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  1. I'm not a college player guru, though this was a good cheat sheet to print out for some fun to track.. found it on another thread, picked from a cowboy fan site I believe...
  2. Hes not bad, worth kicking the tires
  3. D watson has been completely neutralized by this Coach..
  4. I can see Brown dropping, that's my concern, as well as Hebert going top 10.. if Brown and Hebert go top 10 I think we get that LT
  5. Could be the highest rated draft in ages, will literally be the only game in town
  6. if you can't handle pressure, get out of the tire business...
  7. Perriman looked good in his role last year, very solid signing, would have liked to have kept Robbie, but it sure seems like the team did not really want him that much...
  8. Perriman finished strong last year and looked good after Godwin and Evans went out, then he was the defacto #1 and still got some good looks and #'s... things might have clicked with him....
  9. Hang in there, trying times for us all, Jet fans are grizzled tough though, best wishes
  10. concussions are scary, and hes had a few now... hard pass unless its a full giveaway, 7th rdr only
  11. I do think Bulaga to SD is a good thing, then perhaps they will not Draft an OL I am concerned for OL in the draft to be NYG, Ariz, SD, CLE so just maybe we will get one of the 4...
  12. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet The #Chargers agreed to terms with former #Packers RT Bryan Bulaga, from Iowa, on a 3-year deal worth $30M, source said. More help on the offensive line.
  13. The Redzone @TheRedzoneorg · 4m Panthers reach deal with Teddy Bridgewater to replace Cam Newton https://bit.ly/2w7ewAi #NFL #Panthers
  14. they have a good core, but they still have a soso QB... we need two good offseasons and we can be right there
  15. herbert and brown have to go in top 10, or no OL , imho
  16. I gotta believe they add an extra bye week for a possible neutral site game and ultimately they sync up with Pres Day weekend for a built in 3-day weekend for the Super Bowl....
  17. He played with a lot of guts, but made a lot of mistakes as well... I'd also take Sam, but he's played better than Ithought he would based on pre-draft concerns....
  18. Just shows you the crap choices at HC each year...
  19. The dude is just 22, looking forward to his continued progress, hopefully he is a top 5 qb by age 25...

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