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  1. Kiper's Mock 2.0 (2/21)

    Mel is smokin something
  2. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    Mcdaniels has stockholm syndrome, his career is over
  3. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    Nicely put here https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnists/gregg-doyel/2018/02/06/doyel-josh-mcdaniels-selfish-little-jerk-but-did-colts-indy-favor/304619002/
  4. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    Kraft is the worst colts dodged a bullet they have andrew luck for crying out loud, this is a great job... crazy!
  5. Patsferential treatment

    Ertz had taken 3 steps, he was definitely a runner, looked like the correct call, was shocked to see it was upheld and even more so with the clement td, he looked like he bobbled it and ha da toe out of bounds on his 2nd step after the bobble, that call never goes against the pats.. they got a few calls for them for sure this game, but those two calls made this game...
  6. Eagles/Patriots Inactives

    Sorry D Harris, NE screws you..
  7. fun rumor until the cutler tidbit mucked up the credibility...
  8. Alex Smith to Redskins [MERGED]

    Great news. Wash is a hot mess, letting a franchise QB walk away, insane. All in on Cousins, The Jets have actually played this one really well, clearing the decks for cap space, bringing in the possible right OC to lure this QB, some promising WR's a lot of cash to build the line and 3 high picks to add impact players. And if they do lose out to Cle or Den, then a top Rookie QB will slide their way.... shaping up for a fun off season....
  9. Rumor Mill from Senior Bowl 1/24

    they did the most work as that is the guy who is gonna fall to them, they need to know if he's worth a shot...
  10. you forgot mccown.. I would hate this
  11. Total crap article, give me a break mike freeman

    Haley, mularkey, caldwell.. the graveyard of some ex head coaches there still available... arians would be a cool choice

    Maybe the gruden chatter pissed bowles off.. I heard on a jet podcast this week there were rumblings they didn't see eye to eye...