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  1. Me too. Didnt say it was wrong or right, just telling you what he said in his presser. I would have used the timeout. He said in retrospect, it was the wrong decision. All of it was a surprise CTM. You act like teams were running wild. Teams would get running yards in chunks, but overall, we were stopping the run. Especially on 3rd/4th and short. Bottom line, you only give up 3 TD's in 4 games, you doing things right especially considering who you've played. I watched the Indy game with him actually. And he said this was even more impressive considering the personel they were facing and perfection in execution. He wasnt suprised against Indy because Freeney and Mathis arent great against the run the Johnson dudes arent that stout up the middle and they dont have the ILB's we have...he was shocked by everything as well. The Henne situation is mind boggling. It was all in the 4th. He just went nuts.
  2. Haters will always hate even when unjust. Silly actually. Dont quite get it really.
  3. And for the last decade we've owned the Dolphags. That the one game I'm always confident. We've had their number. And did you not think our D was playing insane up till last night?
  4. Dude he only had like 5 tackles and 3 of them were big hits. One jar'd the ball loose and Ronnie caught it real quick...the was laying wood, knocked Ronnie back. Dont be one of those haters to hate, he played one of his more physical games in a while last night.
  5. In his presser he said he made the conscious decision to leave his D on the field and let the clock run because he was confident they could keep them to the FG. This had nothing to do with his clock management. It was purely his decision making was faulty and he admitted to that as well.
  6. I respected it...but figured that we would have contained it enough to not make us pay. Thats what this D has been doing. You call yourself a defensive guy and you didnt prepare for this all of sesaon? If I'm a HC I'd have watched a ton of film on the Pats and the Dolphags. Just seems like he had no answer and expected these players to handle the wildcat as well as his Ravens guys did. Yes they have a great oline and the prefect personel to run that ****, but its not the first time a teams seen this and it sure looked like we didnt know how to counter. Plus, they were on fire. One my best Dolphag friends who played for UF, was telling me they havent been blocking that lights out all year for an entire game. They were just hitting on all cylinders, couple that with Henne playing much better then expected and BOOM. We had no answer and couldnt tackle.
  7. I rewinded this at least 10 times and lmao!!! Well, that was two players fault but at least Kerry was hitting last night....Mr. I think Kerry Rhodes is a softy guy.
  8. Oh, I see what you did hear. If people didnt start threads, there wouldnt be a whole lot to talk about here.... ifuknh8u Dont see how predicting a win in this game is the same as those 2 examples. Its only the 5 game of the year. Its not like anyone was predicting a SB this year, we were just confident that we'd win because it was the Dolphags, our D is insane and Rex Ryan had the kryptonite...why shouldnt we have been? FWIW, I think the obnoxiousness of the Dolphag trolls played a factor as well.
  9. 4realz? We were in 2 deep on that play and got beat?
  10. Saw the presser and got the same feeling as you. And I agree with your last statement 100%. This is my biggest problem with last night. Rex knew he was going to see this twice and in a relatively short time frame. He should have known that this was a plausable tink in the armor. Ronnie brown was picking it up sending the TE/FB out to contain the edge rusher, they'd pull a guard to that exposed gap, and then all off a sudden they had everyone accounted for with Ronnie needing to make one move for at least 4.5 yrds per carry before the secondary or opposite side ILB could get there only to be carried for an extra yard. We had nothing to counter. Just dont get it. You'd think a defensive guy would be working all offseason on ways to stop the Wildcat. Or he just completely underestimated it and got pwned.
  11. 2 catches on the night and one was the dagger. That was just a crazy night. Totally different defense out there then what we've seen this year. Ginn still sucks donkey dick. I was shocked he caught it.
  12. Probably not turn this into a win, but maybe could have helped the D get of the field enough times to change the game a bit.
  13. Leonhard was out of position notoriously last night and missed a couple of tackles. He just had a couple of good plays that might have stood out more then his mishaps. I still havent seen an angle if that was Rhodes assignment and I think Revis took that on his shoulders which makes me think Rhodes job wasnt to play over the top. Lowery and Coleman did hurt us because in this system espcially playing a team that does that, you need great open field tacklers in your secondary. Coleman, Lowery and Smith couldnt get around the big OLmen down field to make tackles when we were outnumber at the los. Very dissapointed in Rex last night. No adjustments and just looked unprepared.
  14. Wow! WTF??? That's what I'm talking about!!! You're kidding me!!! Holy ****. OMG! Wow. WTF??? We just lost to the ****ing Dolphins. That sum's me up last night watching this game and I still have the hangover. First off, Congrats Dolphag fans, I totally underestimated your team and you guys were dead on about your strengths. You are a bunch of obnoxious *******s, but that was an awesome game. Cant wait for the 2nd match. Now, I'd like to end on a high note...so... The Bad Probably the most upsetting part of this loss, is that the Dolphins did everything that I was completely expecting to shut down. Wildcat - Very disappointed in Rex Ryan and company. You know that you're facing the Dolphins twice and this year really early with only 2 weeks between games. This should have been something that we've been watching tape on for months and having practices primarily focused on shutting this down. You're a defensive guy who supposedly has the kryptonite and you let that happen to your team. He was out coached for the first time this season. We could not adjust. Wow. Secondary - We cant get Sheppard/Strickland back any sooner. These guys were playing the run making open field tackles really well. Both are so much more physical at the los and in protection then Coleman and Lowery, its not even funny. We might be in trouble in the 2nd match if they dont get healthy. Did Eric Smith play last night? Leonhard looked lost at times out there. We needed their help in the running game and to make stops on third down, and none of them could step up and make a play. A result of their poor play, Henne diced us. Gave him all the time in the world and he shredded us. I felt like I was watching the 07 Outback Bowl all over again. Dolphins fans should now clearly see how limited they were with Pennyboy and have hope for the future...but it is just 1 game. Luckily for him, he has the benefit of an absolute beast of a RB tandem. We shut down Brees, Brady, and Schaub, but Henne shreds us? WTF??? The Fugly Ted Ginn Jr. beat Revis??? 3 TD's all year and they score 3 in the 4th qrt? Ronnie Brown's girly left handed throw??? We lost because of our D??? Thomas Jones??? Does Dustin Keller play for this team??? Why do we not use Leon as a receiver and why dont we throw him screens??? 11 touches a game is just not enough for him. Dline now just became our number one priority. Biggest mistake of the game was not deferring. Chad Pennington found another way to screw us. Mark Anthony. The Good It was one game. Its not like we got blown out. We're 3-2, in first place, have 2 cream puffs and the Dolphags again. But obviously we have some clear issues. We have what seems to be a great young Qb with a new toy. Our offense can go vertical. Brad Smith and Clowney played well. With a healthy Cotch, I think we got a solid WR core now. Kerry Rhodes played one of the more physical games I've seen him play in a while. Oline played well. Faneca needs to step up his game, but other then that, solid effort in both pass protection and run blocking. My favorite part of the game was Leon laying out Channing. He actually got him twice, but that first one was epic. We seem to be going the right direction. Preseason I was expecting to be 1-4 at this point with last night our only win. I still love Rex Ryan. Two fake punts was insane. For some reason, that game didnt feel like the SOJ to me. I wont lie, I did question why this always seems to happen, but when I look back it wasnt that bad. I dont think this is indicative of our D. I think we just got hit by a team clicking on all cylinders, on a night where they seemed to actually have a crowd presence and we got caught off guard. Its hasnt happened yet this season. Put our defensive game against the Saints and our offense game against the Dolphags all together in one game, and we got ourselves a team. Give this D 27 pts to work with, and I'm taking that 9 out of 10 times. It takes time to put it together. Nobody should expect it to be there at this point. Besides losing 2 straight, we seem to be going in the right direction and there are definitely some positives about this team.
  15. The Dolphags were going to trade Ronnie Brown for Braylon Edwards and Cleveland took our deal instead? Weird.
  16. I think the issue we're having is that you are a passionate poster and when you get into it, you start getting irrational with what you post and sometimes even post just crazy talk and falacies....ie, Vernon Gholston is the worst player in the NFL, he wont dress against the Saints, hell I wouldnt even let him on the plane. And now today...Just wait untill Cutler starts bashing his players and coaches...implying he has before, which he never has. I cant contain myself when I see things posted like that because they're ridiculously absurd. To your point, Orton does not suck, but he is not good. You're overall premise, correct me if I'm wrong, is that Orton is better suited for the Broncos. And my point is simple and I will leave it at this....With the way the Broncos are playing Cutler could get them to the SB, Orton might get them to the playoffs, but then he's one and done.
  17. You have not said this...my bad. Maybe its just the way you have been saying Orton is better for the Broncos etc. that made me think thats what you meant.
  18. Me too and I really wasnt gonig too...but sadly this is what happens when you debate with Smash.
  19. Right. Loaded $$$$ But how is this Mangini's fault? Did he tell him not to put on pads and then send him into a contact scrimage? I guess I just dont understand the situation. Who told Davis not to put on pads? And why was he in a contract drill or scrimage without them?
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