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  1. JiF

    Your boy is running his mouth an awful lot. He isnt making friends in the SEC.

  2. Dude, where is the epicness?

  3. Yes. Epicness, where is it?

  4. Nice. It will be epic by all epic standards.

  5. Thanks for the rep. Youz by far the best foreigner on the site!

  6. I'm new to the world of the IM'ing thingy. I thought you could still tell. Havent been on too much lately anyway...probably a good thing!

  7. I usually x it out when it comes up. Do I need to keep it open for people to know I am online.

  8. Thanks for the rep on my funny in the Cowher at halftime thread. I dont know how the rep thingy works??? Do you get notified??? Can you respond to the rep???

  9. JiF

    Re: Kiffin. Its a good hire. Monte coming with him is what scares me the most. Recruiting in Tenn. is difficult and thats why Phulmer was great for many years. Thats where their success will be decided. But, I think they bring solid coaching with them.

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