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  1. We are terrible and happen to be one of the worst franchises in all of sports... does that qualify?
  2. What does Jenkins have to do with anything? And him playing well in Miami is debatable. Braylon bailed him out a bunch.
  3. Fat jokes dont make me feel pretty. I ****ing gorgeous without them. Like you dont make a fatnip comment every chance. Jbro has a 95% chance to see you making a fatnip joke. Not to that extent, but yes.
  4. JOJO - the problem with your logic is... when teams start to play good Football, the media is going to get behind that team and say "hey, look at the Jets, they are playing good ball"....so basically you are saying we will never be good because the 2nd someone says we are, we will resort back to our SOJ ways. Lose/Lose situation. The Jets suck, we'll never see a SB, thank god for my brain and the Florida Gators (who are most likely going to break my heart as well).
  5. You're getting tired of them? How do you think I feel?
  6. LOL. You couldnt find a way to use Fatnip? The funny thing about this is, I'm probably the most pessimistic fan I know (and you know this too from our years at JI), but I allowed this team to win me over and I've been cautiously optimistic since our 3-0 start. I really didnt think we were dealing with the SOJ syndrome....clearly we are...and I feel like a fool for actually defending this team at times this season when I knew better...it was too good to be true and we had big issues.
  7. Oh gawd dont go there. As I said, you cant put this all on Schotty, he might have been calling for passes down f...but he wasnt the one pulling the trigger when nobody was open in double coverage. Sanchez played horrible, but you cant argue that Schotty did anything to help him. It just doesnt equate...we were running the ball down their throats...and he kept putting him in no win situation with only one guy that could get open and Sanchez was staring him down like he didnt have other options. One was tipped. The rest were gawd awful passes where you watch it and say "what was he thinking"....
  8. Stop using logic...it doesnt work in this debate. Instead, just point to the fact that he isnt even used as an OLB....lol. He hasnt played that position in weeks. He has been primarily used as a DE in 4-3 fronts, and last night he was playing DT.
  9. LOL. He wasnt spectacular in Miami...Braylon Edwards was... And this is the problem...he's been doing it all year long in Dome's, nice weather and now bad weather. There are some serious problems with this kid.
  10. Is Florham Park Southern Cali? Is he not getting any bad weather simulations during practice? I'm not ready to say he will be alright because everything those of us warry of him were worried about is surfacing right before our very eyes... Inexperienced Never faced adversity No real competition Never played from behind - only time he did, he lost Played in perfect weather Does he have the arm to throw in the Meadowlands Left after his Jr. year You name it, its all surfacing and its not good and it doesnt help we have an absolute moron for an OC that is making all these things worse. Yep. No doubt. Totally mind boggling. But its the same thing every week....I'm so sick of yelling at the TV because of B. Schott. Its been going on for 4 years.
  11. B. Schotty is his mentor. Its awesome. He's the next hot HC.
  12. This. Problem is, what do we do now? Pull him for Kellen and rattle his mental? This scenario is why Sperm and I and maybe a couple of others were screaming for him to sit and learn. We all got blind sided by a 3-0 and start and even with some terrible mistakes it looked like the right thing to do...now I bet we are wishing we didnt throw him to the wolves. I just hope this doesnt become mental. First game in bad weather conditions, 5 picks...you dont think thats going to be on the back of his mind for his next bad weather start? Not a good situation right now that could have be avoided.
  13. True. But that was a "especially if"...they dont play. Either way, we lose with all 3 in the line up.
  14. I find it funny that you dont know what you're watching. Gholston hasnt lined up as a 3-4 OLB in weeks. He's been primarily used at DE and yesterday he was lining up at DT.
  15. The worst part about the call was that it was the "tuck rule" ref making the call 15 yards on the other side of the field in back of the LOS. He had no business making that call. Calls like that are ignored all game long, but you decide to call it when the game in on the line??? Terrible.
  16. You were the first person to respond and defend him when I was screaming to stfu. Kerry played well again, at least one of his haters will admit to what they saw. And I agree 100%. If you are going to deactivate Clowney for tweeting, you cut Ihediboogaboo today. Its time to start backing up your talk with actions Rex and this is a perfect time to make an example.
  17. It's my fault. This loss had nothing to do with Sanchez throwing 5 INT's and having the worst OC in the league. I picked us to win...big. And I surfed all morning before the 4pm game. I'm sorry to you all. But surfing treats me much better than the NY Jets and since we are already going to lose to Oakland this weekend...I'm surfing Sunday...even if the waves suck. FTW!!!
  18. Oh, Schott is terrible. Absolutely one of the worst OC's I have ever witnessed call a game, but those throws were inexcusable. Just throw the god damn ball away. B. Schott needs to be fired immediately. I have no clue how he was so fundamental in Rivers and Brees development...maybe as QB coach, but as far as helping by calling plays, one of the worst I've ever seen. And this was the same **** he did with Kellen Clemens...but nobody was willing to place the blame there then, it was all Kellen. Kellen would probably have us 5-1 right now.
  19. Dont put this one on Schott. Though he is the worst OC ever. 4 of those 5 INT's were literally some of the worst throws I have ever seen. He was gawd awful again yesterday.
  20. I approve this thread. We lose in Oakland guaranteed. 4pm game. West Coast. No Jenkins, No Woody, No Cotch.
  21. Jets fans are hilarious. One bad game... TRADE HIM!!!! He's a BUST!!! Worst Player Ever!!!!
  22. Yep. I got a good feeling if he's out for the season, he's done for his career. Sucks, probably the best trade we ever made and I absolutely love the guy and the player.
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