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  1. wish I had bet on Carolina. Islanders are a joke and don't belong in the NHL.
  2. What On Earth Is Your Point?
  3. I actually want to bet on UConn to win, but those odds are bad. I just checked and they're 3/1 at Bodog. +160 is terrible odds.
  4. I actually don't see value in any of these bets. UNC should be favored, but I don't want to bet them at less than 1/1. Villanova has a shot, but their odds should be 7/1 or more. Michigan State has a shot, but they should be 7/1 also.
  5. no value here. Maybe on North Carolina.
  6. I like the Devils to win but I forgot to log on today.
  7. big game at Atlanta. Kobe has a sore ankle
  8. Japan-US at about 8 PM EDT Sunday in Dodger Stadium. Finals on Monday night with winner of Japan-US against South Korea.
  9. USA: 6/5 South Korea: 15/1 Japan: 6/1 is left
  10. South Korea game is on 1050 AM now
  11. because once you already say they're making mistakes, which ones were the mistakes and which ones weren't is ALL subjective opinion. I say I'm right and you're wrong. You say the opposite. Most people would agree with me.
  12. That is not my argument. My argument is that you either treat the committee's decisions as gospel or you don't. If you're going to start saying "this was a mistake", then that is your subjective opinion. To you, one was a mistake and the other wasn't. You cannot use the committee's decision to claim "I'm wrong", when you already said the committee was wrong in several decisions. You feel the committee was right in giving Memphis a #2, but wrong in giving Louisville the #1 overall. I already explained this multiple times.
  13. FYI, they're broadcasting at least some of them.
  14. he does it a lot (10 vCash and under bets). It makes no sense if you're trying to maximize your vCash, but hey... *shrug*
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