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  1. and the conspiracy theories are pathetic.
  2. whoops, I made a mistake. Blues have tiebreaker over Bluejackets and the win tied them. 1. Sharks vs. 8. Ducks 2. Red Wings vs. 7. Bluejackets 3. Canucks vs. 6. Blues 4. Blackhawks vs. 5. Flames
  3. 1. Bruins vs. 8. Canadiens 2. Capitals vs. 7. Rangers 3. Devils vs. 6. Hurricanes 4. Penguins vs. 5. Flyers 1. Sharks vs. 8. Ducks 2. Red Wings vs. 7. Blues 3. Canucks vs. 6. Bluejackets 4. Blackhawks vs. 5. Flames
  4. Pittsburgh gets the #4 seed and home ice against rival Philly.
  5. 1. Bruins vs. 8. Canadiens 2. Capitals vs. 7. Rangers 3. Devils vs. 6. Hurricanes ?. Flyers vs. ?. Penguins (If the Flyers get a point against the Rangers, they're the #4. If not, Pittsburgh is the #4) 1. Sharks vs. 8. Blues or Ducks 2. Red Wings vs. 7. Ducks or Blues 3. Canucks vs. 6. Bluejackets 4. Blackhawks vs. 5. Flames Anaheim has the tiebreaker. If the Blues beat Colorado, they get the 7. If they do not, Anaheim gets the 7. Anaheim is a point up.
  6. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=417875 The Stanley Cup Playoffs start Wednesday, and there are three more Western Conference matchups to be decided after Sunday games starting at 5 p.m. ET. Then the fun starts. Once those Sunday games end, NHL.com will post the official League schedule of teams and game days for all possible 56 Conference Quarterfinals games as soon as NHL officials have it finalized. We can't tell you an exact time for the schedule release–feel free to keep checking – but you will see the complete first-round schedule as soon as it's official here at NHL.com
  7. Islanders suck. 26-47-9 season. 61 points. Today they're getting routed by a Boston team that doesn't even care about the game and is resting guys. this team is one of the worst teams I have ever seen. They ended the season like this: 5-4 loss at Carolina 5-2 loss at Ottawa 6-2 loss at home against Minnesota (when does Minnesota ever score more than 4 goals? ) 2-0 win in Detroit (Red Wings have a habit of losing to horrible teams) 4-3 loss at home to Philadelphia 5-3 loss at Washington 5-1 loss at home to the pathetic Canadiens 3-1 win at home over awful
  8. Islanders are one of the worst teams I've ever seen. Unbelievable. They close out the season by getting humiliated by the Bruins, who don't even care about this game! I should've known better than to ever risk vCash on this pathetic team.
  9. Jazz lost at home to Golden State. The Warriors were missing all their best players. Wow. That locks it up. Lakers-Jazz as the 1-8 matchup because now Utah cannot catch Dallas.
  10. absolutely not. Mine are AL stats. His include NL stats. Since we're talking about AL pitchers, it would make sense to use AL stats. That's not cherrypicking. That's common sense. You want cherrypicking? Look at Durden attempting to throw CC's April stats out the window. Oh, I want to congratulate CC on getting a win on Saturday. He's now up to 7-9 over the past two seasons in the AL.
  11. you might be happy to know that 1290 was banned at TGG.

  12. I hate these articles. They go for a "flashy" headline, even though it doesn't reflect what the study showed.
  13. Jeter is the worst fielding full-time SS going. It's pathetic. His range is nonexistent.
  14. that's the main use for me! No one has said anything on my wall since October. Makes me feel unpopular! :D

  15. I like this feature. It's better than PMs because those fill my inbox. :P

  16. poulter vs. wilson and watson golf props
  17. no use speculating. What I argue doesn't have to be accurate. I just have to win with debating skills. Durden could make an argument but he doesn't have the debating skills to form it. The rest of you just buzz around saying "UR STUPID LOL." Real strong, guido. Real strong. You and Blackout are indistinguishable in this thread.
  18. 2008-2009 AL stats 6-9 4.14 era 1.34 whip
  19. Are they 6-9 with a 4 ERA in their last 19 AL starts? Anyone can have one bad start. [quote name='Blackout
  20. I like how you count nl numbers too. cute anyway, lee-halladay on saturday. top 2 pitchers in AL
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