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  1. PLEASE - no. At 3 - are you kidding.
  2. Jets1958


    Some good holding by the OL going on
  3. Jets1958


    Was Edelman even touched ?
  4. Jets1958


    Real football is over if you call a penalty on that play.
  5. Jets1958


    You apperently don’t know too many midwestern housewives. Ladies in Wisconsin tackle harder than that. Maybe you meant West coast.
  6. Jets1958

    Way too early KIPER MOCK 1.0

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2019-nfl-mock-draft-jaguars-dolphins-trade-into-top-five-broncos-snag-qb-at-end-of-round-1/ Jets trade down with Jacksonville in this mock and get a second reounder. 3. Jacksonville Jaguars (NYJ mock trade) Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State. If the Jaguars want to ensure they get their preferred quarterback, this is at least as far as they need to move. Each of the next three teams probably think they're set at quarterback for 2019, but if Haskins blows the doors off the predraft process, who knows? Unless every quarterback falls flat over the next few months, expect some jockeying at the top of the draft to grab the No. 1 option. With this trade, the Jets help offset the cost it took to move up for Sam Darnold last year. 7. New York Jets (JAC mock trade) Clelin Ferrell, EDGE, Clemson. The Jets would do well to sit at No. 3 and take Allen, but if a QB-needy team bowls them over with a trade offer, why not recoup some of the draft capital they spent trading up for Sam Darnold last year? Ferrell has 36.5 tackles for loss and 21 sacks over his last two seasons, but he's also an excellent run defender and would give New York a three-down talent on the edge.
  7. Jets1958

    Gase on LeBetard thus morning..

    Nice. He handled that very well. Seems well-adjusted to me.
  8. Jets1958

    Press Conference

    A voice of sanity in the malstrom of strange and tangled opinions. Kudos.
  9. Jets1958

    Press Conference

    I tend to agree with most of what you said. The meme is very unfortunate.
  10. Jets1958

    Press Conference

    Press conferences don’t win games. Personally, it was better than most Bowles pressers. Worst ever? Remember those early Bellicheat pressers in NE?
  11. Jets1958

    Press Conference

    Thank you. Just expressing an opinion.
  12. Jets1958

    DC options remaining

    Don't think Williams is happening. Three days now, and they can't seal the deal. I don't know what the sticking point is, but it now seems like a real impasse.

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