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  1. I do think Washington will be in the mix, I can realistically see the 15th, their 2nd and next years 1 for them to grab Haskins... it's not too steep a price for them to acquire some hope for that franchise qb, we can secure an extra pick this year hoping somebody slides to 15 then add another hole with the 2nd rdr, and hope for a high 1 next year... I dont see NYG wanting move up, for some reason I think they are either trading for Rosen or sitting tight... I can see Denver possibly swapping, but my feeling would be they would only offer a 2nd for us to move down to 10... not a great year for qbs, but all it takes is 1, I hope Haskins wowed them in the interviews and private workouts... Sleeper pick for me would be Oak with a swap and maybe we grab a 2nd... I wonder if Mayock loves Haskins...
  2. I dont have a lot of confidence in the giants asa trading partner ... hoping oak gets scared or den or wash make a big push...
  3. in the old days no one would want to piss off the "franchise" qb who is still young, these days, anything goes. this one is interesting...
  4. I always got the sense Macc was getting Bowles exactly what he wanted... I think he’s learned from that and I also think Gase is a much better pairing ... but then again I have to hope this...
  5. Funny how you get called for offensive holding once you leave the cone of silence...
  6. SI tidbit today said he’s only worth a 3rd as per a scout.,. 2. Would Josh Rosen’s trade value be enough for the Cardinals to move him? Let’s say the Cardinals decide to go all-in on Murray—which again, is not a lock but would not be a surprise. There are two categories of teams that would be interested in Rosen: 1) Those that need a starter this year, and 2) Those that are looking for a successor to their veteran starter. The first category is a short list (perhaps only Washington and Miami if Nick Foles indeed lands in Jacksonville), and teams in the second category probably wouldn’t be motivated to give up a first-rounder. New head coach Kliff Kingsbury may have little hesitation to move on from the guy the Cardinals traded up to draft last spring, especially if Murray is the one he wants piloting his offense, but GM Steve Keim is the one running the draft room. NBC’s Peter King quoted a general manager who assessed Rosen’s trade value as, “probably a three.” That’s a stunning drop in value for a player who was drafted No. 10 overall less than 12 months ago; what it says is that teams have reservations about Rosen beyond his struggles behind a weak offensive line as a rookie starter.
  7. I do like the no nonsense approach so far, let's see how they do in the FA and the Draft to fill some holes... it will take a lot to kill this nasty beast
  8. I don't want to give up any picks, I'll take my chances in the FA market..

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