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  1. My feelings - exactly. I usually wait 24 hours and then read with high expectations for the insanity you speak about. Great word picture - horror movie
  2. Quarterback turned fullback who has bought into the physicality of the fullback position and has the mangled nose to prove it. Bawden has good size and is a competent pass-catcher. The market for old-school fullbacks has shrunk, but he has the ability to find a roster home as a contributing lead blocker and pass catcher on play-action.
  3. Bawden was a three-star recruit as a quarterback (offered by Harvard, Utah, Washington, among others) Trick Plays anyone?
  4. well - it happened. It probably wouldn't have happened in many NFL cities (Green Bay, KC), but it would have happened in a few (Philly, Chi). I chalk it up to high expectations and years of frustration. Some folks were even unrealistically predicting a winning record and playoffs and their bubble burst. Let's hope the HC can pick up the pieces as the season goes along. That's what I'm looking for.
  5. https://www.patriots.com/news/expert-predictions-week-2-picks-for-patriots-at-jets everyone picking against the Jets and they are all outside the spread except Rich C who has a 5 point Patsie victory.
  6. I hope you are wrong and I am going to save your quote just in case. We will know sooner or later. Long line of 1st round DT's? not sure it's a long line but who do you mean? In the entire franchise history there are only 4 first round DTs beside Q. -- William 2015, Richards 2013, Robertson 2003, Lyons 1979
  7. Do you understand football? Take some time off an screw your head on right.
  8. He's a versatile lineman who played multiple positions. During his collegiate tenure, Pierschbacher blocked for a total of 31 100-yard rushers in his career at multiple positions. He started 42 games at left guard from 2015-2017 before moving to center prior to the 2018 season. The transition went exceptionally well, since he went on to become an All-American and finished as a finalist for the Rimington Trophy, given annually to the nation's top center. He even played a brief stint at right guard at the beginning of the Tide's 2016 season.
  9. He recorded the most career starts of any position player in Alabama history. Pierschbacher made history this collegiate postseason after tying the record for most career starts by any Alabama player after the 2019 College Football National Championship game on January 7, totaling 57. J.K. Scott was the only other member of the Crimson Tide to play as many games, leaving the Tide in 2018 to play for the Green Bay Packers. Scott was a punter, making Pierschbacher the only position player to ever play as many games. "[Scott's] a punter, so technically I feel lik
  10. He will move on to NE after he's cut following the Carolina game
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