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  1. The sad part is, when we ran 3 straight times, I was asking for that cuz of the way were just drilling them in the middle of their D. I wouldnt have run on 3 straight downs, but I didnt mind the 3rd down run. The play was blown up and TJ hesistated. The 3rd and 1 in shotgun was moronic. They couldnt stop the run.
  2. You know what I'm talking about...plenty of threads and opinions that our WR's was just fine. You're lame.
  3. Pretty much. I've always hated Baby Schott and Sunday made we want to jump on the field and punch him in his face. He's a ****ing moron. Didnt you say Bart Scott was a horrible signing?
  4. Agreed, one game where our Qb gave them 14 pts is not exposing our offense. Mark played terrible and I dont think it was indicative of the rest of our team. One bad game and now the WR's are an issue but for all the weeks leading up to this, we under estimated our WR's and they were not a problem. Jets fans are a joke. I'm sorry, but you know who your are and you're a joke. Its one ****ing game, relax. It was bound to happen and if anyone actually thought we were winning this game, you were nuts. And the worst part is, we could have if it werent for our rookie QB finally playing like a rookie.
  5. Agreed with this assesment. I dont get why Tanny like to telegraph what we are doing. Whether its on 1st down and he has no one in the backfield or 3rd and 1 in the shotgun. He has done this stuff his entire career as our OC, and its never worked. Regarding the title of the article; the Jets did not self destruct. Our rookie Qb did, plain and simple. We lost this game because of Mark Sanchez.
  6. Its nice that he recognizes his mistakes, no doubt. You gotta love the way he carries himself. If he is this careless with the ball in week 12, I think we have every right to be nervous or worried. Right now, I'm just going with the "he looked like a rookie today" mantra.
  7. He was absolutely horrible today. No question about it. He looked like complete dog **** when he was on the field. And I'm being dead serious, no sarcasm whatsoever, Gholston looked like ****.
  8. One of those games where you cant be too upset even in a loss. We went on the road against quite possibly the best team in the NFL and definitely the best offense. If you take away the 2 turnovers for TD's, its a whole different ball game. Mark Sanchez was a rookie today and put together a poor performance. Some of that IMO is on B. Schott. Questionable calls in crucial moments. Our oline looks good in spots and lack serious consistency. That should be one of our strongest units on the team and its really unacceptable.
  9. Derrick Mason TD on a nice long drive by the Ravens. Guy made a couple of great plays and then a tough catch where he appeared to get injured while catching it...probably one of the most underrated players ever.
  10. We'll he's right, we are not up for the game. I should hope the Saints can beat a team BIG if the other team is still sleeping.
  11. Well, there it is, I'm not watching this game since the Jets arent up for it. I wonder if they slept in?
  12. I talk like a pirate until we have a lead.
  13. There's definitely that element. The way Scott talks, they are definitely fighting for respect.
  14. Though this is really funny, its true. #1 WR's are whinny bitches. Cotch seems like a really soft spoken humble dude.
  15. Fine. But let me clarify, what got me started in this and why I'm so heated an prone to repeat my worst player in the league mantra is because there were a few of you that were making comments like the one below... For me and I'm pretty sure quite a few others...it was comments like this that set this thing off. Not the difference between if he was playing great vs. improving.
  16. Lets look back at this thread and see who's whining. I'm pretty sure you Patriots* fans, will be on top of that podium.
  17. This is the farbricated lie that you bashers have come up with out of no where that I was referring to and why this debate is impossible. This whole argument started when I said, VG played well and is improving. Nobody every said he playing great, lived up to his draft status or is as good as Pace.
  18. Why would the worst player ever be mentioned in this article?
  19. No way, he doesnt want to lose to a kicker who already tackles better than him. Thats one way of tip toeing around the question. Dont really understand whats the big deal, he's not Suggs, Ware or Merriman, you follow the draft, did you expect him to look like one of these guys? And him turning into a role player as oppossed to not getting on the field, is an improvement I can live with at this point.
  20. LOL!!!! He's pretty jacked... Just look at those pythons.
  21. I'm pretty sure you took even further than that when you said....
  22. I thought it was really hot during the preseason when he pointed out how an inactive Wes Welker opened up a TD for Randy Moss in the back of the end zone. That was sexy.
  23. I'm not buying it, he is not occupying anyhing and he has the strength of my 12 year old niece. Worst player eva, wont be dressing agianst the Saints, should even been allowed on the plane. Are you sure you dont think he is the worst player eva? Maybe you should rethink this one. Question; did the Ravens D under Rex Ryan use a UDFA to perform this thankless job?
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