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  1. Wow, there are amazing prophetic abilities on display in this thread.
  2. If you do that, there is no one you are really targeting
  3. 116 and 168? That 168th pick will be really meaningful.
  4. I wondered how many in the crowd were tickets holders and how many were press and VIPs. That explains a lot.
  5. ExActly. I’d like to know who was personally in charge of the event. They need to never try anything like it again - ever.
  6. Right. Not sure how you mess this up but the Jets did.
  7. You just know it when you see it. It’s similar to a poll question about who was better at a presidential debate. You know who preformed well and who did not. Gut feeling. i have been a two other reveal events for others teams (college). Much more juice in the room for those events. The one seemed forced and odd.
  8. 13% liked. It; 87% hated it. Wow, it was bad.
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