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  1. mphtrilogy

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Gangreen nation podcast had tony dee on? He said jets love him, whatever thats worth...
  2. mphtrilogy

    Draft Trade Rumors

    hopefully that would mean a combo of 4 picks this years 1st and 2nd. maybe a 4th and next years 1st...
  3. mphtrilogy

    Draft Trade Rumors

    The #3 is a bargain bin price this year, all offers will be considered
  4. mphtrilogy

    Favorite Jets Draft Memory

    I was at this draft, sat behind Fireman Ed and got on TV during the chant, also Francessa worked the line and we had a good time. ESPN handed out a great giveaway packet, including an FM radio where we could hear the raw broadcast, it was fun to hear Berman cursing off camera. My favorite draft experience for sure and a day I look forward to each year! I also remember the so called draftnick jet fan experts at this draft loved alex dan dyke pick.. while a buddy and myself were like wtf was that pick... lol...
  5. Atlanta could be nuts to move up for a lineman as well...
  6. If we get 4 picks I’m good with it... then take the center...
  7. mphtrilogy

    Help needed - quick favor

    I think the Phi game 10/6 is a 1pm CBS, l Dall 10/13 is @ 4:25 CBS NE 10/21 is the 8:15 game I think the rest look ok...
  8. And yet spygate film was destroyed, go figure...
  9. mphtrilogy

    All Jets fans do is complain

    The Draft is always fun, looking forward to the Jets making a splash with some moves and adding some picks...
  10. mphtrilogy

    So what’s the unexpected

    Jets trade down 3 times and wind up with 12 picks, including 2 for next year...
  11. mphtrilogy

    Who will offer us the most?

    I have a feeling Broncos are in the mix...
  12. would love to trade down, but I think we won't be able to, my guess is the pick is Allen...
  13. mphtrilogy

    Giants "Not in love" with Rosen

    Cards are in a huge bind if they select Murray, they have no leverage the two qb's cannot be on the same team imho, I think they at best get a 2nd.. maybe be a 3rd at this point as it looks like hes damaged goods until a team gets him in camp...
  14. the price is right at 3, come and get it.. gonna be fun...

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