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  1. Low risk (1yr deal, small money), high reward (potential for a great back-up, receiving threat, injury insurance) type deal for the Pats. Let's face it, these jerks have been so good for so long that any veteran looking to get a ring or redeem themself goes there for peanuts. Maybe someday when we establish a winning history, veterans will want to come here and not make us break the bank to get them (see this year's free agent thieves).
  2. As far as I am concerned, Tannenbaum went "all in" this offseason and anything less than a wild card is a disappointment. You can't dish out the kind of cake to free agents that they did without expecting Playoffs. If we only win 6 games or less this season after spending like drunken sailors, we will be the laughingstock of the NFL.
  3. I'm with you, brother. We need a real QB more than anything else. We aren't going to the playoffs with Noodle Arm or KC and the Sunshine Band leading the offense.
  4. Because he is an attention whore like many people that participate at a certain internet forum?
  5. Sorry, I meant to say that Sooth is a big, hairy, pancake eating doo-doo head!
  6. The way things are going over there, it wouldn't surprise me if Sooth and all his cronies were posting under three and four different identities just to up the post count. Not to mention some of the "gentlemen" over there are such manic cases they probably do have multiple personality disorder. Its so bad over there they are praying for Pats trolls to keep the place interesting or else everything would be OT threads about electronic gadgets and As The World Turns posts by drama queens (like SBIII and jetsfanohio).
  7. I am happy to throw dirt on the grave of Jets Insider. I hope the pancakes taste good at IHOP this week, big boy. It feels good to be back on a REAL Jets board!
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