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  1. Texas has more impressive high school fields
  2. With Mike White gone the #5 is available. Wilson wore #5 in high school and college
  3. it's likely Lazard is replacing Davis who when cut saves $14-15M
  4. I mostly agree with this, but there is also evidence he's not a good employee. demanding a trade a few years ago the day of the draft and whatever the hell is going on now. Maybe we don't know who's at fault for the indecision that we're all experiencing right now, but it sure seems like he's holding 2 teams hostage.
  5. so he doesn't give a sh*t about the team he's going to play for? because he's actively hurt both the jets and packers by now letting them proceed with their plans. No wonder he's never wins.
  6. When this doesn't happen. Rodgers will smell LOL JETS stink in California.
  7. La Canfora does sports radio in Balitmore these days. His career sh*t the bed.
  8. trying to get into aaron rodgers head is pointless task.
  9. All the reporting coming out of the combine has been emphatic in that the Packers are done and ready to move on from Aaron Rodgers.
  10. . Shouldn't he be coming to us? Get a tour of our facility? ect.
  11. Matt Lombardo doesn't know anything.
  12. too much talent on the team to get a top 5 pick. we're drafting 13 despite having worst QB room in football last year
  13. If he doesn't land Rodgers not sure how you can possibly support the guy who's failed so miserably addressing the most important position in sports.
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