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  1. Prettty much.. if there starters. Best guards in the NFL are being paid between $13 and $18 million a year. Mahomes is making $45 million a year. Darnold will make $18 million if his 5th year option is picked up. Derek Carr is making $25 million a year. Guys like Fitzpatrick and Dalton who won’t be in the league much longer are making little less than the best guards in football at $10 million.
  2. i'm sure his GF will cry herself to sleep reading that..
  3. I don't get it... that was a great move. Bears desperately need a QB and giving up 1 future 1st is a small price for one. Maybe you think Fields is garbage, but I don't feel that way...
  4. This photo gives me energy.
  5. I said this back in January. The energy and optimism coming out of Florham Park today would be impossible if we kept Darnold.
  6. wHIT doesnt look good... white helmet works
  7. Not a fan of green helmets. White helmets with white or grey facemask with racer stripes. Classic.
  8. I do not believe they have dormitories. Just HQ and training facilities
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