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  1. On 3/18/2023 at 12:25 AM, maury77 said:

    Best guitarists I've seen live

    Prince at a small nightclub in Manhattan called Life

    Eddie Van Halen at the Izod Center

    David Gilmour at MSG. 

    That's a solid list.  From a live perspective, I'm not sure I can even say who the best is I've seen live because I've seen some legends who were on their last leg and could barely do more than handful of songs; Chuck Berry, BB King, Bo Didley, Buddy Guy.  Keith Richards w/ the Stones too.  I saw Slash once w/ GnR too but I'll be honest, it sucked, they were terrible.  I got to see Johnny Ramone on his last leg too...great show but he wasnt himself.   So some legends but I cant say they were anywhere close to the best performances I've seen live.  So hard to rank them but in no particular order these are the most memorable performances of guitar legends I've seen:

    - Tommi Iommi - Oz Fest and the Dio years.  I love him.

    - Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes - Allman Brothers.  Saw them about a dozen times and that was some serious guitar dueling. 

    - Jimmy Herring - Widespread Panic - he blows my mind, his dexterity and speed is off the charts.

    - Billy Strings - same as above, dude is insane, just a ridiculous talent.

    - Tom Morello - Rage Against the Machine, arguably the greatest concert I've ever seen.

    - Ben Harper - the talent that oozes through that man and his ability to play incredible on everything from acoustic to a sit down steel is pretty incredible.

    - Mike Campbell - both w/ Tom Petty and w/ Fleetwood Mac 

    - Trey Anastasio - I dont love Phish but he's something else.   I honestly I liked his performance w/ Oyster Head more than Phish.

    - Luther Dickinson - North Mississippi All Stars

    A bunch of "grunge" guitarist who I think are way underrated - Mike McCready melts faces, Jerry Cantrell, Don DeLeo, Dave Navarro.  All incredible live performers who can still shred quite honestly.

    And some personal favorites that I'm not sure would be considered great but they are to me; Rivers Cuomo, Bradley Nowell, Joey Santiago, Mike Ness, 



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  2. lol, wut?

    Coles was a great WR.  Tough as nails.  Caught everything that came his way.  It's amazing, honestly amazing he survived as long as he did catching ambulance balls from Chad Pennington his entire career.   Dude had back to back 1200 yard years w/ Patrick Ramsey and Chad Pennington throwing him the ball, lmfao, very impressive.  I've also met LC multiple times.  We ended up being right next to his table back in the single days at a club getting bottle service and I let him know I respected his career w/ my favorite team and dude couldnt have been more nice.  He was just cool as hell, down to earth, let me talk his ear for hours about ball, sharing stories and conversations happening around the league.  Super cool dude. 

    And I've listened to their show and I could disagree more.  Wayne gives the more surface level meat head takes and Coles brings more insight to the show.  It's not a great listen but I came away w/ the exact opposite take.  It's hard listening to Wayne talk, honestly. 


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  3. 9 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    I’m with you on getting Zach out of the building, but I think Richardson wiuld flounder here. The Jets are win-now and he’d languish in this environment.

    Nah, he sat behind an inferior talent for a while at Florida till he got his shot.  I think he'd appreciate learning from Rodgers and not being forced to play right away. 

    They have to develop someone but you're probably right that he wont be there at 13.  Hooker later rounds could be fun.


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  4. 16 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    I do wonder though - have offenses played conservative against the Jets, knowing they couldn't score?

    Will offenses be more aggressive now? Put up more points?

    Possibly, could also speak to why they couldnt force turnovers during their collapse.  That said, there is also a gamble if you go that route w/ the pass rush and corners on the team.  Probably not exactly a recipe for success either. 

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  5. 15 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:


    If the defense plays at the level it did last year - and the Rodgers, under Hackett, plays at a close to MVP level.  

    Jets are seriously Super Bowl Contender.  They'll be as good as any team in football - just has to fall right in the playoffs.

    That is impressive considering the Jets lost 5 games this season holding opponents to 20 pts or less (7 games at 23 pts or less).    Rodgers has 9 his entire career?   Wild. 

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    27 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    Richardson is the only QB in the draft I see sitting behind him. Perfect landing spot for Richardson ??? Baltimore.

    Why would Balt. be the perfect landing spot?  That offense sucks something awful and I dont think Richardson would fit well under Monken. 


    26 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    They don’t have time to wait on Richardson, and it sounds like Richardson is going top 2 besides

    I mean, sure they do.  If you do the right thing and bring in a bridge either via FA or trade.  Honestly, I'm taking him even if they do land Rodgers.  Rid themselves of the Zach disease and develop a far far far superior talent the right way this time to be ready to roll as soon as Rodgers retires. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    Richardson would mean Zach for the next two years ... Id like Tanner McKee in the 2nd round.

    Richardson sit behind Wilson?   hahahahahahahahahaha lmfao

  8. All the plan B's are gone unless you're signing up for the annual Teddy B. injury or the annual sink w/ Carson Wentz season.

    Unfortunately for Jets fans, plan B is Zach Wilson and the even more encouraging part?  He's your QB2 next season as well, so yay!  Zach WIlson.

    What they should do is trade Zach for anything, sign one of the terrible veteran back-ups and then draft Anthony Richardson and let him sit behind both QB's to learn and develop until Rodgers retires.

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  9. 27 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:

    Idk, a 1 Year rental with Rodgers doesn't seem that bad. I guess for a 2, 4, and 3...seems a little steep but F it. Give it a go. Rather they take a shot then playing the season with Mayfield or whoever.

    Is it?  Idk.  This is why I'd be in the Lamar sweepstakes but I digress.  Beggars cant be choosers I guess but if that's the plan and it backfires for some reason, oh man...what a cluster this place becomes.  And if that's the plan they need to trade Zach for any thing you can get, sign Brissett to a 2 year deal and go get Anthony Richardson or whoever you like in the draft because I dont love any plan that has the Jets back on the QB market next year and/or going back to Zach. 

    Unless ofcourse it results in a Super Bowl, then it's brilliant and I never questioned it.


  10. 3 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

    Good question 

    Didn't Rodgers say on Wednesday that the Jets asked him for a 2 year commitment?

    I dont recall that from the conversation but I wasnt really paying attention, kind of on in the background, so you might be right, I would sure hope so.

  11. 7 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

    Zero doubt in my mind Connor is lurking here

    From your sources, is there a feeling in the building that a 1 year rental is acceptable?  I get they cant control Rodgers decision making but to do all this just to simply give Rodgers a swan song ending, seems, yikes. 


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  12. 32 minutes ago, bicketybam said:

    Not sure how Joe Satriani hasn't been mentioned. He's probably the best technical guitarist of all time. I saw him back in November at a small theater in Ridgefield, CT. Paid $500 and sat front row. Also did a Q&A with him and about 10 other people. One of the questions I asked him is if he ever played with SRV (one of my top 3 favorite guitarists.) He have a long answer about being scheduled to play with him for some MTV special but it ended up getting cancelled. He did end up playing with him at a later date.

    Great player, insanely good and extremely technical.  I feel like guys like Satriani who didnt come up in a band or had a hit band or dont write music that made them famous always battle a little bit in the all time great conversations.   The great hired guns, so to speak.   Tommy Tedesco, Glenn Campbell, Niles Rodgers  come to mind.  How many tracks have they recorded on over the years and riffs they created?   They rarely are on the "lists" but ridiculous levels of talent.


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  13. 5 minutes ago, ManCave Analyst said:


    He played for this Jaguars when Saleh and Urlbrich are there, since they have familiarity with him and we never LBs. I thought that the Steelers didn’t have to overpay when they traded for him.

    Jack, might be a nice addition here.

    Any of you live in Pittsburgh and have watched him play each week that can give an update ?



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    Saleh was his position coach in Jax when they drafted Myles.  He barely played and was arguably miss used when he did play.  lol   I'm not saying there is bad blood, I'm not really sure why or anything but it was highly criticized around the team/fan base.


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