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  1. Almost. This season is a bust, I stupidly got fooled by a 3-0 start. Everyone knew this was at best a 9-7 season most likely 7-9/8-8. I had morons like you screaming in my ear every day about how good this team was and how the Pats suck and attrition and arrogance catch up to everyone and all that stupid doodoo you spew on a daily basis and I unwisely drank the Kool-Aid when I knew better. So yes, I would love a loss if Sanchez was 25-30 for 250 and 2 TD's. Because like EY said, this year is all about Sanchez and his progression. We are not contenders for squat, so lets hope the kid improves and I will gladly take a loss if he looks drastically better....besides we are going to lose for certain as it is. 4pm, west coast game, the Raiders, I'm surfing sunday. FTW!!!
  2. gheyfaghomo's present and accounted for... You pussies would actually be happy with a game winning field goal at the last seconds of the game to win 3-0. And you'd be totally fine if it came at in the result of Sanchez throwing 5 picks, again.
  3. Ummm, yeah. They weed dispensers on the corners of their streets and they be slinging that maui wowi.
  4. I'm not an old guy, I'm only 30. But I've been rooting for this team since conception and not by choice...lol. This team will take years of your life. But I love them. This might sound super cheesy, but I get a warm feeling when I see the Green and White. It reminds me of when we did stuff as a family. My father would take two of his 3 sons, depending no who behaved the best that week, to the games Sunday because we could only afford 2 season tickets way back in the Shea days. We grew up on Long Island and one of my fathers best friends was a player personnel director and we used to get on the field at Hofstra. I cherish those moments and I dont know that I'll ever be in a position to do those things again with my family...if I ever have one...lol...but they are fond memories. And to me its it means something that we are all still die hard fans. Win or lose. We laugh at it now. Its become a joke. But you know what, I'll never stop rooting for this team. Even if we are 1-14, I will be watching the final game of the season cheering for greatness on every single snap, knowing in the back of my mind, its probably not going to have a great outcome. Embrace it. We all have our reasons for loving this team. And to me, its actually more than just winning, even though it would really ****ing awesome if we were and I'll keep watching until we are...I mean, its gotta happen some day...right? And wont it just be that much sweeter?
  5. Yep to all this. Even at 3-3 with boneheaded losses that just crush the heart. I friggin love the guy. I really want him here for a long time because I think once he puts together a great crew and its all clicks for him, he's going to be a hell of a coach. We know players love to play for him, now he just needs to win.
  6. There is no outcome that will make me happy because we literally dont have a chance to win this game. I dont even know why we are making the trip.
  7. Exactly. These "The Real Jets Fan Malitia" are taking this overboard...obviously...but its more than that...they actually think that being an optimist is going to help your team win. And if you not, then you're the reason the Jets are a loser franchise. I embrace are sh!tearo. Its what makes us great fans. We suck. Have for a really long time and we still have a ton of die hard fans, like 95% of this board. Thats what these guys dont get. Do we wish it were different, absolutely. But to say were not fans because we have negative feelings toward the team its just stupid. This is true about Jets fans. Been saying every since I started posting on message boards. Jumping on and off the ship, whether its players, coaches, FO or the team, is what Jets fans do. One minute your a Saint, next your the Devil. Never figured it out. But since I saw my first game in Shea Stadium, I know better. And I still got fooled this season when deep down inside...I knew better.
  8. Yes, but you are the chosen one. The last hope if you will. You are here to restore order in the force and rid the Jets fans base of the darkside that is the SOJ. Or at least until Sunday when the Jets lose again and the SOJ's will be persistent. So you are pretty much in a lose/lose situation. God speed.
  9. This is true...I dont get the wild ones...I get the wild and crazy ones...which is fun for like 2 days and then its down right ****ing scary.
  10. True. But thats "wild"....not crazy. Or at least in my book.
  11. You know what the funniest part of the whole boo thingy going on here and how it hurts his feelings.... what do you think Mark here's when he's on the road against a hostile crowd? I bet there name calling is a little harsher than a couple of boo birds.
  12. Week 1. MoJo Drew, Jax Week 2. Adrian Peterson, Minn Week 3. Matt Schaub, Hou Week 4. Cedric Benson, Ci WEEK 5. Rashard Mendenhall, Pit WEEK 6. Ben Roethlisberger, Pit WEEK 7. Peyton Manning, INDY
  13. I said the Raiders defense is going to **** us up...meaning they are going to manhandle our offense and force Mexi into turnovers again. Its seems to be his best quality. As far as your post, yeah, our D is good.
  14. LOL @ the people picking the SOJ to go to the playoffs.
  15. I like them too..a lot. But I also know that we are the SOJ, we suck donkey dick and I am comfortable knowing that our team sucks, always has and always will. Do I qualify?
  16. Depends on your definition of crazy...the crazy ones I know, are not fun.
  17. I loved that he asked the question and F Cimini for knocking the guy for doing it...its become the signature line of the NY Jets and I'm glad a coach got called out for putting up a SOJ peformance. Ryan's response was classic. His SOJ were his dads 40 years ago...come'on Rex, 40 ****ing years ago. Rex has witnessed, coached against and now coached a SOJ peformance. Do something to change it fat man because all your talk aint doing ****. Losing 3 straight, 2 straight conference games isnt going to change the feeling of the SOJ.
  18. I have a great idea. Lets not get ahead of ourselves again and be all excited that we're .500 because the rest of the AFC is sucking wind as well...and try to win a game...which aint happening this week. What is with this fans base acceptance of mediocrity. We suck, accept it, the more you get excited for the future the worse its going to be. Expect a loss this weekend because its coming for sure.
  19. LOL...ya think? But no, it will hurt his brain. Your boo's are going to make him a frightened little kitten out there. He's not a man, he's a boy. You need to hold him and caress him so that he can perform at a high level.
  20. OMG, will the 2 of you get off your I'm a better fan than you high horse. I have seen the Steelers boo. I have seen GB boo. It happens. Again, booze, emotions and a team sucking, anywhere you go someone will boo and others will join. You are not a better fan than others because you wouldnt boo or because you come out telling folks they are wrong for booing. Get off it.
  21. I guess its the same for both sides...but men are so simple. Sex, Sports, Space and Food. Give us those 4 things and we are in love. You are a lucky man. Not everyone can be so lucky. Not trying to prove a point, just letting you know that most men think women are insane.
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