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  1. All the skill guys, (too many to name now lol) but most important guy is Becton
  2. There are 8 good RB available still. LBs? Safeties? OL? ....not many good players left
  3. Are you saying the Jets actually weren’t interested in Hill? That would fly in the face of all the facts
  4. https://umterps.com/sports/football/roster/chigoziem-okonkwo/9484
  5. I have no interest in this this team. I'll check back back in October, but only when Cashman (and the entire player development staff) and Boone are gone..
  6. Would be a great pick with one of our 2nd rounders
  7. Fosters. Australian for Beer!
  8. pretty simple. which why WR would you take with one of our 1st rounders if all are on the board. it's not complicated.
  9. Name 4 Clemson WR better than... Robert Woods JuJu Smith-Schuster Michael Pittman Jr. Amon-Ra St. Brown
  10. "Not likely to contribute at all in 2022" That seems very unlikely. Regardless.. if you think he's the best WR, it's shortsighted to pass on him because he'll miss time in 2022.
  11. It's early, but surprised how few votes London has. Williams would be my pick, but gun to head.. I see the pick actually being London
  12. See where the fan base is at on this. No trade downs. We are taken a WR at #4 or #10.
  13. 'Ders. Is that a thing? If so.. it shouldn't be
  14. J. Williams G. Wilson D. London G. Pickens T. Burks
  15. This is a deep draft with a lot of good talent, but the combination of no top end QB prospects and really no elite can't miss prospects at all would totally happen when the Jets had 2 top 10 picks. In this draft, the difference between the prospects taken at 4 and 10 and the prospects taken at 14 and 20 or 24 and 30 are really marginal. Carry on.
  16. Don't worry, I love dunking on people when they are wrong. I'll remind you.
  17. Penning gross lol his game tape sucks. Wouldn’t take him in first round
  18. 2nd round lol... he’s going top 15-16 latest
  19. who in this draft doesn't have a hole? this is not a draft with top end blue chip prospects in it...
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