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  1. Right. Loaded $$$$ But how is this Mangini's fault? Did he tell him not to put on pads and then send him into a contact scrimage? I guess I just dont understand the situation. Who told Davis not to put on pads? And why was he in a contract drill or scrimage without them?
  2. I wish I could. He is loved by my client, he's just a dick. If for some crazy reason we lose, I will sabotage him and get him fired. I promise...and I wont feel bad, he makes twice the money I do and will find a job with in hours. Please and thank you.
  3. Being a dick and bashing your players and coaches are 2 very different things. You're back peddling because once again, you made an assinine comment when you were posting one of you irrational defenses of an very ordinary player. Cutler is a dick and I'm not a huge fan, but you made something up...again all the while trying to say that Orton is better for the Broncos then Cutler. And you keep saying that Cutler couldnt have this team undefeated right now which is just ubsurd. Orton is not the reason why they are undefeated and Cutler could very easily have them in the same position. In fact, if Cutler was the Qb, they probably wouldnt have had to have a miracle against Cinci, a miracle against the Cowgirls and wouldnt have had to take it to OT against a sinking Patsies team. They would have most likely won convincingly because their offense would be that good. And not just mediocre like they for Orton who is doing a very admirable job. Why do you love average QB's so much?
  4. I almost pounched him at lunch. He was talking so much **** about how Ronnie Brown was going to destroy the Jets "fraud" D. Funny part about this was, he started talking when he realized he still had a job tomorrow.
  5. Tell Leon he needs to represent the 904 tonight!!! He'll know what I mean.
  6. You are so full of ****, its not even funny. How is this an example of Jay Cutler "bashing" his players and coaches? That's what you said.... Did you watch the Brandon Marshall interview the other day? He said the whole reason why he was pissed and demanding trade is because of how the Broncos handled the Jay Cutler situation. Him and Jay were extremely tight and it upset him that they seperated what he felt was going to be one of the best combo's this league's seen. FTR, I saw that interview with Cutler where he made that statement you posted and its fully out of context. He said that he talked to Marshall after the whole beaten and left in the hotel incident. Cutler said they talked about it and he was upset with how Marshall was handling himself off the field. Jay made that comment after defending him in a 1/2 hour interview on Marshall's issues. So again, please show me an example of where Cutler bashed his players or coaches? And if he is so uncoachable, then why does he have Chicago's playbook down pat and he threw to 9 different receivers in the last game? You gotta be coachable to pick up a playbook that quickly and learn all your options. And being an uncoachable brat is different then bashing your players and coaches, which he's never done.
  7. This post is crap. Kyle Orton is the reason why the Broncos are undefeated. He is the only QB in the league that could have this team barely squeaking out victories against terrible teams.
  8. You just wish you had the booty he's been searching for all his life.
  9. Well you are blowing it dude. You need to add that to your repertoire of the Dolphags greatness. It will really help your debate.
  10. This just proves my point. You completely made that up. Please show me where Cutler has bad mouthed his team or his coaching staff.
  11. Nope, but they shot the Dolphags that were swimming next to with a laser beam. It was awesome!
  12. That doesnt matter, they were undefeated, they had Dan Marino and they won the division last year. They are clearly the greatest franchise in Football.
  13. Has he ever done this? It was a pansy move to cry about the possibility of being traded, but he has never bad mouthed his teammates or coaching staff. Where do you come up with this crap? When you dont like a player, you create **** to bash them, when you love a player, you create **** to worship them. I was going to join this conversation, but its literally impossible to debate with you because of how irrational you are and because you just make **** up.
  14. Because they were undefeated 40 years ago......duh!
  15. Yes. I cant concentrate at all and some jackass just screwed me over in one of my Accounts, and I actaully have to meet him for lunch to see if I am firing him today. Best part is, he's a Dolphag fan...which isnt working in his favor of saving his job.
  16. Its never too late for BB material. Players dont have a reason to play untill another teams opens their mouth and gives them are reason to play. So it doesnt matter when its said, the fact is, its been said. And NOW the Jets are going to try.
  17. When I was surfing this weekend...I cursed the Dolphags that were swimming by me...and gave a thumbs up to the Jets that flew over me.
  18. Well that is right there...you just dont like the guy. He is 10x the better QB than Orton.
  19. Yep...why is this so hard to grasp. Clearly the NFL is trying to create fans from all walks of life. Not just your normal blue collar guy that lives for this stuff. The NFL has got the white collar dudes watching now, largely do to birth of FF. They are targeting woman with the pink and Cancer awareness stuff. Now they are targeting the fastest growing nationality in the country. Miami and NY have HUGE latin american populations. NYC has the largest Puerto Rican population in the country. We know Miami has a HUGE one too, but even further Orlando who has a ton of Dolphag fans, has the 2nd largest PR population in the counry. Not to mention So Cal and border states...embrace it fellas...this country has a ton of Latin Americans and we are catering to them as a country in numerous ways.
  20. Why are you telling me to Cool out? I'm not heated over this topic...just giving my opinion. I cant believe you are actually telling me you would rather have Orton over Cutler. Wow....just wow. There is a reason why the Broncos arent blowing teams away, and that reason is Kyle Orton. You throw Cutler back on that team, and these games arent close. Nobody fears Kyle Orton and thats why they barely squeak by teams on defense alone. If Cutler was on that team, they would be blowing teams out and I would be on their bandwagon as a good team. Aten had it right, this team could be a contender, only if they had a brain and held onto Cutler. They might win a weak division, I dont think they do. I still like SD, but if they make the playoffs, they are one and done because they have Kyle Orton as their starting Qb.
  21. This thread is hilarious...all of a sudden everyone knew Kyle Orton was this good. He was terrible in Chicago...thats right Smash, terrible. They won often times despite him. However, I will give him his credit, the guy wins. Now he has all sorts of weapons to pass too and 2 solid RB's that take pressure off him, mix that with a defense playing awesome, an extremely weak schedule and its no wonder why they are playing so well and Orton has been very good. Josh clearly knows how to help average QB's look good. He makes it very simple on them and much like Cassell last year, Orton has great WR's to connect with that simply make plays. Everyone can suck off the Broncos all they want and what they've done is impressive but they beat the Pats, got a miracle from the Bengals and then beat up on 3 terrible teams in Cleveland, Dallas and Oakland. Dallas and the Pats are the only somewhat difficult match ups and they've had the benefit of playing at home in those contests...and had to squeak out the W. I'm not sold at all. Impressive start, they didsomething similar and collapsed. Josh has been a big surprise, they may win the division because its terrible, but I want to see a big road win againts tough competition. Beating the Pats is impressive, but Dallas, Oakland, Cleveland suck and they had a miracle in Cinci. Let see them really beat someone on the road, not squeaking out victories. A couple of plays the other way and this team is 2-3. Talk to me after the next 6 or so games. On the road in SD, Balt, home againts Pitt, on the road to Washington, then hosting SD, NYG. Then they finish out with some division games but have to go on the road to Indy and Philly before season end. This team could easily still finish 8-8, 9-7.
  22. I was hoping to see another whinny bitch episode from Ray Ray the Murderer.
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