurt. He just cant hold on to the ball, and thats a problem...but a correctable one. I'd take him with our lack of depth.
  9. I dont see how thats possible. We're F'd.
  10. I cant believe this pile of doodoo burned Revis.
  11. I too agree it too early to say he is a full on bust. But let me ask you this.... Can you honsetly say that you've seen anything from Vernon that makes you think he's not going to be a bust? Because one decent game against Tenn. is not doing it for me and I've tried to believe in the guy and defend him. But when its all said and done the knock on VG entering the draft seems to be spot on, he's just not a Football player. I hope you're right and it clicks before he leaves the Jets, but there is nothing that makes me believe the light will turn on.
  12. Faneca is still doing his thing in the run game. He's been spotty in pass protecton. We just have a really solid Oline and we are seeing it now. You see these stat and just scratch your head thinking about the Bills game. WTF is wrong with Schotty. Just doest make sense. Greene reminds me Dangelo Williams. IDK why. Running style, size, speed, its just looks the same. The kid was a beast at Iowa. A work horse type.
  13. The unfortunate part of the business is that he's not going t get paid unless he makes a full recovery and proves that this injury never hinders his performance. Sad part is, he had an agent playing hard ball with him and Leon would have had very nice pay day. Damn shame. I've been avoiding these threads because I just dont want to face the reality. I miss him already. He loves playing the Dolphags, especially at home. Bring me chills when he is in our endzone pumping up the crowd before the kick off.
  14. Hopefully. I'm not so sure we can win a 3rd National Championship in 4 years. The Full Back misses Percy Harvin.
  15. Especially considering its a troll. This must happen or I'm report Kleckineau.
  16. Yes. I will give the Jets credit, they fought history and won. 4pm, west coast, Raiders, I surfed, Jason picked a win. So far that has been the recipe for disaster. The Dolphins pose threats. Oakland does not, we just had outside elements working against us last week (see above) and why I predicted a loss. This is different, Miami can beat us and has proven they can before and nothing this team did Sunday makes me think the outcome will be any different.
  17. Is Mangini going to all of a sudden turn into a good coach? If not, then I dont see how its going to hurt.
  18. Peyton is playing out of his mind. The Pats only losing 1 more game this season seems a little generous, they've obviously got some of the rust off, but lets face it, they bounced back against Tenn. which by all accounts literally gave up. I've never seen a worse performance in the history of sports and they beat the Bucs Sunday, who are just awful. 12-4 was my preseason prediction for them, I'm sticking with it. They lose 1 unexpected, the Dolphags always seem to steal one....hopefully we do...and make 3 straight on their ass. God that would make whatever happened this season worth it!!! Well, that would be silly considering in Moss's first season with the Pats he broke the single season TD record.
  19. Nobody is ready to crown SG, but he clearly played better than Leon has all year. Like IJ said, it pretty easy to tell when a RB has "it", SG looks like he has in every opportunity thus far. KR's will probably go to Ahmad Carrol, Dwight Lowery or Brad Smith. Or maybe we get someone available. Leon's KR's this year havent been great to begin with, so I'm not too concerned there. We will miss Leon, I just dont think its the end all be all of our offense. Besides, our D is winning us games, not our O.
  20. He's a welcher anyway, so what does it matter?
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