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  1. Zach passed the eyeball test for me and the D was a very pleasant surprise. This o-line, geez
  2. This was a good listen, seems like an exciting prospect the Sticks is a part of the NFL Podcasts Network.
  3. How did this happen 3 hours before the tamper period?
  4. Due diligence from here on out... Wait on Watson for the right offer right up until Draft Day then Draft Wilson (or Fields) with a Sam trade all qued up later that day to the team that lost out on the QB maneuvers...
  5. If the news was true about the exec e-mailing his Mom directly is true, that crossed a line, you don’t mess with people’s Mom’s...
  6. This Thread title is funny I haven’t listened to the fan in about 2 years at least...
  7. he should have run it in, it was there for the taking...
  8. This is good news, wanted no part of Meyer's next 2.5 year stint...
  9. I’m sure this rumor was before last nights game and If Fields has another big Night next week that cannot be denied... the conversation has changed in a hurry...
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