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  1. 1 minute ago, ZachWilsonRightArm said:

    Tremendous hire. This will be met with scrutiny on this board, but some dudes arent cut out to be head coaches. He’s a proven guy at the OC though. 

    and if he works out, his failure as HC means he wont be poached anytime soon....

  2. 1 minute ago, football guy said:

    It was simply part of their process. They went into it figuring they would give him 2 weeks on the side and last week as a backup, but with Mike White playing really well, they wanted to give Zach an extra week working on the scout team. They felt it was more productive than having him get limited reps as a backup

    any idea if Strev will be the backup?

  3. That hit he took, absolutely got crushed, then gets up in 45 seconds (they did not take a TO to give him a blow, which was the smart move to save them which they did need again) and delivers a 1st down strike to Corey to keep it going, that was some serious street cred and you can't teach guts.


    He's earned the rest of the season no matter what.

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  4. For me he passed the eyeball test today, coming off the Mat after his horrendous performance last week…

    The ball came out fast, not too many crazy zany scrambling plays, he ran smartly when given the lanes, and the biggest play of the season on time to Mims of all people, his connection with Garrett is really coming on, and when the Buff D (ranked overall #1 I believe) didn’t give him anything he didn’t try and do too much, the FG at the end of the game won the game, he didn’t force a pick or do too much.  He also played all out on that attempt at the goal and sacrificed his body.  The kid is tough as nails in the toughest market in the country, and although he is not the same body type as Josh, he’s a good comp to learn his trajectory.  Josh running style has ascended him quickly as his throwing developed, Zach doesn’t have that same running skill set so we will take game manager in his early years with the occasional flash play while this amazing D carries the team.  His trajectory might mirror the Russell Wilson playbook where Pete brought him along slow with a strong run game and stout D  while his passing skills developed.

    I was very down on Zach last week,  but he absolutely looked good today and played a terrific game, with just what the team needed from him.  I hope he continues to stack games like this, I’m excited for his development (again…).

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  5. Thanks for the writeup KRL probably the  best thread to have a normal conversation on the game.  

    The one day I was in camp this summer Bam flashed to my eyes, and he looked good in preseason games I hope he gets a shot.

    This is Zach’s team now and the training wheels are now off, we will see what we have by the end of the season.

  6. 1 hour ago, AlexVanDyke said:

    The NY media really needs to be called out for the nonsense.  I get that they like/need clicks but the shade and panic that they throw when Zack goes for 4-8 and the ho-hum “he had a solid day”  descriptions when he goes 8-8 is at best laughable but can honestly be called pathetic journalism.  I feel cimini is making Flacco look like the second coming on Montana with his tweet updates bit on some other great catches, there is no mention of Wilson throwing.  It’s pretty absurd if you ask me. 

    I was just glancing through the Athletic training camp reports and clicked on the Chargers from yesterday.  Wow, the amount of detail for practice that day was pretty incredible.  


    Other teams do get very detailed coverage it seems, even though we have like 8 beat reporters, you have to weed through the cynicism.

  7. I was at camp today, qbs definitely took it easy today, they barely threw the ball… they were installing some quick screens on the far side of the 2nd practice field and it was a lot of walk through instruction today and imho they are going to run the ball a ton and dump off a ton….and take advantage of some play action bombs….

    I was right stationed behind the o-line practice drills and had a good vantage point of Becton and company, and he still is rounding into game shape, he looked winded still but it will come…. he made it out healthy and that’s all that’s all that matters  right now.  If the o-line can give him time, Zach will be fine….

    That is the sense I get with all of the practices, they want to stay healthy right now.  When the pads come on on Monday I think that’s when it will get amped up and these practices will have some real tidbits.

    Taking anything from glorified walk throughs right now  is a bit much…


    great energy in the camp btw, there is a lot of great energy and optimism from the fans and the organization, good vibes, let’s hope it’s a great summer and we take some steps forward…

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  8. 8 hours ago, joebabyny said:

    That’s cool! I hadn’t heard of this service, looks like a separate company but it’s the jets you did it through? Any details about it you care to share? Does it get you in the inner circle?

    If you see me down there tap my shoulder to say hi, I’ll be in a #2 green jersey with TAILGATEJOE on the back, and some wild hair. 

    This was all done through the Jets, I won the Jets grand prize Vegas Draft trip in the email newsletter.  All the plans were done through the Jets so it was great!

  9. Anything Lyndsey Adler writes (Yankees beat writer), she’s the best writer on the site, Connor on The Jets is solid, Tim Britton a Mets beat writer is solid. I’ve given up on The Knicks and hockey…


    Dane’s The Beast on The NFL Draft player guide is worth the price of admission alone, download it now.


    they have almost no Tennis coverage which is weird.


    The college sports coverage is solid. golf coverage has been getting better…


    It is worth the money imho…

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  10. 12 hours ago, HighPitch said:

    I went to the draft at the felt forum. Super cool.

    Boomer was a demanding prima dona cxxnt. 

    Joe theisman seemed cool. I screamed out”Joe! Who hurt you more? LT or kathie lee?”

    He heard me and smirked.

    The we took keyshawn. Keyshawn walked up the aisle towards me. He took off his new jet hat and threw it towards me. I swear to god the world went into super slow motion. The hats trajectory was dead on landing on my head. I put my hands out to snag it saying to myself, “omg! This hat is mine!” Then, a freight train barreled into my back. I was almost on the floor with dudes on top of me. The guy next to me got the hat.

    true story

    I was at this Draft as well and sat behind fireman Ed, got on TV for a few minutes when he led the cheers. Mike F walked the line beforehand, was fun chatting with him.  You are right about Boomer we got the uncensored feed on the FM radio giveaway and it was a blast to listen to… was a fun time.  

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