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  1. You have seen him play parts of 2 games as a rookie. Give him a couple of more games before passing final judgement.
  2. Common boys, pull on your big boys pants and go to battle. You haven't lost before the opening kickoff!
  3. He’s a safety- first and foremost. Do the jets need one?
  4. I agree. But your rational voice is missed by majority of the Jets fans who don't need "chill pills" after a one point loss. Waiting for the attack.....
  5. 22-25-1 (.458) in his first 3 years before he won the super bowl in year 4. Gase 23-27 (.460)
  6. 3 - 12 - 1 .219 5th in NFC East His first year as a head coach– – –
  7. yes - someone should study the site for a PHD dissertation in psych. I don't know why I clicked in today - I knew it would be like this. Good Grief. Time to check out for a week or so for my sanity.

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