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  1. You have to be kidding me, Dorsey did not make all those trades for picks (1st and 4th over all they had the top draft and QB needy teams by the balls last year) and construct 90% of there roster that is all Sashi Brown. And was summarily shown the door. Sashi Brown should have been Jeff Lunhow but, instead Dorsey will get the credit. Dorsey sh*t canned by the Chiefs for a reason.
  2. F.Chowds

    Game Observations (DET)

    He needs to cut out that taunting bull sh*t.
  3. Is Kali Mack coaching now? Like the man said holes in the roster. No pass rush and not a NFL caliber O-Lin.
  4. F.Chowds

    anyone going to training camp?

    Anyone going to the joint TC practices in VA?
  5. F.Chowds

    One Jets Drive (6/19 8 PM)

    they eat better that Brady!
  6. F.Chowds

    Can we talk receivers?

    Sorry we ran out of cold nut sacks when you mom stopped by the other day. That bitch could not get them in he mouth fast enough. .
  7. F.Chowds

    Mac - Scout or GM????

    1 (3) Sam Darnold, QB, USC, 83.6 3 (72) Nathan Shepherd, DI, Fort Hays State, n/a 4 (107) Christopher Herndon IV, TE, Miami (Fla.), 81.8 6 (179) Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane, 85.1 6 (180) Folorunso Fatukasi, Edge, Connecticut, 83.2 6 (204) Trenton Cannon, RB, Virginia State, n/a Day 1: The Jets should be ecstatic that Darnold was still on the board at No. 3 overall. Our No. 2 player on the PFF Draft Board, Darnold has shown exceptional high-end play, throwing with the accuracy and anticipation desired from an NFL quarterback. He has two strong years of grading under his belt, and while last year was not as good as anticipated, Darnold was still the No. 3-graded quarterback in the nation outside of his four poor games. He must cut back on the bad decisions and fumbles that marred that four-game stretch, as he finished with the fifth-highest percentage of turnover-worthy plays in the draft class last season, but it’s the big-time throws that make him a potentially special prospect as he ranked second. Darnold has shown well in crunch time, whether at the end of the half or with the game on the line, and his ability to make plays both inside and outside the pocket will lead to memorable moments for Jets fans. Day 2: With only a third-round selection on Day 2, the Jets add athletic defensive lineman Nathan Shepherd to the mix, a small-school player who looked strong during his limited reps at the Senior Bowl. He has outstanding size and athleticism, and he could develop into a good all-around player given his measurables. Day 3: Christopher Herndon showed strong big-play ability last season, forcing nine missed tackles on only 40 receptions and averaging 9.3 yards after the catch per reception. Parry Nickerson could become a steal in the sixth round as he has three outstanding years of production to go with 4.32 speed. He allowed a passer rating of only 41.7 in 2017 and 32.5 when targeted in 2016. Folorunso Fatukasi is an outstanding run defender, grading between 82.8 and 86.1 in all four years at UConn, though he provided little as a pass-rusher, including a 3.1 pass-rush productivity last year that ranked 131st in the draft class. Overall grade: Elite

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