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  1. The thing that I think everyone is overlooking is the way Ben just fits the mold of that team. That goes along way. This is a smash mout team and Big Ben kind of shares that mentality as well. When you have a leader like that on both sides of the ball, its infectious. Add in a WR like Hines Ward and cemented. Big Ben has had a lot of help, but that shouldnt take anything away from is accomplishments because he has improved. All that said, there are 5 Qb's off the top of my head I would want over Ben...but not many more.
  2. Thanks for the rep. Youz by far the best foreigner on the site!

  3. Yeah, but some people need to act like they are better citizens in society for deciding to have certain values that they view as pure ...or what have you...those people are lost. That **** doesnt make sense to me. Maybe because my experiences have put life in a different perspective, but I dont have time for that bull ****. Like this Jet Engine guy, I take him for nothing more than some bible pusher who tells me I am going to hell for not living my life a certain way. Anyway, thats just the way things are, some people are just sheltered, dense or just dont have an open mind. To your point; there's no reason to envy. At least you were smart enough to know that you just cant go there. I have one too many friends that didnt have that type of self control and either hit rock bottom or worse. To me that is the characteristic to envy. Moderation was something I always possessed because of my surroundings along with having certain aspirations.
  4. So if we cut him, then we are not trading him and the picks are ours. Problem is the Jets FO seem to want him back, I dont know if the HC does? So its more in Farve's lap. Maybe he'll retire again and the get reinstated and then join the Vikings. I would put it past his Diva ass at all.
  5. You come up with some crazy stuff. And I like it. However, Super Bowls are all that count and for any list to have the Cleveland Browns as the 2nd greatest franchise of all-time is lunacy.
  6. You are definitely there, I forgot. I used to be the first guy to jump and start with the circle jerk comments, than I joined the circle!!! You are added to my list. I dont care what anyone says. I dont think you can even use my vote for best overall poster because I have listed so many. Its all old JI'ers because I dont know enough about everyone else other than some of the obvious consistent posters that I liked when I first joined awhile back before the fiasco. And the thing is, you are all truly some of the best posters and its not like I am talking straight doodoo.
  7. I technically wasnt changing my mind. Just adding to my already long list of favorite posters (or best overall).
  8. There is a reason why I never participated in these events before...now I remember why. Edit on the way.
  9. Well now you are on both, funniest and best overall. I have made serveral edits. I should have stated that it wasnt set in stone and subject to change.
  10. Dude, I gave you a vote for funniest poster on the site... Jeezzzzzz...edit on the way...lol
  11. Me too, my editing is being done immediately. I honestly thought I had you on there.
  12. My routine is work, work out, dinner, weed, bed. Its simple. My company doesnt drug test. They dont care what we do, if they did, we would lose a ton of very good people. All they want is production. My old office, 65% smoked, including my boss, and a couple of guys that earned close to a mil a year. Some people are different. I dont lose motivation from smoking bud. I am very proud of myself. Thank you. If you knew where I came from to acheive what I have today, you might be impressed as well. Some would call my story quite inspiring. But thas not what I am about. I am not trying to inspire anyone. We all have our place in this world, and thats not mine. Maybe you are model citizen who has no flaws that seeks to acheive those goals. Good for you, but thats not me. And who the **** are you to pass judgement on me or anyone for that matter. I bet you are a fatty? Or maybe you use tobacco? Do you drink? Do you like coffee? Addicted to porn? I would consider all those characteristics of "having a problem". Or maybe you are flawless human. FTR, Im 29, single, no kids and dont plan on changing for quite sometime..if ever. When that day comes, maybe I will stop...who knows? And, I'm all grownz up. Pubic hair and everything. Bottom line, to each his own. And I am not trying to pass my values and life style upon anyone. Maybe you can take a piece of advise from a stoner and do the same.
  13. It depends on your personality. It doesnt slow me down at all. I am extremely active. I am a top performer in my office. I am on our leadership team. I train all new hires and I am the next in line for a very sought after promotion with the company. You would never know that I smoke weed everyday. Some folks act differently than others. Alcohol is no different.
  14. Speeding is illegal. How many people on this board can admitt they have never acceded the speed limit in their life? And speeding kills. Weed does not. Hypocrites.
  15. Oh yeah??? Well,. my dad can kick your dads ass.
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