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  1. Low risk (1yr deal, small money), high reward (potential for a great back-up, receiving threat, injury insurance) type deal for the Pats. Let's face it, these jerks have been so good for so long that any veteran looking to get a ring or redeem themself goes there for peanuts.

    Maybe someday when we establish a winning history, veterans will want to come here and not make us break the bank to get them (see this year's free agent thieves).

  2. Year after year there are probally thousands of Jets fan who believe that this is the Jets' year to shine. This has not been the case for fourty one years though. But, I believe that all of that can change this year. I believe the Jets can make the Super Bowl. First off, let's talk about the draft. I think we should trade down in order to get the two picks from the Cowboys. There is so much raw talent in the later rounds. There's guys like Aquib Talib, Chad Henne, Joe Flacco, Brian Brohm, Mario Manningham, Steve Slaton, Mike Hart, Limas Sweed, DeSean Jackson, Dennis Dixon, Jonathan Stewart, Cromartie, Andre Woodson, and many more young talents who will all probally be taken out of the top 10. Also, you have unheard of guys like Jamie Silva, and Dejuan Tribble out of Boston College who are very talented, but will be available in the later rounds also. Lastly, you also have Colt Brennan. I don't even think I've seen his name on any mock drafts after he had that four interception performance. My point is, we can trade down and still have many options to upgrade every one of our needs. Before the draft, we should trade D-Rob for a few picks in order to get more of these talents I listed above. Also, let's talk about the quarterback situation. I know that most people hate Chad Penninton. But, you have to consider one factor when talking about Chad Penninton; he had no supporting cast in 2007. I believe if we draft the right people, Chad could have some more time to pass. Because when he has time, he can be very accurate. Many fans do not know this, but I believe, not one hundred percent sure, that Chad Pennington has the second or first accuracy percent ever. Also, Laverneous Coles is now healthy and with a revamped Chad, we now have two potential one thousand yard wide receivers. Not to mention we have a one thousand yard rusher in Thomas Jones. We also have upgraded our O-Line with Damien Woody and Alan Faneca to complement a young talent in Nick Mangold. We also have upgraded our depth at Tight End with Bubba Franks. Not to mention a great blocking fullback in Tony Richardson. Defensive-wise, we have upgraded our D-Line with Kris Jenkins. We also have a tackling machine in David Harris, and an all around beast in Kerry Rhodes. We also added a great Linebacker in Clavin Pace. We also have a great kicker in Mike Nugent. Special Teams wise, we are great. We have two great kick returners in Leon Washington and Justin Miller. justin Miller lead the league in avg. kickoff return yards in '06, and Washington was second in '07. We also have a great coaching staff. We have a great Head Coach in Eric Mangini. He worked with one of the smartest minds in football, Billicheat, and something must've rubbed off on him. Also, we have a new Assistant Coach in Bill Callahan, who has alot of experience. Overall, I would say, if we have a good draft, this could be our best offseason ever. If the draft goes our way, I believe this could be our year.

    I'll have what he's having, bartender!

  3. As far as I am concerned, Tannenbaum went "all in" this offseason and anything less than a wild card is a disappointment. You can't dish out the kind of cake to free agents that they did without expecting Playoffs.

    If we only win 6 games or less this season after spending like drunken sailors, we will be the laughingstock of the NFL.

  4. If you wouldn't take Ryan over DMC, you obviously haven't been to every one of Matt Ryan's BC games like me. Take my word for it, I've been to all his games, he's a true leader, and is a very smart, accurate QB that has a rocket of an arm.

    I'm with you, brother. We need a real QB more than anything else. We aren't going to the playoffs with Noodle Arm or KC and the Sunshine Band leading the offense.

  5. I post on both sites. JI and JN, and like both of them. Never get involved in the bashing. Think it's silly.

    I do have to ask though, why in the world would you think that any one would be talking about you here, when nobody cares what you say there?

    Just wondering

    Because he is an attention whore like many people that participate at a certain internet forum? :confused:

  6. Hey you are new here so let me just be clear. You can not bash the posters of JI. I am sure there are good people. We are allowed to blast Sooth for being a sell out and profiting off of Jets fans with VIP Memberships.

    Please adjust your posts accordingly. :)

    Sorry, I meant to say that Sooth is a big, hairy, pancake eating doo-doo head! :)

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  7. Warfish is a really good guy. If I had to bet I would say that Sooth posted that himself. Even if he wasn't posting here under that name, it would still be good theater to do it on JI.

    I tell you when stuff like that happens I wish I could see what they post in their mod forum. That would be really cool. I have to figure out a way to make that happen. There has to be a way, lol.

    The way things are going over there, it wouldn't surprise me if Sooth and all his cronies were posting under three and four different identities just to up the post count.

    Not to mention some of the "gentlemen" over there are such manic cases they probably do have multiple personality disorder. Its so bad over there they are praying for Pats trolls to keep the place interesting or else everything would be OT threads about electronic gadgets and As The World Turns posts by drama queens (like SBIII and jetsfanohio).

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