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  1. But thats our point gg, he wasnt used affectively so how much does it really hurt the offense? His KR's were nothting like they've been in the past. And varsity or not, SG out played Leon 10 folds yesterday than anything we've seen from Leon this season. Leon is my favorite player on offense and this is killing me, but I dont see our offense suffering that much from his loss. It hurts, no doubt, because we dont have the game breaker, but if we are trading for what we saw from SG yesterday, this isnt going to set us back too much. I agree though, he needs to do it against a good D.
  2. Their defense sucks. I dont know why you would think differently. The only team they've held under 20pts was the Bills. Their defense is the reason they are 2-4. There is no arguing this, they are terrible. And that makes it even worse when we lose twice to them.
  3. We just beat up on the pathetic Oakland Raiders and now we are talking division hopes again???
  4. Yeah, I've never had a problem with that. I like to get involved in the draft stuff just as much if not more than anyone else, but I can admitt when I'm wrong. For example, Matt Ryan, I thought he would be collasal bust. DMC I thought was going to be a world beater. I thought Chris Long would be a monster. I was pretty much wrong about all of them. VG, I was not wrong about though. He is terrible, like I projected him to be, and I still held out for hope and complimented when he performed decent...but there is just nothing to get excited about with VG. I hope Bit is right and its just going to take a while to click, but I doubt it.
  5. I'm very happy about our defensive effort yesterday. I didnt start this topic, but since somebody brought it up, I chimed in and from everything I've seen except for a couple of times this year, VG just doesnt look like a Football player. You're the projection expert, draft guru guy...how can you look at VG and see any potential. Even in the games that he played well, he never showed any signs of being more than a depth type player. I noticed and defended him for a good game against Tenn., other than that, he's been no-existent. And why do you love him so much? Its weird.
  6. Thats a good post and there is a lot of truth to this. We havent benefited from Leon's game breaking ability this year. Partially do to a inept OC, and partly because, he hast played all that well. His KR's have been less then spectacular and we dont use him in punts. Since we never adequately got him the ball on offense, its almost like this really doesnt affect our offensive philosophy. The only thing that hurts is with Leon, you just never know when he's do to break a big one. That's why its important to get him so many touches, but when its all said and done, I dont think the loss hurts the team too bad. The only place that this might hurt is that Leon is used on all 3rd down passing situation and a change of personnel for Sanchez on that down might be different for him, but that shouldnt be too much of a factor.
  7. VG is terrible. He's just not good. Its a shame. All the physical attributes most players dream they had, but he's just not a Football player. He played decent in spots this year, but there is no reason to think this kid will be worth damn in the NFL.
  8. Were we a special team when we lost 3 straight games, 2 of them being divisional games? If not, then how does beating the snot out of the worst franchise in the league make us special? 4-3 teams are not special.
  9. Brad Smith and Wallace Wright are beasts on ST. And both of them are used on offense. Wright had a couple of nice catches last week and Smith gives us versatitlity on offense. Much more valuable players than Miller. Carrol would be a different argument and one I'd agree with. Smith and Wallace are solid players that provide value to this team outside of ST. Miller was absolutely horrible at fielding punts. He literally lost us 2 games. His only use is KR's and beyond that he's terrible. That's why he is not on our roster. Leon and Leonhard are perfect examples of what I'm talking about. Teams dont want to occupy a roster spot for just a KR. They have to do something else. Justin Miller cant do anything besides KR's, therefore, he has no use on a roster.
  10. ih8u both I'm very mindful of field position and the importance of a solid return game. I just dont see how Justin Miller is the answer. There's a reason he's not on a roster, returning kicks is all he does and not too many teams keep a roster spot for someone who ONLY returns kicks. They need to be able to provide value some where else on the field and Justin Miller doesnt have any value outside of KR, and who's to say he can even do that anymore?
  11. Why not just post the exact same thing I did next time.
  12. I never called Sanchez a bust or dissed Rex for that matter, just cautiously approaching each game and I really dont want the let down again. Nothing this team has done over the past few weeks gives me confidence that we can beat the Dolphags. I still love this team with every little inch of my heart and will be rooting for a Dolphag ass beating, but I just dont see it happening, especially with the injuries.
  13. Again, I realize this, but thats not the point. I'm saying I dont like to carry a guy that is only a returner. Unless Rex really thinks that Miller might help out in the secondary, IMO, its a waste of space. Can anyone really expect Miller to return to a roster and be an elite kick returner. Especially when we are struggling with depth and injuries, I would rather find our replacement on the roster with someone already being utilized in another fashion.
  14. Dont we have like 4 guys with return experience? Ahmad Carrol, Brad Smith, Dwight Lowery, you gotta imagine Leonhard can do it as well. Justin Miller would be interesting. I'm just against using a roster spot for someone that is only used for one aspect of the game. Justin Miller is a waste of space outside kick offs.
  15. LOL. After today we are 2-2 with me surfing on game day. That is no longer a reason for our demise. No doubt. Its going to be a battle either way.
  16. **** the Dolphags and their ****ty fans. Too bad they are going to work us this weekend.
  17. New England's clicking right now. Its all coming together for them. They win this division easy and will be in the AFCC game against Indy if it can work out that way. We will lose to Miami this week. We dont have the offense to keep up with how they score. Miami has lost 2 heartbreakers to 2 of the best QB's in the game but their offense is on fire. We cant stop them and we cant score with them. Especially with Leon out. If Cotch and Brad Smith are injured this weekend, its going to make it that harder. I cant believe I'm saying this because I never pick us to lose to the fins, but we dont have a chance in hell at beating the Dolphags this weekend.
  18. Is he? Big Jenk is my favorite player on D.
  19. I'm always confident that we will beat the Dolphags because we own them, but I dont think we can score with them. Their D is terrible, but injuries to Leon and Cotch makes it difficult for us to score.
  20. My favorite players on each side of the ball are gone for the year. That hurts my heart.
  21. Thanks for the info...I didnt know that at all. And yeah, you would think he would just take Braylon and try to completely shut that element of our passing game down. LOL!!! I tried to rep you but you must have had another gem somewhere else. Schitty = doodoo brains
  22. Didnt know that. Doesnt really make sense to me? In that case why wouldnt we just line Braylon up on the right all day, put who gives a **** on the left and Clowney in the slot. Just seems like thats really easy to game plan against.
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