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  1. 11 hours ago, SeanGB75 said:

    Guys, definitely some compelling arguments from both sides, but I don't think the Packer's management is going to move him for less then a 1st.  This isn't like the Favre deal.  We loved Favre.  It honestly was harder to watch Favre leaving than AR because of the personality issues.  No one believed Favre had a few more great years in him, AR is different.  AR could have 5 more Brady like years in best case scenario, other hand, 1 good year worst case scenario. AR has burnt his bridges here (which is sad), one of our greatest QBs, and likely the leagues.  There is too much precedent for great QBs, a washed up Wilson got a motherland trade from Denver and a sporadic Stafford got a haul as well.  I'd bet some serious cash that either of those 2 teams would trade Wilson or Stafford for Rogers at this point.  One Super Bowl is all it takes.  Packers Brass is fed up, they know the scenarios, and I "believe" they would deal with any of the mentioned negative scenarios to make a point.  Not saying I agree, just a gut feeling from a GB native who bleeds green and gold.  I don't think the Jets will "cave" with the first, but I think they will likely realize there is some value with the risk and make the deal.  Whichever way it goes, would be great to see AR lead the Jets to some glory.  He has ran his course here, get him pissed, and he will deliver for you.  Cheers,  Sean

    They were both 33 when traded, not 39 and both looking to continue playing, not contemplating retirement.  And neither of their teams came out publicly declared they were ready to move on from said QB.  The Rams won a Super Bowl, I dont think they regret their decision and I dont think them being open to swapping QB's matters in the negotiation between the Jets and Packers.

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  2. 50 minutes ago, juxsta said:


    I would love that just to shove it in the Packers front office faces for trying to hose on a already agreed upon deal.

    That would be epic but seriously though, if you're JD, what does it hurt to give Lamar a call and find out what type of compensation he's looking for?   I know "leverage" has been largely speculated but wouldnt that put a little heat under the Packers if they found out JD did have a convo w/ Lamar.

  3. Just now, DoubleDown said:

    When was the last time a Jets team held up at OT for an entire season?  Chances are that the hypothetical rookie OT drafted at #13 will play at some point.  And when it's time for him to step in, there will be a legitimate talent protecting Aaron Rodgers, not an ungroomed late round project.

    As I mentioned above to Matt, I see what you mean w/ the insurance for Becton or Brown but again, then you're back to trusting a rookie protecting a 40 year old QB.

    idk, just seems like something you can always find a player for a year.  Not a fix but during a title run, I'd rather get a player who's going to play a lot and does something they dont already have on the roster.  It's not an ideal situation but just look at the past few years, they landed Brown and Moses during camp.  Both arguably the best T's on the team each season.  Just seems to me that every year there are T's in the draft, every year there are T's in FA, every year there are vets who shake loose during camp.

    I say all that and I wouldnt be pissed w/ Jones or a T...just idk, feels like a lot of high picks dedicated to the OL and when you're trying to make a year run, there might be a more impactful position to select. 



  4. 2 hours ago, Matt39 said:

    Isn’t Brown the LT?

    I assume, so which is like I was saying above, you're taking a player who's not going to play at 13 during a year title run?  I guess is if they can swing to the RT position, it's insurance for Becton but idk, call me crazy, but I feel like the T position is kind of easy to fill.  There is always someone out there you can squeeze a good year from or a FA coming available, just seems to be a rare abundance type situation for what I would consider a premium position. 


  5. 2 hours ago, DoubleDown said:

    My guess is Brown will be penciled in at LT, Becton will be penciled in at RT, and any OT drafted in the first round would back up both positions while being groomed.  Max Mitchell is likely part of the equation as well depending on how high an OT is drafted.

    I'd like to see at least two OL drafted this year.  It doesn't necessarily need to be in the first round.

    I dont know how I feel about taking a player 13th overall who's not going to play during a potential 1 year title run, much rather see them develop/groom a player later in the draft.



  6. 1 minute ago, DoubleDown said:

    Operating under the assumption that Rodgers is being brought on board for a 2 year run, I am building up and focusing on OL OL OL.  Becton is too much of a question mark, Brown is old and only on the roster for one more year, AVT is great but already has a major injury on his resume.

    The skill positions are plenty for Rodgers to work with.  Give him time to throw and give him a strong running game which can punch it in from inside the 5 yard line, and good things WILL happen.

    True but you're also trusting a rookie LT to protect a 40 year old QB.

  7. 38 minutes ago, PepPep said:

    Racking my brain to figure out who the 3rd O-lineman is. Becton, AVT, who else? 

    Cuz if you're just talking about AVT and Becton, its really not THAT awful. AVT is a stud. Becton looked like a stud until he got saddled with injuries. And really, we'll see how he looks this year. He is finally healthy and looks in shape. If Becton can get back to his rookie form. JD did just fine. 

    The 3rd Olineman I'm referring to is Kiper mocking Jones to the Jets at 13.  If that was to happen, JD would have used 3 top 15 picks in 4 drafts on OL.  I'm saying that strategy, seems awful for a team w/ some many holes and an incomplete OL.  Not necessarily the selections.  That said, he's had multiple picks in the first a few times, so I guess that makes it a little better but in general, it just doesnt seem like a great use of allocating drat picks.  Especially considering even if they took Jones, the OL still isnt complete.  We're hoping AVT and Becton are healthy, we're hoping Duane Brown doesnt fall of a cliff, we're hoping Tomlinson wasnt a huge mistake, we're hoping they find a C, and we're hoping Max Mitchell is serviceable long term.

    It's just an observation based on this mock, not really anything to get invested in deeply...just a hypothetical.  I guess I'm saying, I hope they dont take OL.  In this example, I'd probably favor a few WR's and DL over Jones.  

  8. 56 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    Hard Knocks Comeback Story

    The multi-colored multi-fashioned multi-threaded nightmare returns to the NFL on a team in desperate need of a QB after they lost out on one of the best players of all time, sending the once fabled yellow and green franchise into everlasting pit of cap despair for the next 4 years.




    ^^^^ wears Birkenstocks and cargo pants on the reg.

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  9. 11 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    Because he's a vocal me first players - that literally took his complaints public when the team was 6-3 on a five game winning streak.   This is a player that has proven nothing - yet felt the arrogance to act like he deserved more.

    This is not the type of guy Saleh wants on his team.

    So the Green Bay Packers are desperate to trade for a player who has proven nothing and is a me first type of teammate to partner w/ their first year starting QB who is replacing a HOF legend? 

    Why would the Packers want that type of player on their team?

  10. 1 minute ago, BurntDice said:

    With one jets Drive being so good I don’t really care if the team is on hard knocks 

    Which is why I'm kind of surprised they'd be the leading candidate.  I dont know if all teams do this, so maybe it's not a differentiator but it's really well done and season long instead of just the preseason. 

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  11. Could be wrong but I dont think Teddy B. has made it through a single series the past few times he's been forced to action.  Legit, think he's been knocked out anytime he's had to start.  While probably the most adequate from a play perspective, he's not trust worthy at all.

    And while he sucked last year, I still think in a pinch, Matt Ryan can lead a team like this to victory or two if necessary.

    I'd go sign Matt Ryan today, boot Zach to the moon, draft a QB and run w/ the 2 veterans and let Matt Ryan slowly transition into coaching by working w/ the young QB unless he's tapped on the shoulder unfortunately. 



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