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  1. look at the thread title. top 5 in al 18 pitchers in the al with more al innings than sabathia had a lower era. 3.83 is good, not great
  2. 6-8 3.83 era 1.234 whip not dominant in the AL last season. Fact [quote name='Blackout
  3. Learn how to read. I measured Sabathia by his last two seasons in the AL. Lincecum is one of the top 5 pitchers in baseball, not a one year wonder. Where did I measure Sabathia by one start? Durden can't read, so he claims I did. I said Sabathia is not a top 5 AL pitcher based on his 2008 and 2009 AL performances. That's 19 starts, not one start. If he was still in the NL, he'd certainly be a top 5 NL pitcher. This poll specifically excludes the NL.
  4. A-Rod would also like this. He also performs poorly in October. I think we should ignore what he does in October because it's clearly an aberration and an outlier.
  5. I know more about baseball statistics than you will ever know. But keep up the personal attacks, since you're anxious to prove how badly you lost the argument. because it's best pitcher in the AL. As in American League.
  6. apparently the bad starts don't count. Where did I say he had a 12 ERA? I said he was 6-9 with an ERA of almost 4 the last two seasons in the AL. What, his bad starts don't count? OK, if you only count his good starts, Sabathia is one of the best pitchers in the AL, no doubt. Too funny. His only start on the Yankees shouldn't count because he was hit hard. I counted it among his AL stats from last season, not by itself. How many times do I have to say it? 6-9. ERA of almost 4. Facts. You don't like them because you're biased. Get over it. Your entire argum
  7. never even heard of the baltimore starter. Good luck beating Wang, the Yankees' ace.
  8. I did mention Shields and Saunders specifically. Either way, neither one have an argument for best pitcher in the AL. In fact, no one aside from Halladay and Lee has an argument.
  9. According to that JI troll, you already lost the argument because you need name calling. I posted the facts. 6-9 with almost a 4 ERA is not a top 5 AL pitcher. He'd be top 5 in the NL if he was still in the NL, but the AL is not the NL. If he goes out and has a dominant season, I will post that he's top 5 in the AL. Plus, I'm not even the only one who says he's not top 5.
  10. last night, Rivera and CC Sabathia had as many votes combined as Halladay. It's hard to dispute Halladay right now.
  11. In your own words, resorting to name calling means you lost. You lost the argument because you could not deal with the actual facts and needed to start with insults.
  12. It is 100% true. No team wanted him. Few teams wanted him in the offseason, but the Stars bit. After he destroyed that locker room, the Rangers were the only team willing to take him even for minimal money (the initial waivers were for his contract, which no one wanted. The outright release was without the big contract).
  13. I could not root for Sean Avery under any circumstances, myself. Avery's hockey skills? Let him play instead of doing all his childish bull****. I respect guys who go out and play, not dirty POSs like Sean Avery. He has talent but he's more interested in trying to incite brawls and taking cheap shots at the other team every game.
  14. What's laughable is you ignoring my post to spew your biased crap. Did I base it off of Monday's start? No. I gave his AL stats for the last two seasons. Did I mention his ERA from Monday? Learn how to read. Fact: CC is 6-9 with an ERA of almost 4 in the AL in 2008 and 2009. He's not a top 5 AL pitcher right now. Let him prove me wrong by having a dominant season. I wouldn't count on it. He's not on the level of Halladay. Your great comeback? That he pitched well in 2006. Congratulations. I posted relevant current facts and you start arguing that I'm basing it of
  15. I'm not kidding. 2008 and 2009 AL stats for CC: 6-9 with an ERA of about 4. He's not a top 5 AL pitcher and he's definitely not on the level of Halladay and Lee. Did I mention that he chokes in the playoffs and that he's even more overweight than he was last year?
  16. 1)Roy Halladay 2)Cliff Lee 3)Felix Hernandez "Sebathia"? lol. Not a top 5 AL pitcher.
  17. good point. I still don't think the right guys are listed.
  18. it's Geno and he's the best coach in the history of women's college basketball
  19. I don't think Shields belongs here yet.
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