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  1. No excuses for Gase now, come on Sam stay healthy
  2. Greg Roman has to be on the short list...
  3. with manish being banished, he seems to have stepped up his game and filled that hole now...
  4. There are almost too many beat writers covering this team...
  5. Good player, plays a non premium position, cap is going down next year, who wants to pay a guy $20mill for a non premium position? He will no doubt, give Sea a discount because he damaged his “brand” but to get the haul we got under these circumstances is remarkable.... 10/10. Sea should be finding more weapons for Wilson in his prime, the league is about the O now.... very curious decision by them...
  6. Amazing trade in this toxic climate he created, let’s go!
  7. comical, they do deserve each other... let him play in this atmosphere that he created... it is costing him $$$
  8. will wind up being traded and then sign for much less... i've seen this movie before...
  9. mims is going to have a monster season
  10. I'm not a college player guru, though this was a good cheat sheet to print out for some fun to track.. found it on another thread, picked from a cowboy fan site I believe...
  11. Hes not bad, worth kicking the tires
  12. D watson has been completely neutralized by this Coach..
  13. I can see Brown dropping, that's my concern, as well as Hebert going top 10.. if Brown and Hebert go top 10 I think we get that LT
  14. Could be the highest rated draft in ages, will literally be the only game in town
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