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  1. Well obviously you don't have young kids who play sports or who have friends who are merciless abut them being Jets fans. That commercial like it or not is about as real as it gets. My son loves the NYJ because his Daddy loves the NYJ but given his druthers and none of my influence he would not be a Jets fan. And you know what I don't blame him after 40+ years of this team ruining my Sundays, Mondays, Thursday nights, My favorite holiday Thanksgiving (effing butt fumble) for his 8th birthday in November I am going to get him the OBJ jersey he has been begging for.
  2. the guy ran a 4.41 40 and has a 37 inch vertical. That was top 5 in both categories for WR at the combine. Very gifted athlete hopefully we can find a way to get his head screwed on right.
  3. TE Jordan Leggett

    I hope me might still get something out of ASJ this year
  4. At what point is enough, enough?

    After we picked the 2nd safety I sat my 7 year old down on the couch and told him, "we are going to be terrible for years to come, and I am going to give you this one chance to bail on the Jets". He look at me like i was crazy but we live in Charlotte NC and he gets abused by panthers fans at his school. But he does not give a sh*t and rocked his jets stuff weekly. But tonight he asked me if i would be mad if he stared to root for the giants
  5. ArDarius Stewart must read evaluation

    or you can just get some Tito's
  6. ..and there goes Brandon Marshall.

    No thank you, Cory Davis please..
  7. Leonard Fournette vs Malik Hooker

    Dalvin Cook over Fournette for that matter...
  8. Wrong Kelly Clarkson... Richardson used teammate Rontez Miles' Snapchat account to make the video. In fact, Miles can be seen in the background. Richardson apparently was referring to Miles in the video when he said, "Don't f--- this guy." Miles, too, was summoned to Bowles' office, but he apparently wasn't disciplined.
  9. Jets discipline Sheldon Richardson for profanity-laced Snapchat post 7:32 PM ET Rich CiminiESPN Staff Writer Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print comment FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- New York Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson has been disciplined by the team for making a profanity-laced Snapchat video in the locker room two hours before losing to the Miami Dolphins last Saturday night. Coach Todd Bowles, who called Richardson's actions "detrimental to the team," met Tuesday morning with Richardson. He refused to divulge details of the punishment, saying he wants to keep it in-house. Bowles, however, did say, "The discipline has been taken care of." Richardson said Bowles didn't mention anything about being benched Saturday against the New England Cheaters, leading him to believe his playing time won't be affected. When asked whether he was fined, Richardson said, "No need to go into that. It's in-house." Richardson, who spewed three expletives and made a derogatory comment about women in the seven-second video, said it was meant to be a private conversation with a friend. He said he never thought it would go public. By Sunday morning, it was all over the internet. "Do I regret it? It getting out, that's about it," Richardson told reporters at his locker. "I don't regret saying it. I was having fun with a friend. I mean, y'all have sent videos inappropriately to y'all friends, too. "I just play football, at the end of the day. I have fun. I sit back and relax and crack jokes and talk about stuff like that to people. That's how I deal with my friendships and stuff like that. That's just how it is." Defensive end Sheldon Richardson has been disciplined by the Jets for a profanity-laced post on Snap Chat. Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire Richardson used teammate Rontez Miles' Snapchat account to make the video. In fact, Miles can be seen in the background. Richardson apparently was referring to Miles in the video when he said, "Don't f--- this guy." Miles, too, was summoned to Bowles' office, but he apparently wasn't disciplined. Bowles described it as "a social-media gaffe," adding: "We don't condone what he did. He didn't go out and rob a bank, he didn't shoot anybody. He used two foul words on Snapchat. In the day of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, anything you say in the line of the business we're in is detrimental to the team. "We don't condone it. We don't want it. It was a mistake on his part. He understands that. He was remorseful. We handled it internally. That's the best I can give you." This wasn't Richardson's first transgression. Earlier in the season, he was benched for a quarter for violating team rules (late for a team meeting). He also has served two NFL suspensions -- a four-game marijuana violation at the start of the 2015 season and a one-game personal-conduct violation at the beginning of the current season. The latter suspension stemmed from a July 2015 arrest in which he was clocked at 143 mph while trying to elude police in suburban St. Louis. He wound up pleading guilty to resisting arrest. Bowles said it's unfair to lump the incidents together to paint a picture of Richardson. "The other situations were police related," he said. "This was just immature. It was a big mistake on his part. We move on." The Jets tried to trade Richardson, a former first-round pick, before the Nov. 1 deadline. They had talks with the Dallas Cowboys, reportedly asking for a first-round pick in return. It's likely they will re-visit trade talks in the offseason. When asked whether Bowles was upset and disappointed by the video, Richardson said, "Both. He knows me, so he knows I didn't mean no harm by it. I would never say that publicly." He said Bowles understood that he likes to be loose and have fun before games, but the coach also warned him to be more careful because "he's tired of repeating himself." In 13 games, Richardson has only 1 1/2 sacks -- a career low.
  10. Really? Brady Quinn? He was drafted in 2007. By that measure how was Joe Montana?
  11. as of the standings today we have the 5th pick. Still 7 more agonizing weeks to go..
  12. I like Marlon Humphrey, did you see see him shut down Juju? Dont get me wrong if they pick Jalen Tabor I would not be mad, but my preference as of today is Humphrey. A lot could change between now and late April. Why on your short list of RB do you not have Dalvin Cook? I would prefer him over McCaffery. Now I can see a kid like McCaffery going to NE and being prolific, but i think we need a more dynamic player.
  13. OHHhhh Revis....

    Jalen Tabor or Adoree jackson Please!