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  1. The team would have to match the overall deal, correct? Not just the 2013 yearly wage? So could we offer Victor Cruz a 4 year deal worth X amount of money but make the first year of his contract his least earning amount assuming we will have more money next year in the cap because of possibly having Revis off the books plus other future moves? Would you care to give up #9 for Cruz? Especially if Idzik got 31 and 34 from San Fran where we can still get a pass rusher or 2? And if multiple teams put in offers, does the highest one get sent to the giants? Because it seems a few teams will make offers. You know woody would love the publicity of getting Cruz and then getting picks back in a Revis deal. Would also fast forward the process Thoughts?
  2. Vikings receive: Revis Jets receive: #3 #35 next years second round pick At 3 we pick Richardson At 16 we pick upshaw or Ingram or any defensive pass rusher like that We then trade the Vikings second rounder, our second rounder and maybe our third to move up into the bottom 10-12 picks of the first round and get a stud like Barron or another defender to add to the secondary Or hey maybe get another top pass rusher to pair with the 16 pick Essentially it's revis for Richardson upshaw and another defensive stud Then sign braylon in offseason Wouldn't even mind drafting a top receiver at the end of round 1 instead of the second defender Three impact first rounders one being Richardson all for revis is worth it
  3. Do you expect more prime time games than originally thought with the addition of Tebow? Even if he is just a backup?
  4. "Football season starts 3 weeks from now! #tonetime + #sanchez + #tebow I think he likes the two quarterbacks
  5. Go to YES network francesca is on and is saying he will air the press conference.
  6. So because you predict a loss, that means I'll change my attitude and agree? Nope. We are a good team and will win. Then we will go to the playoffs and make a serious run. Don't see why people actually post about how were going to lose and just expect it. What's the point in being a fan if you expect to lose and root against the idea of making the playoffs???? Guess I'm confused with the attitude from a lot of posters on the board.
  7. http://www.newyorkjets.com/greenit/ thousands pledging through twitter and facebook. Spreading the word for those who will be there- I will be as well.
  8. Manish Mehta on twitter just confirmed that we're in if both teams go 2-0... ESPN stats shows we have a 10 game lead on them in that category so yeah.
  9. Just read through some more of these posts, you guys really don't seem to realize how important he is to this team. Let's not forget he draws a pass interference every week because when he beats a guy those defenders always just tug him down out of being scared he's gonna catch the ball and just run it down the field. He's lost a lot of big plays just because of how scary he is that he gets tugged and held going down the field all the time. And don't think Plax and Keller aren't open as much as they are because the defense isn't focused on Holmes the most- They are.
  10. Oh please when he scored that TD no one jumped up and got a sudden burst of hope with still a whole other half to play and the ball first in the second half? After his first quarter he was very excited and yes it was dumb but it didn't do any harm. Yes he fumbled, but let's be real here the guy took TWO great hits getting spun around before he could even wrap the ball up. The INT was ugly, but in the end it's one pass he dropped that just happened to bounce a bad way. This guy is our best player and he makes big plays and is always there when we need him. 4 consecutive games he has scored a TD, and last year won us about 4 games on catch and runs. He knows he had a bad game, but the blame needs to not put on only him. We had a chance to win that game, if we score after cromarties opening kickoff in the second half or our defense at least stops the Eagles from going 85+ yards after we got stopped then it's a game. The eagles offense was too much to handle today.
  11. We beat giants and dolphins were in no questions asked. Now if we lose to giants then beat dolphins we would get in with the Titans losing one more(Jax,@ Houston) Bengals losing one more (Ari, Bal) and Raiders losing one more(@KC, SD) If we beat giants and lose to dolphins, then thats some other crazy scenario that's probably too complicated to figure it out because then we get into the weirder tiebreakers probably based on how the others do JUST WIN OUT!
  12. Yup, I did that as well... The only way the bengals get a tie breaker is for let's say for example we beat giants, and they lose to cardinals but then we lose to dolphins and they beat ravens In that case were both 9-7 but they gain the lead in conference record
  13. One Colt fan on that thread said that there is something like a 4 day window to trade him in February... what does that mean? can't anyone be traded after the super bowl or is there maybe something in Manning's contract saying they can only trade him within a certain zone which I guess is a week in February?
  14. Yup, were rooting for Tampa Bay, San Diego, Cleveland, KC, and Oakland(we want oakland to win that division since they have tiebreaker on us if it's between us and them for a wildcard) and root for KC because we want baltimore to win the north due to the tiebreaker they have on us. The Bengals losing 2 more games this year really is the biggest component though, they play cleveland, pittsburgh, baltimore, houston, rams, and cardinals
  15. Hey, I was wondering how do you think you guys will end the season if you needed to predict the last 6 games?
  16. In my situation I had us beating Bills, Redskins, Chiefs.. In those 3 weeks the broncos lost a game, the titans lost 2 and the bengals lost to houston and pittsburgh. we were the 6 seed. I then had us losing vs the eagles, and the bengals winning that week and I believe broncos losing. we were still considered the 6 seed which means we would just need to beat the giants and dolphins or even beat the eagles, lose to giants, then beat dolphins. Basically if we were to lose but to an NFC team and finish 10-6 we would get in over the 10-6 bengals if they only lost 2 of their last 6 games. In this situation the only team that would get in over us is the broncos but no way do they finish 5-1. as long as bengals lose 2 more games, and we only lose one and it is to the giants eagles or redskins we will be in the playoffs. Unless by some miracle, tebow goes 5-1 as well. if we do end up beating the eagles, that giants game really is irrelevant to us because if we lose we just need to beat miami but even if we win vs the giants we would still need to beat the dolphins assuming the bengals don't lose 3 more games. so we could be clinching vs the giants or just that game means nothing as we could clinch vs the dolphins.
  17. Michael Kay said it on the beginning of his show...mentioned they got off plane at like 4am and made them go to the facility field/weight room. He mentioned that no one knew about this until he mentioned it on the radio. Whens the next Rex presser, for when he's asked?
  18. http://www.buffalobills.com/news/article-2/Bills-to-wear-white-jerseys-on-Sunday/97246a0c-140b-43be-a0a3-5452b6fb06f0 Orchard Park, NY - The Buffalo Bills will wear their white jerseys for their home game on Sunday, November 6, 2011 vs. the NY Jets. Sunday will be the first time since their home game vs. the Indianapolis Colts on October 19, 1986 that they have worn their white jerseys at home. The Bills will wear their royal blue jerseys during the next two road games at Dallas and Miami. With no Bills throwback uniform game during the 2011 season this Sunday’s game gives the Bills the opportunity to wear their white jersey in front of the home crowd. The Bills vs. Colts game in 1986, won by the Bills 24-13, was Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly’s first AFC East victory, and in the game he threw two touchdown passes to wide receiver Andre Reed. Kicker Scott Norwood booted a field goal and three extra points in the game, and will be in attendance on Sunday to receive the Ralph C. Wilson Distinguished Service Award during the first break of the first quarter. In addition, the Bills will recognize area military members as part of their Veteran’s Day recognition and pregame festivities. Caitlin Koch (pronounced Cook), former contestant on the X-Factor television show, will sing God Bless America. Wounded warriors and local military members, who participated in the Bills Uniform Launch Event to unveil the team’s new uniforms, will be in attendance to present the game ball. All branches of the military will be recognized on field during pregame, and the Army National Guard will conduct a pregame enlistment ceremony. Finally, the Bills will show a special pregame tribute video to honor Bills Wall of Fame center Kent Hull who recently passed away. There doing a lot for this game... it doesn't say the Norwood thing in here but I did read elsewhere about that which is weird they would honor him.. Bills- 5-0 in blue....0-2 in white Jets- 4-0 in green 0-3 in white Bad game for the bills to switch it up
  19. http://www.nesn.com/...nd-quarter.html Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall claims he's been playing with his emotions in check. With his team winless and a matchup with the division rival New York Jets looming on Monday night, Marshall said he will attempt to get ejected from the game during the second quarter. Marshall specifically clarified his comments, saying he is dead serious. "I'm not joking. I'm serious," Marshall told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "They're going to fine me. It's probably going to be like a $50,000 fine. But that quarter and a half that I'm out there, I'm going to play like a monster." In July, Marshall disclosed he had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. "It's taken me four games to realize what I need to do,'' Marshall said. "I don't know if y'all still call me The Beast or if you consider me washed up. I consider myself The Monster now." The receiver said he might get into a fight with Jets linebacker Bart Scott or punt a ball 15 rows into the stands. A Dolphins official tried to end Thursday's interview session, but Marshall kept talking. "The past four games, it's been tough for me trying to control some things," he said. "I'm just going to let it out. I don't care if they have two, three cameras on me, I don't care if I have penalties. It doesn't matter. I'm going to let it all out." Do you think he really will get himself ejected?
  20. AFC Division Winners: Jets, Texans, Steelers, Chargers AFC Wildcards: Patriots, Ravens NFC Division Winners: Eagles, Packers, Falcons, Rams NFC Wildcards: Cowboys, Tampa Bay AFC Homefield: Jets NFC Homefield: Packers Super Bowl Champion: New York Jets
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