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  1. If Ray isn't going to take a "hometown discount" to stay in Baltimore, why would he take a "former defensive coordinator discount" to play in New Jersey? It's obvious that he's going where the money is, and we don't have any money. However, if we DID have money, we'd be much better suited by going after Terrell Suggs or Bart Scott. It's not like Lewis is going to come much cheaper, if at all, than either of those guys. And it's not like Ray hadn't been on the decline for five years until he magically regained his All-pro, Hall of Fame murderer form just in time to cash in on his last big contract.

    How many people think its actually going to happen? I am all for bringing Ray to NY, but I dont think its going to happen for many of the reason you stated.

    I think most of the advocates you speak of feel the same way.

  2. He will not help the JETS for more than one season... they need a young leader not an old guy who is looking for his last big payday... think about how much and how long they paid Cmart after he was done/gone...

    He has been around for a couple others then too huh?

    Yes he has faced a few.

    I think he can give the Jets 2 very solid years. And like I said in an early post, he is infectious. Hopefully that can spread into players like Harris and Gholston plus the new class.

    Look, I dont think its going to happen either way and Im not saying this HAS to happen. Im just saying I think it works for 2 years because Ray has still got that in him.

    For the record, I would probably be just as happy if we landed Bart Scott.

  3. Fail on that Matt Stafford analysis.

    How do you not mention AJ Green when you're listing Stafford's future NFL talent teammates? Caleb King?

    I also no longer buy at the junior things are issues with either of Sanchez or Stafford. Stafford because he really grew into a legit NFL prospect last year, and Sanchez because he'll probably not go in the top 6 and maybe even 10.

    Right? King is going drop jaws this year. AJ already does.

    Matt Stafford is the only legit Qb in this draft IMO.

  4. You guys are forgetting that Kimo was a HUGE leader in Pitt and also a HUGE part of their previous SB win...

    He might not be as good as Lewis but both of them are older guys on the decline who once were leaders on their team that went to and won a superbowl...

    Ray Lewis would certainly work out better for us than Kimo did I would hope... still doesnt change the fact that you cant lead a team if you cant perform at a high level consistently and lead by example...

    You're losing it. Ray Lewis is a once every 20 years player/leader.

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  5. I'm with Fishooked. I'm tired of taking in other teams' over-the-hill leftovers. (Remember how Favre was supposed to invigorate our entire team with passion and confidence and child-like enthusiasm for the game?)

    Bring in Bart Scott or a draftee.

    Its a good point.

    I must say that I thought that way about Favre, but I think its even more the case with Lewis. And the reports are saying that he was kind of discontected from the team. I guarantee you that Lewis wouldnt be that way.

    If we got Bart Scott, I would be happy as well.

  6. With that moniker, how could anyone ever be a fan of the Jags? I mean, every time I hear that team's name on TV I bust out laughing. "Oh, yeah. Bill really supports the Jags." "Are the jags off this week?" "The Jags are an up and coming team." You could not write this stuff.

    Nice stadium though.

  7. That is not what I said... I said take an average... and I would be right...

    There is no winning for you... and heck I am not even "against" you per say... lol

    Your "side" is a bunch of law breaking felons who smoke themselves stupid regularly...

    I dont even need to describe the other side to know you cant win... lol

    My bad. Im sorry. I win!

    I didn't know sales associates at Lane Bryant had a bonus plan...

    Good for you..


  8. No... not in this thread or the other thread... sorry... :lol:

    Right. This is coming from the guy who said that none of us stoners make any money.

    We'll, I was just handed my bonus check!!!!!!!!! Too bad its going straight to my college loan.

    Yeah, thats right. College Educated and successful and a stoner.

    I win!

  9. Wow, you have the reading comprehension of a...well, a stoner. YOU asked me if I had NO bad habits, and I simply stated that yes, I used to smoke, until I decided to quit a stupid habit, and that I like a drink now and again.

    First off, only a stoner would automatically equate "smoking" with weed.

    Also, it was in the Army that I PICKED UP the bad habit of smoking.

    But keep misinterpreting what I write for your own purposes. I honestly couldn't care less what some Pot-Head thinks of me.


    LOL, you got it spin doctor.

  10. sorry, i'm covering some real teams.

    UCF knights, orlando magic, and possibly jacksonville jags.

    I live in Jax. There is nothing real about the Jags. ;)

    Nice approach on the interview. The only thing I can say is, make sure you are washing if you decide to take that route again, you dont want to be mistaken for a stinky hippy.

  11. That's the main reason I would be in favor of such a move. Ray Lewis would bring leadership, intensity, passion, and most importantly, accountability, of which is the perfect match for Rex Ryan's schemes. Even if his statpage production does eventually decline, I think a year or two of Ray Lewis could really help transform this Defense into that nasty, aggressive scheme that fans want to see.

    Plus, you cite Team Needs as one of your arguments against him, well, I disagree there. One of our biggest Free Agents this offseason is Eric Barton, a man who happens to play the exact same position as Ray Lewis, and we don't appear to have any qualified replacements in-house. I would say a playmaking ILB is a need for this Defense. The pass defense problems were greatly exaggerated because of our lack of a consistant pass rush. It's only a matter of time until someone breaks free when you're only rushing 3 men. Improving the Front 7 (Not just scheme-wise, but personnel-wise) has a similar effect as improving the Secondary.

    Agreed. The 3 areas we need improvement is WR, CB and ILB.

  12. There is a certain date by which the salary cap figure is set and by which teams have to be at or under that figure.

    Does anybody remember what that date is?

    So, if that date is after the free agency period starts, the Jets can sign any player they want and then cut anybody they have to to get at or under the cap.

    So, for example, if they believe Favre is retiring, they can sign Ray Lewis and somebody esle for $10 million combined in 2009 and then cut Favre, if he's still waffling, on the day the Jets have to be at or under the cap.

    In otherwords, the Jets can be over the cap now and until the cutdown day and not have any problems.


    That is good news if so...

  13. Sorry Tyson, I disagree.

    The impact Ray could have on this team seriously could last for years even when he's gone.

    His leadership and intensity is unrivaled by anyone that I have seen in decades. The guy demands accountability from his teamates and the passion he exudes is infectious.

    This team has lacked identity, emotion and intensity for...well...ever. Ray still has a couple of very good years left and everything he provides extra is worth the money.


    Very well written and a great read...just respectfully disagree.

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