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  1. Becton showed up to camp last year out of shape. This after being banged up a bit his rookie year. After showing up to camp out of shape he gets embarrassed almost every day at camp by Lawson, and then gets hurt in game 1 and is never seen from again. This off-season he didn't show up to voluntary work outs, and now still not practicing at mandatory mini camp because he's still not 100% healthy, and did he show up out of shape once again? So with all this said, why the heck is anyone surprised he gets dragged on social media? At least some of it is deserved. Only way he'll shut up the critics is by getting healthy, staying healthy, and playing well. Results matter guys...
  2. I dunno.. look at his legs. Looks like he's in great shape?
  3. Could have taken Quinn Meinerz who I was beating drum for
  4. The Jets wouldn’t of taken the same players as Minnesota.
  5. you're name and avatar references the biggest ME player in football history.
  6. Jets fans who hate on Revis are weirdos. Greatest Jets player ever and frankly it's not close.
  7. my opinion but 99% of all logos that include a jet/fighter jet are dopey. I think 80's logo did as good of a job as possible including it, and I personally have no issues with a wordmark logo. Also not a fan of including grey (not a team color) in any logo.
  8. this guy needs a stage name like Jon Stewart or Larry King. There will never be a thread with any content from this dude without at least one person referencing ASS MAN
  9. because the mistake hasn't been rectified. Until we return to our historical classic NFL uniform this will be a topic of conversation. Can't expect not to get a response when you sh*t on your history (2nd time this franchise has done so)
  10. Use the Colts as a template. Blue to green, replace horse shoe logo with 80's logo and be done with it.
  11. 1. Yes you do. Bob Papa does golf and boxing 2. This s an insane post... the man has right to earn $
  12. I think the idea of building their own stadium in NY died when Jets put down roots in Florham Park, NJ
  13. I wish he would talk like a human, his fake broadcast voice bothers me. YES Networks Meredith Marakovits has same issue....
  14. Chase Claypool is one of the few successful WR Pittsburg has drafted that isn't under 6'2" and they are a WR factory. JuJu Smith-Schuster - 6'1" Diontae Johnson - 5'10" James Washington - 5'11"
  15. Antonio Brown - 5'10'" Emmanuel Sanders- 5'11" Mike Wallace - 6'0"
  16. I just don't see it as an issue. Commanders don't play in Washington D.C., 49ers don't play in San Fransisco, Cowboys don't play in Dallas...
  17. I dunno you tell me. I haven't spent much time in CT other than driving through it
  18. Great - I'm talking about NY metro area. People in Queens have nothing in common with anyone up in the Finger Lakes.. North Bergen on the other hand...
  19. NY isn't just the city... there are areas north of the city very similar to Morris County. Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken... if you want somewhere closer to Queens and Brooklyn. Again, these states are demographically and culturally the same. The same people.
  20. You probably lived in sh*thole town... NY state has their share of those too Why do you guys all pretend NY and NJ are different? As someone who's lived and spent time in both sides of Hudson... they are same freaking place
  21. google difference between NJ and Florida weather and how that may affect road conditions
  22. None.. I dunno how you can listen to a 1 team oriented podcast or YouTube channel. It's basically team propaganda.
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