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    I love sports
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  1. you're a retarded sockpuppet.

  2. Wow, Six Flags, you're a gangster. You sure you can handle yourself there? I heard that that's a rough hood.
  3. Wow, Green Bay's retarded. Who wouldnt want Favre as their starting QB? Would you rather give Aaron Rodgers a chance and win 9-10 games, or have Favre as the starter and be SB contenders?
  4. Yeah, I saw the pictures of his ten prom dates.
  5. Yeah, us having Frank just highers the chances of us getting him. He played in Green Bay for many years.
  6. Oh, you're going to a gay bar. Don't be nervous about going Ghost, it wouldn't be Kobe's first time there. He knows everyone there.
  7. No, I bet you Brett Favre wouldn't even sign with us for $200 million a year.
  8. Yeah, the Jets never get the respect they deserve. They say that we still have a question at QB, but didn't they say that in '02, '04, and '06? Look what happened during those seasons. With a new and improved O-Line, the best one we've had in years, Chad Pennington can do the magic he did in '06. So, we have a very accurate QB in Chad Pennington (most accurate all-time percentage-wise), a consistant 1k yard rusher in TJ, two consistant 1k yard WRs in Cotch and Coles, we upgraded our O-Line and I believe it will be top ten this year, we have Kerry Rhodes, no need to explain there, David Harris
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