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  1. I'm a native Long Islander, have lived in 7 different states, east and west coast, I live in Charlotte now and you could not pay me to leave.
  2. forget car insurance, homeowners insurance premiums if you can get a policy makes it impossible to live there.
  3. When Cimini ask him 1st question and he stopped and stared at him I bet Rich $h!t down his leg LOL. He had to regather himself and ask the question a different way!!
  4. Texans Extend WR Brandin Cooks April 7th, 2022 at 6:06pm CST by Ben Levine It sounds like Brandin Cooks will be sticking in Houston. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports (via Twitter) that the receiver has inked a two-year extension with the Texans. Meanwhile, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweets that Cooks is “not going anywhere,” with the reporter referring to a report from earlier this week that the wideout was on the trade block.
  5. vyncint smith, Met him 2 years ago in a small church on the west side of Charlotte. Was a real good dude, My family was rooting for him to make the squad
  6. The good dad thing went out the window when I indoctrinated him as a Jets fan, Take a look at the pic in my avatar my twins did not stand a chance lol!
  7. Can you bring some Rodney Scott's BBQ with you LOL Best whole hog in the Carolinas!
  8. I live in Charolllote so I will be there as well. 50 yard line behind the jets the bench 11 rows up. My 11 year-old sons 1st Jets game so I had to get great seats. I hope I'm drive home on the 77 with a W!!
  9. and i will have to sit here in Charlotte and watch it unfold right before my eyes
  10. I listen every day from 2-7 and will keep doing so IDGAF about your opinion.
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