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  1. I don't remember why I messaged you to begin with.

  2. what happened to you?

  3. you might be happy to know that 1290 was banned at TGG.

  4. that's the main use for me! No one has said anything on my wall since October. Makes me feel unpopular! :D

  5. I like this feature. It's better than PMs because those fill my inbox. :P

  6. What's sad is that I had the Raiders game totally pegged.

  7. So...waddya think?

  8. you're a retarded sockpuppet.

  9. http://jetnation.com/forums/showpost.php?p=978352&postcount=34 Hahaha, I see you have a good memory too. The only reason I brought up pirates at all was because I know about his pirate fetish.
  10. Hey, what's up? Baseball betting is good.

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