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  1. I know it's always in fashion to dump on this team 24/7, 365.. and everyone in the regime, but I thought this team played hard, faulk looked pretty good for a 3rd stringer, gase made the correct calls on 4th down and did not punt, they benched trumaine johnson sending a huge message and bell looked pretty awesome.  lots of pain though, beachum was awful, where was the extra protection for these qbs? the wrs had a miserable game, bellamy has to make that catch, and the field position was horrible all game the play calling was a mystery the whole 1st half and then some.  and those 3rd down non-stops, come on man... oh well... same as it ever was...

    still a 4-12 team, but I watched the whole game because I thought the effort was there, so that was my one takeaway....

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