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  1. Thats what I want to know. And if I hear you complain about this the way you've been bitching about getting a legitimate WR, I will hunt you down and stuff you in a locker or whatever cheesy joke Kleck keeps saying about you...it will be done.
  2. Oh yeah baby, maybe we will really start to see the emergence of Keller.
  3. Did you hear the Lebron interview? He was said it was like watching his child get punched in the face. Braylon picked the smallest guy in the crew...lol. Then he said, it was going to be handled as if his crew was coming after him. Maybe Braylon punched his ticket out of Cleveland.
  4. Lets see Clowney and Leon in the slot. I would love to see X- J-Co Y - Braylon Slot - Leon TE - Keller and either Shonn or TJ in the backfied. Who do you key on that situation? Or put Clown in the slot and Leon in the backfied.... Going to be tough to figure out what to stop first.
  5. Does anyone know if he's getting suspended for punching the smallest guy in Lebron's entourage?
  6. Agreed. Hopefully Braylon was just a victim of a terrible team with average QB's and that changes in NYC.
  7. This. I dont know how good Edwards really is...he obviously had a HUGE season when the Browns had their one good year and really thats it. Hasnt had much production beyond that, but that team is completely incompetent...so hopefully a fresh start helps him out. But the bottom line is, he is a HUGE HUGE HUGE upgrade and teams will have to respect his talent. So who is playing the slot now?
  8. Holy poopie and snot. Me so happy!!! Lets hope he can catch the ball in New York and doesnt punch people when they tell him that Mark Sanchez is the bigger star.
  9. I really wish I didnt open this thread... He is a rookie that doesnt have a ton of experience. From all accounts, the kids sharp, has a good head on his shoulders and has the ball skills it takes to be quite possibly, a great QB. The kid is having some protection issues, but to act like he hasnt been moving us pretty steadily down the field is silly. Our offensive success, has been Sanchez and his ability to make plays/throws. He makes some brainy plays like taking the sack against the Pats and he made some bone headed plays like holding the ball to long in the endzone. This is to be expected. We know this, the only reason why we are tripping is because we went 3-0 and now we expect perfection. He definitely needs to work on keeping the ball closer to his body, but this is very correctable. His footwork and his ability to throw on the run is his strength. And he has the exact amount of accuracy and velocity it takes. I'm ****ing excited about this kid. Best part is, we are seeing all this with him throwing to a sub par WR core. A running game that has been non-existent. And a buffoon for an OC. Nobody was expecting Super Bowl, nobody was expecting playoffs. Why all of a sudden hold a higher standard? He will have his highs and his lows, that what rookies do, lets just hope he is ready in year 2/3 and it doesnt take 4/5 because we dont know what we'll have that far out. And in that time frame, we get him some weapons to work with RB's/WR's galore.
  10. Good read. I feel pretty much the same way, if there's a positive in a loss, its that we spotted them 17 points, and we could have won that game. This was a game we could lose. On the road, non-conference and against a hot potential SB team in the NFC. This game is a great opportunity to bounce back on the road in that National Spot light against a division rival. We need to come our firing and get up early. **** every thing the kid did last week and let the pass set up the run. That team can't come from behind and win balls games. You put that on Chad Henne shoulders and the Jets win convincingly.
  11. This is obviously a racist scare tactic for Sanchez. F'in Dolphags...bunch of bastards.
  12. I thought it was because he doesnt like ta-ta's and he wished the **** was a different color.
  13. Its hilarious. The resident Dolphags were literally looking at their schedule and couldnt find where a win would come from...and now this behavior...after destroying a terrible Bills team.
  14. I realize this is all theories and speculation but, you do know the Ravens D sucks this year, right? Other then shutting down the Browns, they let KC score 24 Brodie Croyle had his way, SD 26, and NE 27. Not the same D with out Bart Scott, Jim Leonhard, Marques Douglas and oh yeah...Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan took some serious talent with him from the Ravens and I would argue outside of Ed Reed and Suggs, we have equal talent. Harris is playing out of his mind, Ray is a HOF'er, but is he really out playing David Harris this year? Long season, no doubt, but you guys are in trouble. Deny it all you want, but you guys arent very good. I dont know why one game makes you feel so confident. And your next 4 games are, Jets, Saints, Jets, Pats. Ouch. 1-7?
  15. See, this I can handle. No numbers, not stats to justify one team is better then the other...just an honest assesment of what you see. And I think you are right in a lot of ways. I want to see more Shonn Greene. But I dont think we are asking Mark to be Brady. We have called a very close to the vest game for the most part and the mistakes that have been made are rookie mistakes. Our passing game has just been more productive then our running game. Its going to take a while, but it seems like the kid honestly want to get better and that gives me promise.
  16. Hold the **** up....I dont defend everything Klecko says...no where near it. We dont see eye to eye on a ton of ****. We are completely different fans. He can even tell you that... CTM just likes to imagine that I defend everything kleck says so it helps facilitate the fatnip jokes.
  17. That crashingjet is ****ing tool. That would have been productive. How funny is your tone these days after beating a hapless Jills team. A week ago, this was all you would post... You're pathetic. You're not the dbag that most of your fans are but I see you posting **** like this all the time, so I must interject here... None of that **** matters. You are 1-3, we are 3-1. Anybody that knows anything about the game of Football looks at both our teams and see's one team is clearly better than the other.
  18. No, he clearly isnt "fine". He really calls a terrible game. He didnt throw the picks, thats for sure, but he didnt do anything to help us get back into the game and his play calling has been suspect for years. And from what I've heard, Mark has almost all of the playbook at this point.
  19. You need to things to throw deep, 1) an oline to give you enough time 2) a WR that gets seperation. Neither of those things were happening on Sunday. Though I agree with the premise, who cares if its completed. Problem is, we have an OC who sucks donkey dick on his best day.
  20. It happened when we played the Pats. Sanchez got hit in the face by one of their scumbag players in the first half and it wasnt called. Brady gets coddled like no other...its amazing.
  21. I said the same thing, but it was early in the game and you dont really want to give that offense outstanding field position on every drive...eventhough it seemed to still be the case. That said, this D can handle the pressure...no doubt about it. Hell, I think they would welcome it.
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