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  1. I loved how he coached Arizona this year.. I like this guy...
  2. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 3m3 minutes ago Big change of plans: #AZCardinals DC Todd Bowles will now head to #NYJ first, then talk with #Falcons. Question is will #Jets let him leave? 0 replies23 retweets5 favorites Reply Retweet23 Favorite5 More Is this gonna be our guy???
  3. 1 Bowles 2 Quinn 3 Reich 4 Gase 5 Marrone 6 Kubiak
  4. some great names and I agree with the list. Would be shocked if we actually get any of them though
  5. go with cooper, develop a guy in rd 2 take it from there...
  6. Woody addressed nothing with this article. we wont know anything until after the last game.
  7. CBS Sports has only 2 QBs graded as 1st Rd: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings/2015/QB If we lose out on Mariota, grab Cooper and maybe focus on developing a QB in Rds 2-3. Do not want Winston, red flags everywhere
  8. I recognize he's old, but I would sign up for him for 5 years, and bringing in some good assistants and helping shape the front office for the next 5 years, then plan to move upstairs after his 5 year run. He can coach until he's 72-73 and then hopefully we have an assistant on the team who is ready to take the job. he seems to me that he still has the passion and would bring some much needed discipline to the organization. just a thought.
  9. If Coughlin gets fired or released by the Giants, would you consider him to run the whole show? I think he could be the answer, as he did a great job with Jax, who has never been the same since he left. And Although his last few years with the Giants have been uneventful, he is a Hall of Fame caliber coach with 2 SuperBowls, with tremendous organizational skills, who could add much needed stability to the from office and coaching staff.
  10. looks like I found my new place for jet forums.. thankyou!
  11. AA looked incredibly legit. Rex knew what he had back there, CB was a nonissue this week. next week we will reallys ee what we have.
  12. he looks like a legit #1 to me (there are 32 of those right?) makes kerley's job a lot easier and opens it up for Amaro and Cumberland, with CJ& Co check downs.. Really happy we got him
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