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  1. Ha! I just rep'd RJF for his silly post, and in my rep message I asked, is the pig ripe for the slaughter? I hate you. And dont talk bad about Freddy T. He's the man.
  2. I'm not getting into this, I was never on a bandwagon, I said he played well against the Titans.
  3. Ha!!! Why would I buy a jersey of a player that I absolutely did not want this organization to draft? Then again, why would I ever buy a jersey? They're ghey.
  4. I hate everyone in this thread not named Crusher. Him I <3.
  5. Calvin. He is going to make more of an impact. He's hungry and I want him to be a part of the beat down. Like Rex said, "he owes us a month."
  6. Seriously? Mangini coached both players last year. Who were we fooling?
  7. I liked the twice as many verbage. Which translates to a whopping 1 more...lol. These guys are an embarassment to the NFL. By far the most pathetic fanbase in all of sports. Just when I think I hate the Pats more, Dolphags fans come out of the wood works after beating a decimated terrible Jills team to show how big of an obnoxious ass clown they really are and it reminds me that I hate the Dolphags more than any other team in all of sports.
  8. Just another pathetic dolphag loser. It never seems to fail.
  9. :rl: Dolphags fans are pathetic. Scum of the earth.
  10. You're 27 and talking **** about when you team was good when you werent alive? Wow, Dolphag fans are lame.
  12. That said, we own your ****ty team. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You guys cant beat the Jets who suck Donkey Kon Schlong... what does that make your team?
  13. I'm bumping this for our resident Dolphag trolls. Just look at how their tone has changed after winning 1 game this season against a team in complete shambles. CJ - the Jets fan, this is for you. Where did this confidence come from, you seemed pretty down in this thread. My favorite though, i think its aquafag4gheyhomo4eva, has nothing better to say than "I hate my life"... What a pathetic loser fan base this team has...
  14. Dolphag fans are the scum of the earth and sit when they go peepee.
  15. This is you weakest attempt at trolling yet. Sources say...one of my favorites lines. Like EY said, the only reason why DA is in the league is because of Braylon Edwards. I'm sure DA is really happy that the guy that sent him to the probowl is off his team. I mean, nobody likes a receiver who catches 16 TD's in one season for him. I mentioned his yesterday...he's named after our team and spend 90% of his time on this site...he clearly a Jets fan. And 2 weeks ago, it was all doom with this ass clown. He couldnt find a win on their schedule and now they are world beaters. He is probably the most pathetic human being on the planet.
  16. Agreed. And T.Rich is a vet who know what he talking about and what he says is true and its one of the reason why many of us wanted a big target for our young QB. As far as the celebrity thing is concerned...I remember hearing him say when he got drafted that he was interested in getting into movies. Well, here's your stage Bryalon, play big and those things will come. Seriously, check out the presser on the jets website. If he's sincere, this guy just wants to start over and be a badass for this team. He even says he realizes the rest will come if he performs.
  17. You dont want me to do this...because egg will be in your face...again.
  18. This is the truth. They suck and we own them and I love it.
  19. ****ing hilarious!!! I was dying when I watched that last night. Did you hear the roar of laughter coming from the media...even after he left the podium. I love his guy. Serious question, a week ago 90% of your posts included this... and I recall you saying that you couldnt find a win on your schedule...why did beating up the hapless Jills give you confidence or is this all build up for the MNF?
  20. I thought we were talking about Ronnie Brown?
  21. I dont think that if this doesnt pan out that Tanny will get crucified. He's doing everything he can to make this team better and is currently fielding the most talented team I've ever seen us field since 98. Also, I'm willing to bet the ranch that Rex and Rob talked about Braylon. Plus, Mangini and Tanny are great friends. When its all said and done, I know its a business but I dont think we would take anything that was cancerous in the locker room and I'm sure Rob would tell Rex otherwise. He's going to need a job next year when Mangini and company are fired. And fwiw, I've seen a couple of interviews with folks that know him that claim he is a great guy and he was just in bad situation. I watched his presser last night, and I like the things he's saying. Who knows? But I like that we arent affraid to make our roster stronger when given the opportunity.
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