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  1. he should have run it in, it was there for the taking...
  2. This is good news, wanted no part of Meyer's next 2.5 year stint...
  3. I’m sure this rumor was before last nights game and If Fields has another big Night next week that cannot be denied... the conversation has changed in a hurry...
  4. Jax is such a better org, give me a break!
  5. and then Jax gets it next year or Detroit, who cares, most of these bottom feeder teams stink a star Qb can change it and why not change it even with a crap owner, which Jax, Det, Cinn etc, all have... come out and take on the challenge! lol
  6. Excellent trade, can't risk high effort players giving any quality effort right now... we've come to far to risk it....

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