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  1. This team made significant improvements to the offense. Their biggest weakness was an inability to protect Zach, making it harder to run the ball. Adding Tomlinson, returning Becton and the growth in Vera-Tucker, we should be able to run the ball. Nothing slows the pass rush better or moves the chains more consistently than a solid running attack. That will help the defense a lot. Fewer three and outs will give them more rest and keep them fresher late in the game. I am guessing 6-7 wins. If we shoe up the run defense and Zach makes a nice second year jump, we could surprise some teams.
  2. Things should be much better. Having Wilson, Moore and those new TE's offers the chance for more separation and better hands. Carter, Hall and Coleman have good hands too. This team will go as far as Zach takes us. If he starts showing the talent we thought we drafted, we should be fine. As an aside, someone get Moore working with the jugs machine. He was an unreliable target, putting it kindly.
  3. They have to respect our running game too. Now Zach has all the tools to develop. A solid line, running attack, short field weapons and Wilson and Moore to bring speed to stretch the zones. When you boil it down, this team will go as far as Zach takes us. His development is the top priority. Think Joe D did his job. Getting a nice linebacker and a run stuffer would be even better, but the team is better.
  4. Why? Nothing to be gained. The pat answer is we got all 3 players we targeted at the top of our board with arguably the best player at each position.
  5. If we can't stop the run and the TE's and RB"s are wide open, we aren't beating anyone. That's why the defense is on the field for those long drives. Need that linebacker and a solid, run stuffer. With all the holes we had, it's impossible to fill them all unless some internal players step up. Maybe Shepard picks up where he left off and continues to improve. Maybe one of those 2021 late round safeties steps up or the linebacker they recently signed form the Niners. They really improved in this draft. I think our second-round pick will be a huge difference maker. Our line is full of solid run blockers. Carter and Hall will exploit those holes, slow the pass rush and move the chains.
  6. Think they needed someone to stretch the field. London will be a fine pro but not going to push that safety back as much. They want to run the ball and create safe drops to RB;s and TE''s.
  7. Becton has questions already. Wilson had a nightmare first year. If he doesn't nail this draft, I certainly wouldn't miss him.
  8. First, to say his short passes were a problem is a kind way of saying downright embarrassing. He did play better when he returned. He was also terrible at beating the blitz. Other teams sent the blitz constantly and he couldn't make them pay. Sure that's why we have two new tight ends. Having Elijah Moore back should help too.
  9. After seeing the way Mehti went down and hearing the diagnosis, I didn't believe there was any way he was coming back in 4-8 weeks. When someone his size is off his feet for that long, it takes a while to get back the strength in your lower half. Regardless, if he shows up ready to play, it is a moot point. The issue is whether Fant is better suited to left tackle. He graded very high last year. Becton would be a monster on the right and, protected by a tight end, less susceptible to the speed rusher.
  10. We can make lots of excuses. Fact is 211 yards before any defensive player touched an Colt player. Our defensive line was blown off the ball more than half the time. Holes that you can drive a tractor trailer thru are not corrected with a tweak. Let's not forget that they completed pass after pass to wide open receivers. This was a massacre. The defense has been pretty good except for New England and , of course, last week. New England took advantage of our inexperience with Mosely out. Last week was something different. We didn't react poorly, overrun, or take a bad angle. We were pushed back at every position. Saleh is a solid defensive coach. I'm sure he found what they did to us and is making the necessary corrections. I hope so, because every opponent will be doing that until we stop it.
  11. Good Move. Get a good read on Mike White against another top defense. Best chance to evaluate offense against a top defense. Need to be concerned about development of Elijah Moore, Michael Carter too. Wilson would be rushing back. Unlikely to succeed against a Buffalo defense at this point. Give him the extra week. Better to ease him in versus Dolphins, Texans and Eagles. Best case, we develop a franchise quarterback with a solid #2. That's what winners have.
  12. It's more than the move upstairs. Lafleur scripted the first 15 plays each week. In the first 6 games, that script was a disgraceful failure. It was conservative and predictable. This week, he came out throwing. He was unpredictable, creative and aggressive. Zach Wilson struggled but LaFleur was definitely not helping him at all. Who knows why? Let's hope LaFleur starts earning that rep as an offensive genius. Until this week, his offense was unwatchable. Further, it seemed he didn't even dial up until the second half.
  13. Mike White played one game at a stellar level. It doesn't mean anything unless he repeats it again and again. If, hypothetically, he torches Indy and puts a real scare in Buffalo against their top rated defense, I wouldn't take him out. New England built a dynasty on a backup quarterback taken in the 6th round named Brady. Dallas had a nice run with an undrafted quarterback named Romo. It doesn't happen often but you never know. Zach Wilson is not ready. He's had 6 starts to show growth and was not progressing. The game is too big for him at this point. That's why he misses wide open receivers so often and is late on many throws. Though unlikely, it wouldn't hurt Zach to sit awhile if White is playing well. In the interim, we can get a better read on the o-line, Elijah Moore, and Michael Carter. Won't hurt the defense to play less than 10 minutes in the first quarter and 35+ minutes per game.
  14. If you think we are going to the playoffs, you're kidding yourself. If not, they need to get a solid read on every player who has the talent to contribute down the line. How many bad interceptions and wide open receiver missed by Wilson but they run him out there again and again. Who said quarterbacks need time to develop but wide receivers are ready to go? All I know is good things happen when they get the ball in his hands. That's why you don't give up on him so fast.
  15. Let's be fair. The defense is being crushed , physically by an inept offense. You realize Atlanta had 24 plays to 6, starting the game? Finally, our DC needs be better. If you called a lot of soft zones and a veteran shreds it consistently, you either have no confidence in your talent or are too stupid to adjust. How do you have a defensive end on a TE, scoring 2 touchdowns? Last, these horribly penalties on 3rd down are killing them. Atlanta had a touchdown and 2 field goals on penalties called after successfully defending 3rd down. None of these glaring errors occur on good teams.
  16. I think Moore is more effective in the slot. Can see him wreaking havoc with his YAC ability. We need playmakers and Moore has that skill. I like Crowder and Berrios, but they are are not scaring anyone. Like to see more of Mims at the wideout too, for the same reason.
  17. Offensive game plan in 1st half stinks. Very conservative and predictable. Puts then in too many 3rd and longs. Open it up. We're not going anywhere this year. Try some things early. If you were the other team and saw how badly Wilson struggles, would you let the Jets establish a running game? They need to burn them in the passing game early. Back the linebackers and safeties up. That will open up some running lanes. We have ZERO passing yards in total over 5 games in the first quarter!!!!! Think anyone respects our passing game? Lafleur needs to let it rip.
  18. Until he matches up against a top # 1 receiver, it will be hard to tell if he can be a #1 corner. Regardless, he looks like a solid corner, who could be a top #2 at worst. Next step is for him to jump a few routes and get some big turnovers. Definitely a pleasant surprise so far.
  19. I like both in different roles. Mims can stretch the field and get open. Moore can make big plays when he gets the ball in his hands in the open field. Mims hasn't gotten a real chance yet. Moore was hurt but has explosive potential. He was wide open for a big play all the way across the field in the 4th quarter. Zach didn't see him. Jet receivers don't get separation. Mims and Moore have the ability to stretch the coverage. Their speed would create better opportunities for Corey Davis. Cole is a solid #3 wideout and Crowder is a solid possession receiver. It's too easy for defenses to neutralize Davis with no other big play threat on the field.
  20. I am very concerned with the number of wide open receivers and easy passes he has been off target on, many with good protection. Interceptions happen but you have to hit the wide open plays at least 90 % of the time. He's getting little help from the lousy 1st half offensive calls and the dropsie prone receivers. Can anybody adjust to the throw? Other teams catch balls a little behind or adjust to the throw.
  21. Say what you want. On a team when offense is scarce, the guy stretches the field. He gets open. He makes plays. He's in the doghouse, but it's time to get over it. We need playmakers and he will pull the linebackers and safeties deeper and free up opportunities for others. Some of those runs might be more successful if the linebackers had to drop in coverage. None of the other receivers scare anybody. Davis is a classic #2. Elijah Moore has potential but is still green.
  22. Getting a little concerned with Coles. He was very close to Chad and always made it on the field. From the day Chad was replaced, his leg injury became to painful to play. Alright, it happens. Now, we have a new QB, Coles friend is gone, and Coles is not playing and not practicing. It could be losing Pennington. It could be he's angry over not getting a contract extension. All I know is we need this guy to get reps with Favre and it's not happening. Holding him out of the exhibitions doesn't matter. Not practicing, matters. Cotchery is getting locked in. The Giants defense was beaten badly and often. Hope Coles joins the party. Times a wastin'.
  23. That's it in a nutshell. If Clemons can't beat out Chad, the point is moot. Chad is a measuring stick for Clemons. If you want to be a starter in this league, you have to play better than this. If he can't, he's not the answer. Chad may look ugly out there but he'll win 8 to 9 games on this team with this schedule. If Clemons stinks, he'll lose more than he wins. Remember how painful last year was? I'm rooting for Clemons but if he can't beat out Chad, I want a chance to win. Even if it looks ugly.
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