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  1. So, HBO is doing another episode of Joe Buck Live. They say that - "Joe Namath, Dan Marino and John Elway, Pitching Star Curt Schilling as well as Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Jerry Jones, Owner of The Dallas Cowboys", are going to be there in front of live the audience. They are filming it live in NYC on September 22nd, and there are free tickets available for the live show. Go to http://theblacklistnyc.com/joebucklive to see how to request tickets.
  2. BOB COSTAS HOSTS TOWN HALL SHOW ON SPORTS AND THE MEDIA ... LIVE ON HBO TUESDAY APRIL 29th at the Equitable Center Theater (7th Ave. at 51st Street). Confirmed guests...Joe Buck from Fox Sports; former football players, Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson; Will Leitch, editor, Deadspin.com; John McEnroe, broadcaster and Tennis Great; Dan Patrick, former ESPN anchor now with Sports Illustrated; WFAN's Christopher Russo and NY GIANTS Michael Strahan with more to come. To attend this exclusive LIVE COSTAS NOW show on TUESDAY, APRIL 29th YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE BETWEEN 8:30PM
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