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  1. It was so much fun, what a blast to be there this year...
  2. I took that $20 bet when I Was in Vegas Vegas Bet
  3. Holy crap this first round was so much fun! The energy near the stage was phenomenal… I was seated across the aisle from the Vikings and packers fans it was a blast. this draft needs to be in Vegas every other year, a great place to host the draft. things have changed quite a bit since my last draft in 1996!
  4. This was all done through the Jets, I won the Jets grand prize Vegas Draft trip in the email newsletter. All the plans were done through the Jets so it was great!
  5. Just got my credentials today for the first round and the Jets have been just terrific to deal with throughout the process. My wife and I will be staying at the Aria. We will be flying out on JetBlue tomorrow morning, maybe I’ll see you out there! Mike https://i.imgur.com/uaLuMzv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/8LCU3S1.jpg https://i.imgur.com/aXXUrjF.jpg
  6. Anything Lyndsey Adler writes (Yankees beat writer), she’s the best writer on the site, Connor on The Jets is solid, Tim Britton a Mets beat writer is solid. I’ve given up on The Knicks and hockey… Dane’s The Beast on The NFL Draft player guide is worth the price of admission alone, download it now. they have almost no Tennis coverage which is weird. The college sports coverage is solid. golf coverage has been getting better… It is worth the money imho…
  7. I was at this Draft as well and sat behind fireman Ed, got on TV for a few minutes when he led the cheers. Mike F walked the line beforehand, was fun chatting with him. You are right about Boomer we got the uncensored feed on the FM radio giveaway and it was a blast to listen to… was a fun time.
  8. I appreciate your positive posts in all seriousness, but I cannot tell if you are doing a shtick or really meaning it, anyway carry on entertaining nonetheless...
  9. Well, looks like I won the nyjets.com Grand Prize Draft sweepstakes contest and will be heading to the draft. Entered on a whim in January from the email newsletter and found out last week, I completely forgot I entered and they had to contact me twice as I didn’t see it at first and only had 3 days left to respond, lol. My wife and I will be using the trip as a 30th anniversary getaway which was postponed in January. My 18 year old daughter was lobbying hard for the trip as she is a football nut and wants to work in sports as a career, but it’s a 21 year age limit. My wife is warming up to the idea of attending the first night of The Draft but definitely not her scene for sure, but 3 nights in Vegas for the prize so the whole trip should be fun. Never been to Vegas. Gonna be rocking my Klecko jersey and my daughter found a David Harris jersey for my wife at the thrift store. I’ll try and post a pic from the event. real people do win these things …Crazy!! Mike
  10. a bounce of the ball in the draft and none of this happens if they draft Herbert... This could have league wide ramifications for sure.... this will be interesting to see how it plays out....
  11. I think this win was worth the move down for Zach’s confidence, he beats the 1st pick, makes no major mistakes and a few highlight reel plays, and has shown some steady improvement this game. He can build on this with confidence in the off season. Hopefully the next two weeks he holds his own… super entertaining game, a rare occurrence as a fan of this team.
  12. Zach passed the eyeball test for me and the D was a very pleasant surprise. This o-line, geez
  13. This was a good listen, seems like an exciting prospect the Sticks is a part of the NFL Podcasts Network.
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