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  1. I've heard the comparisons, but it's still a dumb question. Market values sure things more than unknowns which ALL draft picks are.
  2. This is a dumb question. His value is worth more than that? Period.
  3. Downside is the only time there is a QB competition is when you don't have a freaking QB.... If we draft a QB at 2.. he's the QB. You may have him sit to start the season like the Chargers and Dolphins did, but there isn't a competition.
  4. Makes me laugh when people make proclamations like this. You cant possibly know he is the second best player in the upcoming draft and you certainly don’t “clearly know’. Assuming you believe Lawrence and Sewell are 1-2, that leaves 252 other drafted players plus all the undrafted free agents. I’ll take my chances with the field
  5. No...good teams draft well and have quality players on rookie contracts.
  6. tell us you don't understand NFL contracts without telling us you don't understand NFL contracts.
  7. at USC. Always looked mediocre to me. Nothing about him screamed elite talent.
  8. Not enough information. Too early. This off-season will likely decide his fate.
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