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  1. There may be truth to this because we havent seen what kind of impact that he can make with both Edwards and Cotch playing together. However, I think he just sucks. He a talented athelte, but he can block or catch. Problem when you're a TE. He didnt even have a good season last year. He had a good 4 game span when our offense was clicking. Rams, Tenn, NE, Den. Besides those 4 games, he was a complete non-factor.
  2. He blew 08 badly. Not a single move that he made last year was a good. His draft was terrible and the Favre move was just moronic. Gholston and Keller both int the first round :puke2:We couldnt have ****ed that draft up worse. Lowery is going to end up being the best pick, like I predicted at the time.
  3. Yep. I find this all very hypocritical. And FTR, the Gatorade shower's dont really bother me. I do think its a bit excessive and possibly unnecessary, but its really the smack talk that pisses me off. Your team is not all that good. STFU. Go play the game and do your talking on the field. If you end up being worth a **** at the end of the season, talk it up. Fine. But for now, STFU and play, because IMO an ass whipping on the Raiders doesnt mean you've bounced back from your 3 game skid when you pissed away the division. Beating the Raiders does not prove that you're a force to be reckoned with.
  4. Keller sucks and is another totally overrated over hyped Jets player that had a decent rookie year and everyone was ready to put him into Canton.
  5. Honestly, like Jets players wouldnt be celebrating in our home stadium if we just pulled off a last second victory against our division rival on MNF in a back and forth battle after all the smack that had been throw around between the two teams. What were they supposed to do? Kindly hand the ball to the ref and immediately starting bowing to the Jets for putting up such a challenging fight? I'm seriously over the mouths on this team. You are one game above .500 because you just beat the worst team in Football. Stop acting like you've earned the right to talk smack. You lost that privilege when you dropped 3 straight games and pissed away the division.
  6. This. I said it in the preseason and now its surfacing, this smack talk is going to come back and haunt us, especially if we suck....well...we suck and they are still runnig their mouths. At this point, I would love to someone on the Jets say "No comment. We are going to do our talking on the field". It would be really refreshing, still as potent and it wouldnt make the players look like the dbags they are running their mouth about a team that physically dominated them a couple of weeks ago and we've done nothing to prove that will change this Sunday. We are once again setting ourselves up for embarrassment.
  7. For every hotdog thrown, Crushlove would get 2.
  8. Great names! Sounds like a interesting mix. Dogs that sleep on their back are hilarious. They just look uncomfortable, but nope, happy as can be.
  9. He's awesome and that picture makes him look much bigger than 60lbs. Those eyebrows are killer. When dogs have that, they really have different faces they can make. Definitely see the shep in him, maybe lab, ridgeback or retriever?
  10. Thats awesome. I love stories about dogs ability to be so scheduled. Knowing exactly when you get home or when you go running. That stuff is awesome. When I was a kid and we lived in Long Island, we had a Sheltie that used to bring my dad the paper to the kitchen table for breakfast. He'd also bring my father his shoes. That was pretty cool. Pops would have him go upstairs to his room and keep bring pairs down untl he got the right one. Sounds like two interesting combo's. Some mix dogs I've met have amazing personalities. They seem to be more diverse, where pure have that specific mentality. I'm more of a pure bred kinda guy, but there something to be said about finding a super cool/cute mix.
  11. Chicks dig me cuz I dont wear underwear. I agree with this.
  12. Week 1. MoJo Drew, Jax Week 2. Adrian Peterson, Minn Week 3. Matt Schaub, Hou Week 4. Cedric Benson, Ci WEEK 5. Rashard Mendenhall, Pit WEEK 6. Ben Roethlisberger, Pit WEEK 7. Peyton Manning, INDY WEEK 8. DREW BREES, NO
  13. Somebody needs to tell Bart there is no developing hatred for the Dolphags. Once you join any affiliation with this team, hatred is mandatory immediately. There is no time for development.
  14. Nope. It doesnt matter what anyone says. CTM thinks Kerry Rhodes is awful and CTM's word is the gospel. Therefore, Kerry Rhodes is soft like doodoo.
  15. What? Which corner store? The one right before the camp grounds or the one in town before you go down the road that leads to the springs. How ironic, I've probably bumped into her cuz we used to go there all the time back in school. Definitely a nice break from the city...a bit too slow paced for me....but thats why I live in Jax...you can get the best of both worlds.
  16. hahahaha. Ginnie Springs? That place is the spot. You get a lot of UF students go there too, so seeing hot chicks is the norm. You just have to deal with toothless Red Necks, but they are no harm, just throw them a natty light or some dip and you are thier best friend.
  17. That I cant help you with. I'm a single dude and dont see that changing any time soon. As far as the couch thing, you just have to keep them confined to an area of the house until they are able to be trusted with the entire living quarters.
  18. Decoy. Dress him up as cheerleader who's about to flash the oppossing defense and then right when he gets their attention...bam...Sanchez to Edwards 90 yard bomb. Other than that, he should be delegated to KR's only.
  19. Oh snap. Its sounds like I owe someone a beer the next time I'm in Otown!!!! Happy B-day babe. Keep it real, dont get to crazy...ah F it, you only live once.
  20. Yep. Thats out in the middle of no where, so I can see how those dogs run all day long. She probably lives on acres of land for dirt cheap. High Springs is very natural and pretty. Some sick natural springs chillax areas and some big time Redneck Riviera type party spots.
  21. LOL!!! I love dogs, they crack me up. The littles ones are always the proudest. And how off was I with the Boston and the French. Chihuahua/Poodle mix? Thats like combining a princess with a mexican street fighter.
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