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  1. You're not a finished product by 25, but you usually know what you got... Lamar Jackson (23) - Elite Deshaun Watson (24) - Great Goff (24) - above average Baker (25) - inconsistent Sam Darnold (23) - inconsistent Tribusky (24) - terrible
  2. Posted two weeks ago https://12thmanrising.com/2020/07/03/seahawks-bradley-mcdougald-2/
  3. No ink and attention has ever been wasted more on a player. I just don’t get why everyone thinks he’s so great.. that position doesn’t move the needle
  4. So why was the thread I opened last night on this subject locked up?
  5. The owner is involved, don’t get your panties twisted
  6. Not while the president owned it..

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