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  1. Seems like the entire fan base crowned this kid before he did anything. Overeating to a few good weeks at the end of the season when many teams started shutting down. Overall he wasn't that good last year.
  2. Congrats to everyone who knew this was a terrible hire from the get go and refused to sugar coat it.
  3. A good QB doesn't let his team lose that game. He had his opportunities to put that game away or retake the lead.
  4. I dunno why anyone was excited about this team. Adam Gase is not a good head coach. There’s actual evidence of this.
  5. whatever makes us feel better when they win their 7th super bowl.
  6. Morrissey

    2019 Yankees

    Not to turn the page, but I feel like the Yankees starting pitching is in much better shape next season. Severino Tanaka Paxton German Montgomery (Deivy Garcia, Michael King,and Clarke Schmidt waiting in the wings) I'll also say, I don't think there's any excuse not to sign Gerrit Cole. We've been dancing around this guy for years. It's time now to land him.
  7. Still a lot to see this fall, but here's my top 25 movies I've seen this year. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Wild Rose Midsommar The Nightingale The Dead Don't Die Her Smell Booksmart High Flying Bird Under the Silver Lake Us Guava Island Climax Teen Spirit Apollo 11 The Farewell The Souvenir Triple Frontier Long Shot Toy Story 4 Glass Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile Brexit: The Uncivil War Knock Down The House Share The Amazing Jonathan Documentary
  8. The Irishman supposedly is 3 1/2 hours. Jesus.
  9. I think what you saw is Yankee fans not overreacting to regular season wins. We get excited in October. Enjoy August.
  10. It’s still a terrible uniform. They prefer all red alternative they frequently wear. W-L isn’t relevant to this conversation.
  11. No they wouldn’t they’re classic football uniform not much different then the raiders, colts, bears, and other classic nfl uniforms. You will never see those teams sh*t on their history like the jets have have now multiple times in their existence.
  12. Jets new uniforms aren’t any better and at least they’re wise enough to go back to a real uniform with history.
  13. It's actually sad that Sam Darnold won't be wearing this historic NFL uniform the rest of his career.
  14. Nah I'm good. They're trash uniforms. Everything about it is 3rd rate. I suspect the Jets will someday return to Namath era uniform just like they did in 1998. Hopefully it doesn't take as long as last time.
  15. Tom Brady doesn't strike me as the type that would do TV.
  16. nah, enough uproar can get them to reverse course. its happened before. see buffallo sabers
  17. Get rid of the candy green helmet too. Look at my avatar you cannot tell me that that doesn’t look better

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