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  1. This one of the more pathetic threads. He's gone. The nightmare is over. He can not torture us anymore. That is all.
  2. The first step of going back to these uniforms permanently.
  3. You know what's more annoying than people who care about uniforms? People who care about people who care about uniforms. How things look matter. I care about what I wear, I care about the decor in my apartment, ect. It's called giving a sh*t. I also care about history, and the Jets don’t give a sh*t about their history, they 2x now have ditched their classic uniform.
  4. He didn't turn the ball over playing in the SEC. Darnold had turn over issues in the Pac 12 and he brought them with him to the NFL.
  5. For 1 season, I'll take Brandon Marshall over all of them.
  6. Umm maybe to you... but it's been a fact since college
  7. He's not a turn over machine like those two.
  8. If the Jets want a QB controversy than they should sign Cam. If healthy he's flat out better option than Darnold.
  9. Injuries are a concern, but he's most talented QB in the division.

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