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  1. why is that weird? BYU had (still does) one of the best offensive lines in the country. He hardly ever got touched.
  2. in the 1st pre-season game? Wilson injury was scary, but pre season game results? who gives a sh*t
  3. why do people never learn that preseason results are utterly meaningless. Zach looked like a veteran in the pre-season last year, and then sh*t himself most of the first half.
  4. all the other injuries he'll get from playing football will be tho. He's too big to play pro sports. Someone that big is not meant to play athletics.
  5. presuming MB was healthy. LMAO at that
  6. Dumb thread. he literally has zero value lol
  7. he was there.. we aren't. When you can be 1-1 on a play that lost yards you really shouldn't look into these numbers too much
  8. again.. not true There was free agency, there was trading oppertunties, and lets not act like we couldn't find a soemone capable of starting in 2nd or 3rd round. LL Looks like Abraham Lucas (Seahawks) and Nicholas Petit-Frere (Colts) both have a good chance to be starters day 1. Both 3rd rounders this past draft.
  9. 1st round wasn’t the only opportunity he had to bring in depth
  10. do you think this is a fair comparison? Mims was highly thought of coming out of Baylor
  11. you'd have a point if the job was stuffing the run.. but it's not. You could be best player in the world doesn't mean you're good on TV, radio, or podcast.
  12. Not counting all of the athletes who used the local sports networks as a springboard... Kevin Burkhardt was with SNY before he got a gig with Fox Sports, he's now their lead NFL broadcaster. Matt Yallof was at SNY before he got a gig for MLB Network and NHL Network Michelle Beadle was with YES before she got a gig with ESPN Kim Jones was with YES before she got a gig with NFL Network
  13. well what? you think he gets that ESPN gig if he's not visible on a sports network in largest city in US?
  14. get in your car and starting driving north
  15. This is so idiotic. He landed on air gig for one of the largest regional sports networks in country. You know who watches SNY and YES Network? Execs who work for ESPN and NFL Network.
  16. Sorry but what's the problem here? It's an on air job for sports network. He's likely getting way better money and is one step closer to ESPN or NFL Network.
  17. So was it 60, 70, or 80 yard touchdown? These reporters are funny
  18. Anyways all these people suck and you guys should start listening to podcasts and not the radio
  19. aside from Gardner pick, what did he get wrong with regard to the draft?
  20. this is just 100% wrong. This off-season he basically reported all the players the Jets were targeting before they signed them.
  21. pretty sure the coaches and gm's had nothing to do with the rankings.
  22. The title of this thread doesn't match what was actually written
  23. thank you for explaining how stupid your thread is lol
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