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  1. To have a circle jerk and thats what gheyhomofags do...
  2. Agreed, their fans are sorry POS's, I hope they all die on their way to their circle jerk in the Lando**** Stadium tonight.
  3. Are you kidding me with these??? The first play he over pursued and then made a come from behind tackle on a rb going full speed up the gut. Not a great angle to blow somebody up. The second one he was coming from the other side of the field catching another rb that was going full speed again in a funny angle not really position to lay wood. And the third was very similar to the one above. Those were all solid tackles and good plays doing what he suppossed to do as the last line of defense.
  4. Our already nasty D, just got nastier. Welcome back Calvin, you irresponsible bastard. Play your ass off Monday night. We need ya! Ronnie and Sticky Icky Ricky are die.
  5. Thats the difference, he hast had to do that yet. He had to go around 70 against the Pats when we were down, but thats about it. When we were down against the Titans, we had great field position. But, thats what you get with a great defense. Field position is typically in our favor. Now, if your offense is making mistakes and putting you in a bad position, then its a different story, but if we can win the field position battle and Sanchez doesnt screw the pooch, we win convincingly.
  6. Thats because your fanbase is filled with gheyhomofags as well. You can relate.
  7. I watch a lot of Football and over the past years, there really isnt a more predictable play caller in the game. Its clear as day what he wants to do and its almost like he doesnt care if the defense knows it. All that shifting does nothing, when everyone stops moving around for no reason, its clear whats coming. 1st down nobody in the backfield. 3rd down and 1, shot gun 3 straight running plays down 2 scores The guy is just flat out bad. No way around it.
  8. It was almost like Greene lit a bit of a fire on TJ because he quit dancing around in the backfield and was actually hitting the hole. On a couple of carries, Greene made me think we might have a hidden gem on our team.
  9. Good post. The thing thats really sad is we came out with everything we had at first. Schotty was running it all. He was creative and was making them chase us....after the turnovers he got vanilla and just down right stupid. Dont understand the guy at all. Its like he just gets a wild hair up his ass and decides to do something on one drive and then has success with it, only to completely abandon it for the rest of the game. Seriously, I think Schotty Jr. is ****ing terrible. He makes no sense whatsoever and it just doesnt seem he wants to make it easy on the young Qb who is working with very limited talent.
  10. I dont think anyone will deny that Pace is an ENORMOUS upgrade over VG. VG was pathetic yesterday. Pace is our best pass rusher and is our best OLB against the run. The other factor that folks are ignoring, Rex Ryan owns the wildcat. Go look at the box scores for the Ravens vs. Dolphags last year and tell me how well they ran the ball against Rex.
  11. I was thinking I won because not too many picked us to lose and I was hoping it wasnt the case...I was going to just post this guy... Thanks JaysJets!
  12. This Saints fan was telling me at the beginning of the game about how there is no chance to run up the middle on them...he had quite a different tone toward the end of the game...lol.
  13. Its funny how 1 win against a **** team and all of sudden the Miami trolls have confidence...lol. You guys were no where to be found and when you were, none of you had any confidence in this team. I guess beating up on a hapless Jills team will do that to you. Congrats on the win tough, I thought for sure you guys were going 0-8. I guess 1-7 will be more likely the case.
  14. Good point. What would I do without you? I didnt know that...I was wondering why he brought her knowing how rowdy we get.
  15. I dont want to end the season. We are about to beat the snot out of the Dolphags on Monday night for all to see...it doesnt get any better than that!!!
  16. **** you. He's a fellow Jets fan and a good guy. He has a gorgeous daughter that is going to be a looker...I was actually way surprised that he made that...lol. I cant say that without it being creepy?
  17. Just because I'm that fatnip doesnt mean I like the fatties. They like me....jeez. She was a very cute girl, going to be a looker in a few years. The kind of daughter you keep caged because dudes are going to be all over her. But I was more concerned with the smoking hottie Saints fan at the bar. This girl was a knock out...I was finishing up some food and ready to start spitting game...then I saw the ring on the finger and my sail was deflated. Me and Kleck were trying to figure out what kind of dude lets his smoking hot fiance go to a bar by herself to watch Football? If I wasnt a better man, well...
  18. I dont think anyone is blaming it on the Oline, none of the mistakes Sanchez made was on the OLine. The concern is that this is suppossed to be the stength of our offense, and its just hasnt been playing up to form yet. They are allowing too much pressure on Sanchez weekly. At least they started to open some holes in the run game, that was refreshing.
  19. I was definitely a little heated. But his little girl is going to be a heartbreaker and I didnt want to kill daddy in front of her...although he might be able to kick my ass. He's got that old man toughness going for him. But he definitely made me angry with that comment.
  20. I love these threads. Fins suck. Fans are gheyhomofags. We will out number them in their ****hole stadium named after a mediocre beer. We will laugh in the faces of their ****ty celebriy share holders. SQUISH THE FISH **** THE DOLPHAGS DIE DIE DIE!!!!
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