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  1. I wondered how many in the crowd were tickets holders and how many were press and VIPs. That explains a lot.
  2. ExActly. I’d like to know who was personally in charge of the event. They need to never try anything like it again - ever.
  3. Right. Not sure how you mess this up but the Jets did.
  4. Nice sarcasm! Nope, not too close.
  5. You just know it when you see it. It’s similar to a poll question about who was better at a presidential debate. You know who preformed well and who did not. Gut feeling. i have been a two other reveal events for others teams (college). Much more juice in the room for those events. The one seemed forced and odd.
  6. 13% liked. It; 87% hated it. Wow, it was bad.
  7. I was embarrassed too.
  8. The crowds reaction did seem really lame. Were all the real fans in the back?
  9. Not sure why. I used my I phone to set it up
  10. Just wanted a thumbs up 👍🏿 or a thumbs down 👎 to get a good read
  11. Choose carefully, just 2 choices, good- better than average or not so good - below average.
  12. Me too. Certain things I like, others not so much. Overall, meh. Go win some games.
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