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  1. I don't think anyone has much of a handle on JD at this time. We probably will get a better idea by the end of the season because there is little reason for the Jets to be less than a 7 win team if he is doing a good job. A few observations His biggest strength has been the way he has played his trades of veteran players. I'm not sure anyone has been more successful in pedaling away guys with no future in NY and getting a good return than Douglas. He falls into the group who places far too much emphasis on draft status for question mark players. This is why they have brought in these former 1st round underperformers. In that same light he puts a ton of emphasis on the draft grades they are giving individual players which has led to the trade ups. This is similar to the Maccagnan approach. He wont get fleeced on a trade up but is putting a lot of stock in "his board". He has had shortcomings in dealing with agents. There are times when he probably should not speak publicly about certain things as he has had a few fire back saying its a downright lie. That doesnt matter if you are a winning team but it costs you in free agency when you have a bad reputation. I believe his approach also runs in line with the last successful GM the team had (Tannenbaum) where he does work closer with the coach in selecting players. The negative on this is that I think they kind of abandoned 2021 because Saleh wasnt familiar enough with the roster so they tried to piece it together with a bunch of one year deals and very limited upside rookies. They were much more aggressive this year because I think the coach had far more input as to what he wanted for the team FWIW I dont think there is much merit to the "it takes 4 years to build a winner" takes. The Bills had a record amount of dead money while purging the team from a really bad run by their GM. They made the playoffs with Tyrod Taylor and twice with the version of Josh Allen that was closer to Mitch Trubisky than the guy who wears the Allen jersey now. Obviously it is all about finding the right QB but thus far the teams the Jets have put together have been poor in almost every facet of the game. That's not all on Maccagnan and Gase. Wilson was a disaster last season but there was little competency in any other aspect to hide just how bad the QB position was.
  2. Right now Moore and AVT look as if they are the only two building block long term types on the offense. Carter is fine but you dont build around a back and they are at this point more or less a dime a dozen. Becton is far too injury prone to be considered a sure thing. We should know by next year if Wilson has a chance or will just be another in a long line of Jets QB flops.
  3. I dont think it would happen even if there was a great prospect this year but they should. That goes for just about any team that doesnt have a sure QB under center. The main reason teams could not swap out from 1st round QBs in the past was because of the contracts. That doesnt exist but every GM in the NFL is convinced you cant have competition at the position until the QB proves he sucks at which point they just do something desperate to try to salvage a job.
  4. This is such nonsense that the other GMs "didnt have a plan' or try to rebuild. Did their plans work? No they did not. But to claim they had no plan is insulting. Idzik tore the team apart into a rebuild far more than Joe Douglas has. Idzik probably went too far and alienated people in the building and the fanbase. The job was just too big. Maccagnan's first year he did what ownership wanted and everyone was in love with him for it. He did attempt to rebuild as well first with Hackenberg and then with Darnold. His strategy was to build a team via defense in the draft and keep getting enough cap space every two years or so to make you think he was a cap mastermind and forget that the signings in free agency all stunk. Douglas is now trying to build with Wilson as a QB and rather than defense he is focusing more on offense in particular the O-line. His FA signings on the line have been poor. He traded up for AVT and has to hope that Becton will ever be healthy. Mims is a bust. Moore looks good. He's done a good job of trading away Mac players he did not want for draft picks including a great job of trading Adams. His FA run has not been good but they havent dipped their toe in the type of FAs that blew up for Maccagnan. Unless ownership demands otherwise I would guess they will just simply linger in the $5 to $10M a year range for FAs and keep spinning their own draft picks who bust for draft assets until they feel the QB is good which from the way they talk they think will be 2023. The team is on track for back to back number 2 picks in the draft. Thats not a sign that something is "clearly working" because if it was teams like the Lions and Jaguars would be perennial contenders. Doesnt mean it wont work but there is nothing to illustrate a team that is working the way the Bills were when they flipped their organization. But to pretend that the Jets fan base has never seen this is ridiculous. Anyone over the age of 10 has seen this here multiple times. The excuse meter out of the staff is off the charts. They havent played well. They are atrocious on defense. They have failed with a few QBs on offense. Just be straight and say that this hasnt been what they had hoped for and that they will expect changes next year. Dont just throw out comments about how "Josh Allen got it in year 3" and "look at the Cardinals in year 3".
  5. This is going to be rough for Douglas if Wilson struggles and the team continues to look inept this year. Realistically rookie struggles should be accepted but its just a weird spot because the team has been bad for so long. They have had no plan since 2013 and you cant expect everyone to be ok with "just wait until next year" when you have been hearing that for 8 of the last 9 years. At some point you have to put a product on the field that looks competent. He's probably not going to get the ultra kid gloves treatment that Maccagnan got as MM was pretty well liked by people who covered the team and those outside. Right now there is a lot of negativity towards the Jets operations around the league. Im not sure how specific it is to JD but hes the guy in charge so he is going to get the brunt of it. But its out there from agents, players, and other team personnel and when you have that its going to lead to more negativity on the GMs performance. I dont believe he will be fired after this year but I wouldnt discount it if things get loud enough by the end of the year if they dont turn this around somewhat. Woody will need to ask himself if they want to risk JD using multiple 1s and a ton of cap space next year. Screw that up and you just screw over the next GM too.
  6. Much like Pete I expect Harbaugh to get another shot at the NFL. I dont expect it in NY. He doens't have the personality or temperament to really succeed here. I feel like he would wind up being the head coach version of John Idzik.
  7. Obviously this isnt a good look for Manish and I know most of the beat writers dont care for him because of how he operates. Just a few things on the combine chasing and stuff. The Combine itself is a bit of a cesspool. The kind of behavior described is not uncommon there though many take it less further than whatever was described here. People just wait in lobbies to see who comes in. They walk the bars to see who to try to bump into. If they see you with someone who is known they want to know who you are. Its a tough business. The beat guys have it incredibly tough. That doesnt justify the behavior by any means but the relationships and news that used to go local never does anymore. The first place agents go and/or teams go is the first run national guys- Schefter and Rapoport primarily with a few of the other NFL Network guys also in the loop. Florio gets things if there is more of an angle to it. There is a lot of pressure from those guys to get that info first too so everyone follows suit. Its why the ass kissing for contracts, player potential, coaching jobs, is off the charts these days. Its not objective its just you scratch my back and Ill scratch yours. If you remember Favre in NY it was similar to that. The beat guys and local radio guys all got made into 2nd fiddle reporters by ESPN who had a relationship with Favre. This is also why when a beat guy gets it first the reports end up going out as reported by "Rapoport and Me" or "Cimini and Schefter". Thats not that much different than what happened here other than it sounds as if they didnt share a byline. That doesnt make it right but its why there is so much chasing and trying to get people to open up to them so they have a chance to climb a ladder that keeps getting taller and taller as everything consolidates. The Douglas stuff is pretty unacceptable. There is no need for finding a kid to basically let someone know that you are going to stalk them if they dont open up. The talk of a powwow with Gase to get on the same page well that is what it is. Reporters have favorites- Maccagnan was praised for years because he was good with people while Idzik wasnt because he took a relatively open organization and turned it into complete lockdown for two years. It was headed that way a bit the year before but Idzik was paranoid and clamped everything down. But the relationships now influence the stories from some (a majority really) way too much.
  8. While I hope this is true, generally you are reaching out about candidates next year not this one and normally that doesnt start for at least another month even when you know the coach is like Adam Gase. Hopefully Im wrong though and the Jets are taking a different approach.
  9. jason423

    The Good

    Maye was the only bright spot. That was as bad an opener as I can remember post Kotite. If Allen doesnt fumble a few away and miss an easy TD thats a 20 point loss.
  10. The 2010 team was probably the best team but Im not sure if they would have won the Super Bowl or not. They should have beaten the Steelers if not for the Pats game hangover. The 98 team would have destroyed the Falcons. Should have won in Denver. That game got away from them due to a handful of plays and the top 2 offensive players didnt have good games.
  11. I think these burner type accounts are pretty common. It pretty much harmless and if anything kind of funny. Id be stunned if there were not friends/family/etc... buddies of Maccagnan that did the same. There were so many people who would rush to his aid and most (not all) just vanished after he got fired. The stuff I would say about the Jets basically hasnt changed so its not like they were ultra Jets fans coming to the defense of the Jets. Just the Maccagnan Jets and they apparently lost their fandom after he was canned. Tons of team people have social media accounts under various names and the teams also monitor sites like this, twitter accounts like mine, and so on...Its just the evolution to go from the nameless, faceless, follow only egg to fake named defender of the job.
  12. My interest in the Jets is pretty much at an all time low. Some of that is just getting older and having other priorities but the last 8 or 9 years have just been a groundhogs day of awful. The coaching is terrible. The general talent level is terrible. The QB hasnt shown anything outstanding yet. About the only positive is that I hear nothing but good things about JD from people outside the team. But this has basically been a doormat of a franchise since 2012 and one of the worst in the NFL during that time
  13. That is how it would work. The Jets would basically carry him on the roster for all of 2020 and then release him at some point in 2021. Its exactly why Kam Chancellor stuck around on the Seahawks long after he was done, Alex Smith is still on the Redskins, etc...And yep a really bad deal.
  14. I think he played ok last night with far less bad throws than usual, but at the moment hes just a guy. He struggled with the blitz pickups which is on him and the staff. The Ravens blitz all the time and inexplicably they werent ready for that. Still when you start making the excuses that he needs all these pieces around him it just means you dont think he can win games for the team. This is the same drama that we went through with Sanchez. He needs a new coordinator. He needs better receivers. He needs a better pass catcher out of the backfield. Rex just cant coach offense and is holding him back. Sure the Jets have deficiencies on the o-line and the coach is no good but talent generally overcomes that. Hes not at that level yet. Maybe he gets there, maybe he doesnt. But I think most should be disappointed with where he and the team are in his second year.
  15. How does anyone watch Sam Darnold through two years and get a Brett Favre comparison? Maybe Eli Manning or Christian Ponder. Hes better than Sanchez and Geno, but right now hes just a guy out there. Makes some nice throws. Makes some bad ones. But hes not relying on his arm the way Cutler or Favre did and Mahomes does now thinking he can sneak something in and it doesnt get there. Typically they are just bad decisions,. Hopefully he gets better. The coaching staff is doing him no favors but right now there is nobody from the top of that draft class that stands out as a positive but only one (Rosen) that stands out as a negative. At the moment the most anyone can say about the other three is that maybe you can win with them, but nobody is to going to claim that you can win because of them and thats the type of QB you want.
  16. Id think most of these are realistic. Just two things to note- the June 1 is not going to be available to teams if a new CBA is not reached. Using the June 1 also would require keeping Johnsons full cap charge on the books until June 2. The other is that Enunwa has a bunch of injury protection in his deal. Based on what it seems his health is like Im not sure he can be cut. It was a bad deal when signed and made much worse by the fact he got hurt again.
  17. Said at the time that it was a bit like the Kerley extension where you had what seemed like a lame duck GM trying to do something to change the narrative in the locker room and with the media. It was a weird deal. Enunwa had talent and had he been healthy I think could have earned in the ballpark of $10-11M a year. But he was just never healthy and his stats really tailed off as the year went on. I think about a week before he signed someone asked me online about where he was at and I thought he was at the point where he would have to take a 1 year deal somewhere for $4-5M, the way a John Brown did. The Jets really went all in. With the kind of injury protection they were giving they should have been under $8M a year. There was no need to use a signing bonus the way they did either but I guess they were trying to maximize cap space to sell ownership about the plan they had (and they did basically spend it all before Barr pulled out of his deal. JD subsequently spent that this summer). Immediately the contract became the new standard for a low to moderate performing receiver replacing the Albert Wilson contract in Miami. Its why Crowder was going to get what he got. The injury is unfortunate and you cant really plan on that stuff killing you but in this case there was enough of a track record to at least criticize the deal for being so bullish on Enunwa.
  18. Overall I though the defense was opportunistic early basically getting every bounce of the ball as a turnover. Allen moved the ball all over the field early on the team but they he would fumble, a ball would bounce of a receiver to a Jet, hed fumble again and so on. Still it was surprising how much they fell apart with Mosley out. At least before that it was more dink and dunk. They just were right up and down the field with him off. Would agree the offensive line is a mess. Hoping that this is a byproduct of not really playing enough in the preseason. Kalil was a risky signing and the Jets trade for Osemele was always a 50/50 proposition. The Bills really overwhelmed them today. Crowder I think fits the mold of what Gase wants and they forced him the ball way too much. You cant win constantly running these short 4 yard passes that are as effective of passing to a RB. Darnold was off on the few shots he took to Anderson but at least Anderson was open so that is promising. The game had a bit of a feel of that Browns game last year where we had the lead early and then when it turned into a game Darnold couldnt switch from the dink and dunk dont make a mistake mode into a downfield passer. On the bright side its just the first game. Last year the team looked great in game 1 and barely won the rest of the year. Ill hope this is the opposite.
  19. I think this is a pretty good assessment. The Jets more or less added very expensive players to what are considered not very valuable positions and still havent addressed plenty of areas. The big hope I have is if Darnold develops big they should have a pretty decent offense if the line holds up. If he develops more like a Mariota type it probably will be a tough season where, by the end of the year, we wonder why we have two receivers that basically are going to wind up doing similar things and that he needs a lot more help.
  20. Jets had little to no leverage. Their best point of leverage was in the offseason before they made the big offer to Mosley. Between Lee's suspension and signing CJ the rest of the NFL knew there was no place for him with the Jets other than being injury insurance and a player the media asked about when he was playing about 20% of the time.
  21. Their run ins with the Jets started in 2005. IIRC he and Russo had an issue with Donnie Henderson which blew up at a training camp show. The Jets started to be more exclusive with interviews around then as well with almost everything going to 1050 other than a start or season and end of season spot with the coach, gm, ,etc...2008 is when it pretty much was a complete divorce. Mike was all kinds of mad when they traded for Brett Favre and the main interview went to 1050. Mike ended up getting Favre with Tannebaum rather than Favre alone and he wasnt cool with that. By the end of 2009 I think they basically banned anyone from even appearing on his show because of how he was treating the team.
  22. Since I saw a few things on the O-line here an easy way to see where players are found is to use veteran contracts to identify where players are found. For LT there are 13 1st rounders (average salary of $11.6M), 5 from rounds 2 and 3 ($7.9M avg), 7 from 4 - 7 ($3.2M avg), and 6 UDFAs ($4.2M avg). So about 40% are drafted in round 1 and those players make up 60% of the veteran salary pool. 71% of the salaries come from rounds 1 and 2 so that should give you an idea of where you should and should not plan on taking a left tackle. Right tackle is totally different. Only 3 players have come in round 1 while 10 are undrafted. Salaries also are not so heavily skewed based on draft round. The 1st rounders average around $7M and that is in large part because of Lane Johnsons wild salary. Round 2 is around $7M, Round 3/4 just under $6M and UDFAs are at $4.5M. So you can take stabs anywhere at the RT and have a shot at finding a longer term solution. High end guards come from round 1 as they average about $7.5M a year while making up 15.4% of the population, but there really is little difference elsewhere. UDFAs make up 20% of veteran guards and average around $4.8M which is basically the same as the mid round picks. 5 through 7 have produced the least so maybe that indicates that there is a quality in undrafteds people are not seeing while overemphasizing some trait in lower draft picks that really isnt translating. Best centers come in rounds 1 and 2 but there is quality elsewhere in the draft. The salary rates for 7th rounders and undrafteds is low so this is likely not a position where players completely fall through the cracks.
  23. I actually dont remember as that article I think was before I began OTC and my jetscap stuff is gone. I believe I used a basic matrix of games played, started, and honors but I could be wrong on that since I often do some different things during draft time. That said I do recall that the OL had a relatively high hit rate with the only legit busts probably being Mike Williams and Robert Gallery. Receivers probably had the lowest hit rate. The only thing though is since that was done so long ago the basic timeframe was probably something like 1998-2008 or something like that. My opinion is that the offensive linemen coming out of college now are not as good as the linemen of the past so my guess is its a riskier investment than back then. I dont know if that is because college schemes and coaching are not as good/geared towards the pro game or just that defensive players are more advanced, but it seems now LTs get drafted, end up on the right side for a trial run and then you hope they can slot over. Obviously there are some good ones but I think its a little less likely than before.
  24. jason423

    98 AFCCG

    Yeah the Jets would have steamrolled in 98. By far the best chance the team had to win it. It was depressing. It was like the team played a bad 10 minutes and in that time gave up 20 points. The Jets defense was a championship caliber defense in 2009. That team would have won with a better QB. They also played conservative after taking the lead and then Manning got hot and that was all she wrote. Dont think they would have won the SB though. The steelers game was rough because it was so winnable. They came in hungover off the Patriots win. They were down so much you cant fault them for trying late in the first half when Sanchez had the backbreaker. If that game was 5 minutes longer the Jets would have won.
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