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  1. G logo is pretty cool. It's fine name.
  2. that was 4 years ago when he was a freshman in COLLEGE. I know this.. because he switched #1 before his Sophomore seaosn.
  3. tight shirt vs. loose shirt. He hasn't been scrawny since his freshman year of college.
  4. this was once true, it hasn't been for a long time.. Jets have been counted out for the better part of the decade now and they've gone out a proved them right.
  5. Becton, easiest decision ever. Better question is who's the next guy on your list. For me to QW
  6. She’ll kick its ass again no doubt.
  7. Moving here in late 90s from Canada and one of the first things I noticed is how dirty the streets and highways are basically everywhere in NY/NJ compared to where I grew up in Ontario. NJ in particular has a bad rep because of the state of it's front door. The areas around Newark Airport and the major border crossings into NYC are disgrace.
  8. Nike is the worst thing that ever happened to NFL uniforms. All of those are trash.
  9. Dude that shirt tho. Best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be!
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