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  1. What a depressing article. Though its somewhat funny too. The Jets are now historic losers. LOL!!! We lost a game last week because missing FG's in 3 different fashions. We've lost a game because some Dbag returned 2 KO's against us. We've lost because of terrible penalities late in games. Its unreal, seriously this team finds ways to lose. And now, we are going to be the only team in the history of the league to have the #1 run offense and #1 defense to not make the playoffs? And how bout that 300 yard game stat, the 73 INT's stat, and 6 TD's in the last 5 games. Pathetic. B. Schitt is hands down the worst OC I've ever seen. I've never liked him, bashed him for a long time, but he has now stepped into the realm of the worst ever.
  2. JiF

    Brett Favre

    Brett Favre is up there with my most hated players in all of sports because he is the biggest Diva in the history of sports.
  3. Gawd. Do you love me? Be honest. I'm starting to think its love and not hate toward me. You definitely love me.
  4. + 1 I'm so ****ing lost. My feeble brain cant handle this...
  5. Dont hate the player, hate the game. Does that even work in this context? Right, like you werent serious. Your hate for me knows no boundaries.
  6. I think she is confusing my confidence with arrogance. I cant help I'm beautiful but my brain is dumb.
  7. Garby, you are most arrogant person on this board, by far. And I'm the most humble person on this board. Just look at your profile... Personal Info Tell us a little bit about yourself... I'm just a ray of sunshine in this miserable world. What are your interests? Hobbies? Sunshine, Sports, Beach, Riding my High Horse and Shoe Shopping. Ya think?
  8. Yes but Mick cant articulate his thoughts as well as DLJ, nor is he a black lesbian. BTW, everyone here thinks this is the best winner thus far except you.
  9. I'm still lost. When I have ever called anyone arrogant that disagrees with me? Maybe a moron, but never arrogant. The only folks I refer to as arrogant are patsie fans like Garb who believe they developed the game of Football therefore knowing everything there is about the game. And they've had the privledge of watching the greatest coach of all time who created the only winning formula of success in the NFL. Not to mention, they are graced with the pressence of the best WR of all time, Wes Welker. But its not because they disgree with me, its fact, Patsie fans are arrogant.
  10. Mee too. I have no clue what you are talking about?
  11. Damn, and you didnt even seen my clever Matt Sanchez dig when I edited my post.
  12. I dont know the meaning of at least 3 words that you just posted. Can you dumb this down for me? Maybe we could do something color coded, Red, Yellow and Green.
  13. Thanks man. I've been waiting for the approval of the legendary JGB aka Mr. Provocateur. Let me know when I get there since I technically dont know where I am.
  14. You are reeling me in...so nervous to flop up on to the deck of your john-boat. Boring. The know it all inventor of the game of Football has chimed in, using my lines. Nice originality. You poop on the keyboard when you type. Do I strive very hard to be funny? No. Not really. It just comes naturally.
  15. You really think you're that good? Your arrogance and aloof nature is welcomed. I laugh at you.
  16. Oh pleez. You come out of no where this week swinging your Hermdoodie stick around like you own this joint. If you'd been around prior weeks, you know this is very typical behavior for the POTW thread. And lobbying as you claim is pointless. When its all said and done the power lies in the hands of one man EY, and he's a dickbag who would never pick me to win cuz he hates me. I'm no where near the attention whore that is JGB. You're like interwebz folklore with your attention needy persona. Mr. Provocateur. ifuknh8udbagcoksmokr
  17. Who's lobbying? I said DLJ is the most deserving winner to date. Lobbying for Rob Ryan is pathetic.
  18. Morons in luv! You always get noms, muffin top. You are the most loved poster on the board. I actually got nom'd quite a bit this week with no victory...like I said, I feel like the Buffalo Bills.
  19. Did Holmgren, Reid and Rhodes sit down one day and literally devise a plan to try and become the fattest men in the league? Look how thin these guys were back then. My goodness.
  20. First off all, JiF doesnt love the fatties, fatties love him. This board should prove that to anyone paying attention. Secondly, I never said nobody loves me. I dont want you ****heads to love me. Just recognize my brilliance every now and then. Finally, this could be the greatest line in the the history of the interwebz... I have no problem with this weeks winner, in fact, its probably the most deserving thus far just for that one line. It rivals back in the days when we were battling with the KC fans on JI and EY dropped the, "Hey, JetsBabe isnt stupid" in response to some KC message board mod calling her a "stupid cum dumpster"...or something like that. However, I'm feeling a little bit like the Buffalo Bills right now for all the nom's but no win.
  21. Yes, LB'ers coach Rob Ryan was responsible for their success, not BB or Romeo Crennel. JGB speaks the truth.
  22. Any man that can hold a Matt Cassell led offense to 34 points on the road in KC is a genius.
  23. From what I've seen based on their activity. Them being Jets fans is the least of your concerns.
  24. + 1 Rob has led some amazing D's that past few seasons, not Rex.
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