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  1. yeah - it's easy to be cynical and overlook a true positive prediction. Instead, just predict a "Negative" bold prediction - the Jets will be out of contention by November and holding a fire sale.
  2. um... do you really think he would have telegraphed the pick? BB? Are you sure we are talking about the same NE coach?
  3. Definitely Riggs is last. He is frail and has had injuries in college
  4. McCarthy got fired from Green Bay for a reason. I wonder if the Packers want him back? Oh wait - GB had a great season with a new coach - go figure.
  5. The Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl 43 with a 22nd ranked offense. http://www.nfl.com/superbowlchamps/offense
  6. Did your cap lock stick? The Jets need help at both WR and OL - both areas. Robby Anderson might be let go and who will replace him? I could make the same argument you are making and flip the drafting position of OL and WR. The Jets can find some great OL help in rounds 2 and the two picks in round 3. Both WR and OL should be addressed early in the draft. Don't assume you can read my mind.
  7. Simply put, Jeudy is the best wide receiver prospect since AJ Green and Julio Jones in 2011. He’s a special talent, thus he will be one of the most exciting players in the NFL for the next decade. The sexy NFL comparison for Jeudy is Cleveland Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr. First, he is a pristine route runner, highlighted by the rare ability to stop-and-start fluidly. Second, he is a big play waiting to happen, coupled with his ability to create yards after the catch. In my initial 2020 NFL Mock Draft, I had Jeudy being selected number-three overall by the Washington Redskins. Due to his extreme polish, Jeudy won’t face the learning curve that traditionally hamper rookie wide receivers. Want bold? When all the smoke clears, Juedy will be a top-5 draft selection and will go on to have a Hall of Fame career. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2020-nfl-draft-jerry-jeudy-leads-rare-receiver-class/
  8. I guess you would have passed on Julio Jones and Amari Copper too, right? some more overrated Bama prospects - I get it.
  9. Jeudy runs a 4.40 - not shabby at all and is the best route runner in a decade. Jerry Rice's fastest time was 4.45

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