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  1. This game tells us as long as Brady is a Patriot, the Jets will always be aiming for the Wildcard.
  2. Theyre down their 3 best offensive players. No team is going to look good after that.
  3. Penalties are up league wide. Complain about the refs calling ticky tacky fouls but enough with the conspiracy theories against the Jets. You just sound like little babies with inferiority complexes.
  4. Jets really need to work out some punters this bye week.
  5. You guys say "you know" to the point where it was distracting.
  6. Because he's a RB and doesnt play the most important position in sports. Yes, its a team game but having a good QB can mask a lot of flaws.
  7. Those stats a subjective though. Im sure they include ST/Defensive scores as well. How many times has ST/defense given the offense great field position. They've also had some pretty good talent and still havent produced. So, while not being the worst offense ever, I'd say its fair to put the Jets as a bottom half offense.
  8. He'd better have a season like he did last year EVERY one of those 6 years or his ass is getting booed.
  9. Ware hands down. Allen gets to work with the Williams wall.
  10. You can argue that he prevented the Vikings from drafting Clausen.
  11. Rex turned Eric ****ing Smith into a solid contributor. I have faith he can do the same with Pool.
  12. Thats a great quote for people trying the rationalize the irrational.
  13. Backup players make 6 figures. Colleges arent going anywhere. His quote sounds like if he went in for a job interview and didnt get the job, he'll give up looking for one.
  14. You should put in a resume for GM. You obviously know what you're doing.
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