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  1. The good dad thing went out the window when I indoctrinated him as a Jets fan, Take a look at the pic in my avatar my twins did not stand a chance lol!
  2. Can you bring some Rodney Scott's BBQ with you LOL Best whole hog in the Carolinas!
  3. I live in Charolllote so I will be there as well. 50 yard line behind the jets the bench 11 rows up. My 11 year-old sons 1st Jets game so I had to get great seats. I hope I'm drive home on the 77 with a W!!
  4. and i will have to sit here in Charlotte and watch it unfold right before my eyes
  5. I listen every day from 2-7 and will keep doing so IDGAF about your opinion.
  6. I'm sure your wife loves you making jokes about her beliefs. Bless be...
  7. I met him this winter at a small church in West Charlotte. He was speaking to a group of about 10 boys 8-12 that play youth football, He was so engaging and patience with all the kids questions. And you know he was not getting paid. I can't help to root for this young man to succeed with my team.
  8. Steelers, my mom is from Pittsburgh and we took allot of trips there in the 70s would have been easy to just root from them like my brother did
  9. I lived in PHX for 20 years i promise you it overrated. The heat from May to October is oppressive and from Nov-March aka "why me moved here" the cities population doubles with people who cant turn off there blinkers and jam up the roads.
  10. You have to be kidding me, Dorsey did not make all those trades for picks (1st and 4th over all they had the top draft and QB needy teams by the balls last year) and construct 90% of there roster that is all Sashi Brown. And was summarily shown the door. Sashi Brown should have been Jeff Lunhow but, instead Dorsey will get the credit. Dorsey sh*t canned by the Chiefs for a reason.
  11. He needs to cut out that taunting bull sh*t.
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