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  1. Yep. I was going to include him in the list but with all the love for Nicks here I just didnt want to hear about it.
  2. He is very strong and all of his injuries that he has had were minor, he bounced back with seemingly no negative affects.
  3. Didnt know that. Thanks. It better happen!
  4. I figured since there is so much WR talk and we definitely need one, we could look at late round big school sleepers. My favorites... Greg Carr - FSU - 6-6 - 217. Big target who knows how to go up and make a play. His Sophmore year when he had a halfway decent QB, he blew up for 12 TD's. He hasnt been as productive since, but if you watch him play, he has a knack for making the big play and going up to get the ball. Kevin Ogletree - UVA - 6-2 - 189. A Queens boy, Holy Cross HS, solid production in his Sophmore and Junior year, over 50 catches both seasons. Knows how to get open and runs solid routes. Good hands and is versatile. A game changer. Patrick Turner - USC - 6-5 - 220. Another really big target familiar with a pro system. Had a great senior year with 10 TD's. He conitunally improved throughout his career at USC. Know for very crisp routes and the ability to go up over defenders for jump balls. More of a possession guy, but able to move the chains and make the tough grab over the middle. Darrius Passmore -Marshall - 6-2 - 188. A very productive sophmore. Caught 56 balls for 950 yards, averaging 17 yards per catch. He has big play potential and can be a go to guy on 3rd and long situations. Quan Crosby - Texas 5-11 - 200. A very strong receiver that knows how to get seperation. Extremely productive in a pass happy offense. This season he had 92 grabs, 1200 yards and 10 TD's. Could be a great game changer in the slot at the next level. Those are my 5 favorite late round targets that I could all see having success at the next level. Any others???
  5. He has outstanding hands. And people knock him for his route running, Im here to tell you, he can get open. He was by far our best 3rd down receiver. Thats all he does, is move the chains, and break games wide open.
  6. Everytime I open one of your threads, I wonder after the fact, why I opened your thread?
  7. LOL @ all the comics here on this thread. I think that Denver would strongly consider a trade of TJ a 2nd round pick, for Patrick Ramsey.
  8. Why have we not locked Leon up long term? That would be a priority for me. The last thing we need is him to have a HUGE year and demand an even higher price.
  9. My favorite Gator of all time. There are certain guys that were just born to play, Percy is one of them. The kid lives for the game. He is going to make some team very happy.
  10. Mangini was running a hybrid as well.
  11. Didnt it come out that him and Cook were looking to get traded before they knew McDick wanted Cassel?
  12. True. For the purpose of this thread, I dont think its worth trading Kerry Rhodes and picks for Cutler.
  13. Can we find a hot headed Qb that has a sub .500 record that has a strong arm? I think so, but who knows. My point is, that most of these teams made the playoffs because of their defense and their S had a HUGE impact. Other than the Colts and Cardinals....I dont think any of these teams made it to where that point because of their QB. Dont get me wrong, by no means am I saying that you dont need a solid Qb to win. You need either a top notch D or a top notch Qb. I dont know that Cutler is that. He might be more of a liability than we can afford.
  14. FWIW, I would like to point out how HUGE of an impact safties played last year in the NFL Here's a look at the playoffs teams of last season... AFC Pitt - Troy P/Clark Balt - Reed/Leonhard Tennesse - Griffin/Hope San Diego - Weddle/Hart Indy - Sanders/Bathea Miami - Bell/Hill NFC Arizona - Wilson/Rolle Philly - Dawkins/Mikell Car - Godfrey/Harris - not great but solid playes NYG - Phillips/Butler ATL - Milloy/Coleman Minn - Sharper/Williams As you can see, most of the teams that made the playoffs had stellar play from their safety position. The only team that really just had terrible safties was the Dolphags and they were coincidently ousted by a team that had HUGE games from their starting safties (one of which is now on the NY Jets!)
  15. I was more so meaning that he was guy that did a lot of different things for his team in college and he will be a bust of epic proportion in the NFL. Hands, size, ability to run routes, ability to get of the line quick and not get hung up by strong CB that bump them at the line. All of which I dont think Maclin can do. I dont see Maclin having a lot of success getting away from strong DB's at the LOS. Similar to Warrick in the NFL...thats what I meant.
  16. Right, because speed has proven to be the most important factor when selecting a WR.
  17. See TJ. The market isnt friendly to 30+ Rb's. Plenty of talent in this draft and just look at the success rookie has last year in the NFL. I dont think his agent is giving him the best advice.
  18. Give me Tyson Jackson Jeremy Maclin = Peter Warrick Josh Freeman is terrible.
  19. I hear ya. Maybe we can get a Rex Ryan discount! What are we running with right now? Revis, Lito, Lowery, D. Coleman, Carrol???
  20. Brady and Edwards are going to have a hard time completing passes on their asses when the most violent defense this division has ever seen is coming after them!!!
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