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  1. Fleury outplayed Ward there. Only allowed one goal. The other came after Staal knocked his stick away, which should've been a penalty and a 3-1 ending.
  2. It's never necessary to try and take someone's teeth out. If you do that to someone, you get a flagrant. period. The refs blew it. "Scabirline"? WTF?
  3. :rolleyes::rolleyes: Watch the damn play. I know it's hard to remove your Celtics-tinted glasses, but try. Every reasonable person I've heard from (even Bill Simmons, a notorious Boston homer) said he was not going for the ball.
  4. incidental contact? He didn't go for the ball. He went for his head. Your argument is that since it wasn't as bad as the McHale incident, it's nothing? Everyone knows what McHale did. That has no bearing on Rondo.
  5. Rondo should absolutely be suspended. Head hunting on Brad Miller and then he threw Hinrich into the scorer's table and then threw an elbow, to boot.
  6. Detroit in 5 Vancouver in 7 Boston in 5 Pittsburgh in 6
  7. Their recent "choking" is overstated. They lost only once recently as a high seed (excluding this time). 2006: #5 seed, beat #4 Nashville in 5, lost to Western Conference champion Edmonton in 6 2007: #5 seed, beat #4 Nashville in 5 again, lost to Detroit in 6 2008: #2 seed, beat #7 Calgary in 7, lost to Dallas in 6 Hardly the "regular season monsters, playoff chokers" the media touts. I read an SI article on them and I thought it was funny they were promoting a myth that the facts they mentioned disproved. Going back further, 2005 was the lockout and in 2004 they made it to
  8. let me just say right now that Detroit is very fortunate. I don't think they would've beaten Vancouver in the second round. Anaheim is a much better matchup for the Wings.
  9. Predictions: Detroit beats Anaheim Vancouver beats Chicago
  10. NEW ORLEANS -- Carmelo Anthony and the Denver Nuggets looked like the only ones having fun in this party town. Anthony scored all of his 26 points in the first three quarters, and Denver thoroughly dismantled the New Orleans Hornets 121-63 on Monday night to take a commanding 3-1 lead in their first-round playoff series. The New Orleans Arena was mostly empty by the end of the third quarter, when Denver led 89-50 on its way to matching the most lopsided victory in NBA playoff history. The Minneapolis Lakers beat the St. Louis Hawks 133-75 in 1956.
  11. Tied for largest margin in playoff history. Has to be the most embarrassing defeat. Hornets were favored at home.
  12. if there's a sweep? so it's just yankees win series red sox win series right? not 2 of 3
  13. is this olbermann's column? Why would anyone read it? Why would anyone pay that guy to write something? Amazing.
  14. that's a shame. I missed out. I would've bet a few thousand on the Rangers series price.
  15. Ray Allen learned from James Posey that if you're a Celtic, the refs will allow you to take cheap shots at the opposition. Dirtiest play I've seen in a while, and somehow it resulted in a double technical. I would've just chucked Allen from the game.
  16. not attractive odds on underdogs. I'd say bet on top 6 other than Capitals and ignore the rest
  17. I don't think I'd take the other Chad even if it only took a 4th. Edwards? I'm interested.
  18. what about ML betting? Rangers win vs. Capitals win?
  19. I don't see any value in the top three teams. Especially not the Celtics. Spurs and Jazz are going nowhere. Hornets seem to have value. Good team.
  20. yeah thread is always posted then odds are added. patience
  21. San Jose, Washington, and Detroit are all vulnerable. I say one of them loses in the first round. Boston is also vulnerable, but they're facing Montreal. Montreal is pathetic.
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