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  1. Was it Ham? It seems like it's always Ham.

    Beats me. The message didn't say who banned me. It just said something mocking about "bet you didn't think we'd know it was you." Big deal. So I tagged a few threads about pancakes. So much sensitivity about pancakes these days. You'd think I was talking about abortion or something.

    Did you tell them how good you are with math? Maybe that will change their minds.

    Not funny.

    What was your username over there yisman?

    Same as here.

    Were you spamming their board with a link to a sports betting site?

    No, I don't spam any board, ever. If you're so offended by my having a link in my signature, you can go **** yourself. Thanks.

    You do go out of your way to be an arsehole, eh?

    I think the tag bans are only a week long, no?

    Apparently not.

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  2. I'd been a member since August '05 (over 5 years now) with a clean record and almost 1,000 posts, and some mod or admin didn't like a tag I added to threads, so they indef banned me. No warning, no nothing.

    Is there anyone to appeal to?

    Sorry for bringing it here but I can't exactly post it there.

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  3. I dabble in the spotsbooks, but Im no expert. Unless Im mistaken, the number (+130) represents the return on a 100 bet w/ the Jets. IMO there are two ways to interpret that. One is that Vegas feels the Jets have the best shot of winning the division. The other way is that Vegas doesnt necessarily think NY has the best shot, but they expect the public to bet on them heavily, and they want to minimize the risk of of taking a big hit if NY comes through. If I knew which it was, I could make a boatload of money, but I definitely wont touch 9.5 wins, that number seems out of line with public perception, like theyre trying to get people to take the over, aka a TRAP.

    vegas doesn't have an opinion in the vast majority of cases

    linemakers set lines based on how they think people will bet

    books never want to expose themselves to a possible loss.

    linesmakers can't inject their own opinion. If one linemaker felt the Jets were a near lock to win the division, he still wouldn't do Jets -200 or something, because even if that's how he feels, people would bet heavily on the other teams.

    +130, if that's the opening line, is a linesmaker's estimate of an equitable line as it relates to how money will be bet.

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  4. I don't think USA will win

    France is bad but I'll take a shot at field.

    teams I like most to win it:

    Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and Brazil. Spain and Brazil have short odds so I'll take the other two.

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