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  1. Guess no one was smart enough to mention calling it "JET BLACK" would be better than "STEALTH BLACK" Anyways. A bottom 5 uniform set gets even worse. I swear that clip art logo has to go.
  2. Some pretty terrible takes. Idea that Marshall (best offensive player that team had) was the reason that run was derailed is hilarious. That regime failed because they couldn't draft to save their lives.
  3. Michael Vick for non play on the field related reasons.
  4. the two beat guys who know how to operate a smart phone left
  5. Can't help with tickets but good luck. I'm from Belfast but have been living in U.S. since the late 90's. Where about you from?
  6. Heat at those Florham Park days would kill an Irishmen
  7. Yes - whomever the GM for Jets is
  8. It's the off season. How's he suppose to make it on social media because of his play? You really are being beyond ridiculous in this thread. Up until this weekend all the social media coverage of Zach this off season was him attending local teams games with his teammates or planning to work out with them between mini camp and training camp, but I don't think that is in line with your narrative.
  9. MetLife is a dump and Jets should build their own home in NYC. (this should summon him)
  10. Not a cut or trade but Jets f---ed up letting Demario Davis leave 2x.
  11. Cutting Danny Woodhead in favor or Joe McKnight was bad
  12. some of you don't have real friends and it shows
  13. Not my finest moment, but if he signs with SF Giants in the winter it won't look that bad
  14. Signed with Steelers. 1 year deal https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1540033911232806913
  15. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-relationship-between-dropped-passes-quarterback-performance "No quarterback saw a greater percentage of his attempts fall incomplete due to some kind of receiver error than Zach Wilson during his rookie season. Almost 10% of his attempts fell into this category, a couple of percentage points higher than any other quarterback. This was part of the reason the Jets were so keen to attack receiver again this offseason and ensure that Wilson’s supporting cast is as strong as it can be. Rookie Garrett Wilson was added to the mix, and the team added yet more reinforcements to his protection along the offensive line. They will be hoping and expecting that this rate falls for Wilson next year."
  16. problem with that stadium is that it's in Edmonton
  17. Didn't know Super Mario was a Jets fan...
  18. Becton showed up to camp last year out of shape. This after being banged up a bit his rookie year. After showing up to camp out of shape he gets embarrassed almost every day at camp by Lawson, and then gets hurt in game 1 and is never seen from again. This off-season he didn't show up to voluntary work outs, and now still not practicing at mandatory mini camp because he's still not 100% healthy, and did he show up out of shape once again? So with all this said, why the heck is anyone surprised he gets dragged on social media? At least some of it is deserved. Only way he'll shut up the critics is by getting healthy, staying healthy, and playing well. Results matter guys...
  19. I dunno.. look at his legs. Looks like he's in great shape?
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