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  1. He played with a lot of guts, but made a lot of mistakes as well... I'd also take Sam, but he's played better than Ithought he would based on pre-draft concerns....
  2. Just shows you the crap choices at HC each year...
  3. The dude is just 22, looking forward to his continued progress, hopefully he is a top 5 qb by age 25...
  4. I thought Robbie jumping into the stands (right next to a raider fan) was a highlight.. would like to see more of this stuff from the players engaging the jet fans
  5. No place for that, he looked psychotic, needs to be a year
  6. Hope Sam is legit and gase does not ruin him, thats my biggest concern right now
  7. Make Greg Williams interim, if the team looks like a real team, just make him the HC next year
  8. Baker probably would have been better off being a lower pick and playing with a chip on his shoulders his whole career...
  9. there are a lot of ads with mayfield in them, he didn't waste any time, probably a good move on his part...
  10. Stunned to not see one on the 2pt conversion, unreal!
  11. thanks for watching the game, I was out after the 1st quarter...
  12. hoping for a competitive game with the guys playing hard with max effort
  13. I know it's always in fashion to dump on this team 24/7, 365.. and everyone in the regime, but I thought this team played hard, faulk looked pretty good for a 3rd stringer, gase made the correct calls on 4th down and did not punt, they benched trumaine johnson sending a huge message and bell looked pretty awesome. lots of pain though, beachum was awful, where was the extra protection for these qbs? the wrs had a miserable game, bellamy has to make that catch, and the field position was horrible all game the play calling was a mystery the whole 1st half and then some. and those 3rd down non-stops, come on man... oh well... same as it ever was... still a 4-12 team, but I watched the whole game because I thought the effort was there, so that was my one takeaway....
  14. such hope just a few short weeks ago.. sigh
  15. Holmes really flashed to me, could be something there to develop for sure, hope he sticks to the practice squad...
  16. great stuff on the athletic, well worth the subscription imho
  17. seems like week 2 has become what week 3 was, a lot of teams hold back on weeks 3 and 4 now.. I think we might see a quarter this week and a half next week, then maybe a quarter then 0 in weeks 3/4
  18. good info on the punter holder for the Kicker... thanks!

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